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The once-great Luc Besson recent years, making films of questionable quality. Here the last picture of the famous Director suffered the same fate the film flopped at the box office, and the rating both critics and audiences leave much to be desired. But to me personally, "Anna" liked, but not because Besson was finally removed great movie. Just the opposite this picture is from the category of "so bad that even good." Frankly delusional phantasmagoric story touches your fantasmagorichnost. What is happening on screen really is sort of interesting, because the story in the key to your delusional tries to throw twists, and does it surprisingly well. The story of "Anna" is built in quite an interesting way. The story goes on, until it comes to an unexpected turn, and then time is rolled back for a number of months or years, and show the viewer the events that explain in detail how Anna came to the shows earlier point in its life. Such surges and we are waiting for a few pieces. To me this approach seemed funny, and the film really managed to surprise me a few of his twists. On the positive side I note cast. In addition to the pretty blonde Sasha Luss in the role of Anna in fact, in the caste was not the most recent actors. Luke Evans, Cillian Murphy, Helen Mirren, even the ubiquitous Alexander Petrov ran for a small role. The only problem is that all of these people is nothing special to play, as the characters themselves are not too interesting and cardboard. Action in the film are almost there, oddly enough, and in fact here are only two big scenes. The first and only one that deserves mention the restaurant, which I liked back in the trailer and she is really insanely good excellent production, very good editing, in General this is awesome. Oh yeah, no realism in terms of action there's absolutely, everything is filmed in the spirit of the movie Matthew Vaughn a La "Kingsmen", and personally, I liked that. So what we have in the end? "Anna" is a real, in modern slang, Kring. Defiantly silly story, lots of cliches and cranberries the feeling that the film was originally filmed in such a kind of "Grindhouse" from AAA cinema. I understand why Anna did not like much, but for me personally the film brought a certain pleasure these their weaknesses. To recommend to view, of course, I won't, but I tape lifted the mood.

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Medieval Skate Gaiden
The film is from the Director of "Lucy" a spy story about Soviet spy Anna (Sasha Luss). For some reason all promotional materials remind about "Lucy" a very awkward film Besson from a series of his recent failures, when in fact "Anna" is very similar to his iconic "Nikita" (as stated by the Director himself it's all her loose remake). Not the first time trying to sell us a very simple straightforward story, disguising its stereotyped non-linear flow. The caption is "N time ago/later" as a frequent visitor to the screen, closer to the finale starts to get annoying. And another plot twist after such caption is guessed much earlier than planned and screenwriter. Which is not to take away from the seasoned Director is the ability to take action. The chases and the fights looks strong and dynamic. This is Besson goes better than to tell an interesting story. The plot revolves around a Soviet spy and the confrontation between the KGB and the CIA. Time for the main action the beginning of the nineties. "Cranberry" in the film so much that "Anna" does compared to "Red Sparrow". This, of course, bust in these two films "cranberry" completely different sense. If "Sparrow" is steeped in paranoia and some really wild fantasies, that "Anna" just not trying to be credible (in the frame of the mass of anachronisms) and collects under its wing various stamps (take the evil General who send the head by post). Many of the "cranberry" is so blinded them that they did not notice the main thing in the end, Besson does not show sympathy nor the KGB, nor the CIA, and the most courageous, honest and skilled women. The movie was pretty average and seem outdated, but it is worse than the same "the Explosive blonde" I could not understand. If you like to watch the confrontations of the security services, and the more mastered series like "Condor" and "Deep state", the "Anna" has all the chances you like, if the spy theme doesn't attract you, movies you can safely skip. 6 out of 10
European Barcode Wars
Luc Besson "We make a colorful, impressive and unforgettable" Luc Besson is a brand of cinema and it was under this slogan was perceived by his work. But the more famous the brand, totaline should have control of output. But, we see a completely different... The film immerses the viewer, but not in 1987 in the devastation of the 90s, which mixed technologies 2000-ies. Amateurish attitude to the history of the USSR, the work of its intelligence services, everyday life of ordinary people creates the impression of a commercial film. (Because well, it is a ridiculous representation of the KGB and its internal security. People were shaking in their boots, when the house came the employees of the secret service, but even the KGB officers in senior positions, were shaking hands and legs, when it came to them from the KGB.) Azure eyes, slender body, sweet voice and a beautiful gait. Yes, it is necessary to accept the lead actress looks fit. So why not say, but the Russian beauty attracts. But watching the viewer not a poster on the screens and movie. In the movie, you must be able to convince the audience of the game, the pseudo truth of what is happening, and this requires the use of many special techniques of stage acting. As T. Edison said "Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% hard work" L. Besson goes: 80% of personnel decisions and 20% acting. The low-budget many of the scenes just frustrating to see this picture. Sparse solutions to create a plot, climax and denouement, can make the viewer not to stand up and clap in the cinema hall, and Pat feet away from this home theater system. And all this "masterpiece" work covers a mass of absurdities and inconsistencies. It is understood that to date, the picture is on the screens in more detail, the viewer becomes more legible, and works of third-rate quality more.
Terrible Insect Fest
When we talk about Western cranberries about Russia, always remember the "Red heat" with Schwarzenegger in a severe ushanka. Lord, today in the House of weights and measures should be a new Etalon cranberry film "Anna". Watch this film to dry, that is, not tipsy, absolutely impossible. After 5-10 minutes then a tantrum begins is not something that the Russians, and anyone who spent in Russia more than a week. There is not only stupid stereotypes about Russia, but countless mistakes, which combine to give this tresh-shapito that the film simply cannot be construed otherwise than a curiosity. Here we have a scary KGB, from which one of the forward legs (which is a cranberry) dissects in Moscow of the 80s cars with the Russian numbers 77 region (which is a blooper at the level of "too lazy to Google"). The Soviet police with the same Russian numbers (true blue) chases the robbers in the Cornfields with George. Moscow itself is 80- some place, of course. Not only that, she shows a creepy, dark and wild bandit town, so she is disfigured saraninskiy with arches and plastic trees. And caramelises De Gaulle in front of Cosmos hotel. In 89-m to year, yeah. In the apartment of the hero Petrov, in a creepy freaky hangout with the black ceiling, is a microwave oven "Samsung". Gorky street (strangely, not Tver), in 85-m to sweep thoroughly modern cars in the background of retro-reflective road signs sasanidskogo sample and bikeways. The only bright spot in this hell of the Third world the Izmailovo Kremlin. Built, however, 10 years after the events described. But, deglacial, this is minor compared to the Central apparatus of the KGB, who is sitting... in one of the buildings MSU, and not where we used to think. And over all this mess proudly flies the tricolor flag. Miraculously no portrait of Putin. Don't know what inspired the authors to this if it wasn't Besson, you would think that of chronic dementia. We can say that this nagging details that do not change the essence. Maybe it is, but you know, when Marshal Mannerheim is played by a black man it's hard to think about something else besides this part. But the worst thing is that even if we abstract from this schizophrenia, to analyze nothing at all. Movie to watch bored, he tightened, not logical, and there is nothing that would distinguish it from the endless superhero movies, alone conquering Soviet army. Any review of a passing superhero film based on the patterns of James bond, suited to "Anna". Of course, in accordance with the requirements of the Brussels regional Committee, coracini lesbian line, which is generally for anything not needed, but to achieve the desired degree of tolerance. That is to say, LGBT wins the KGB. It's a b-movie that is neither the budget nor, in fact, Besson. Discouraging that our very talented actor Sasha Petrov is considering its participation in this endlessly dull kintse as a breakthrough. It is, of course, the only part of the action, whose acting somehow succeeded, but God knows, he could find a much more effective use of creative energy. After a severe role in "Call DiCaprio" playing here is like after "the Locomotive" to play a domestic team in San Marino and are proud to be "played in Europe". Lord, when did we eliminate it in yourself rustic worship of the wrappers with the inscription "Made in EU"? Sad to see the man once compared with Smoktunovsky, now wants to knock out Oscar in a tough competition with Danila Kozlovsky, which is difficult to name an actor in the true sense of the word. I'd love to believe that this is a temporary clouding of mental aberration of a young, not very experienced artists. But the last interview with Mr. Petrov, unfortunately, give little cause for optimism. In short, there is absolutely no point in watching it, as there was no reason to shoot. If you're not making a collection of the most ridiculous pictures about Russia. And if hard still brought you "Anna" visit bar. This somehow will allow you to perceive what is happening, at least as a not very successful Comedy.
Tropical Bow Hunter Fight
Sometimes Luc Besson misses, but not this time! Moscow. The beginning of the nineties. The heyday of the KGB and international espionage. Anna Politova (Sasha Luss) is trying to get out of the mud and swamp of drugs, continuing the once abandoned a military career. But instead of the official service, it waits for the recruitment. The strongest side of this picture is the cast. It's flawless: Platinum blonde with icy eyes, a sexy gait and Russian audacity is the bomb. In my opinion, Anya, as a character, claim the laurels of new leeloo (Milla Jovovich, "the Fifth element"). She is sharp, gracious, skillful (a special admiration for the formulation of the action scenes) and very memorable. Her first mentor, the ideological KGB Alex (Luke Evans) is surprisingly similar to Russian. Even though in the dub he was never called Alex or Alex. Alex stern and caring at the same time. Absolute male antipode American agent (Cillian Murphy). The focus of the mind, charisma and charm. It is delicate, extravagant, and perfectly beautiful. Special attention should be paid to Olga (Helen Mirren). The actress in this image is barely recognizable, but, as always, extremely good. From her natural British elegance remained only a hint. Gentle tone the story sets friend Ani fragile Mod. Short hair, thin shoulders and huge olive eyes baby deer Bambi in the history of the assassins. Get to know the creators of this film can be a beautiful picture. The vision of the city by Luc Besson and his team a visual treat of the highest level. Despite the frankly untrue details, observe the surroundings very nice. To Paris, no complaints, but with Moscow they are very screwed up. Good cars on the streets of the capital of the Soviet Union, modern led lighting, the GUM it may not be a foreigner. Even though he would have questioned the presence of a laptop in the Khrushchev in the late ' 80s, and even with access to the Internet. In one episode, a girl at detention refers to the security forces:"the Lord," and in another after the accident, Anna gets out of the wrecked car brand whole tomatoes. A strong omission, but without them, costs some rare picture. Another strong point the constant jumps in time. This creates the sharpness and richness of the plot. You can not escape, will lose the thread. Therefore, the film looks at one go. Overall, this is a great movie, which even can be reviewed. 9 out of 10
Nighttime Sniper Playhouse
In the difficult for the Soviet Union days of the late ' 80s, when former power of the party bursting at the seams, Anna (Sasha Luss) a young girl, getting tips, trading on the market, decides to escape from a worthless life, having filled the questionnaire on service in KGB. Her life changed, but in the best way? Now she is serving in one of the most powerful and ruthless organizations in the world, she's in the grip, to escape from which is impossible. Performing multiple manual tasks, she more wants it over, to be free. But in the confrontation between the KGB and the CIA and other rules of the game... Everyone knows that strong female characters are the key characters for films by Luc Besson. "Anna" is another story about how fragile, at first glance, a girl can withstand a whole squad of men. At some point, the 60-year-old Director was repeated. There's something in Anna and Nikita and leeloo from "the Fifth element" and even Joan of Arc. I'm not talking about what recently came out "Red Sparrow" with Jennifer Lawrence, so not to hold comparisons impossible. But I picture Besson was more, she seemed more easy, but interesting, with a rather controversial plot twists. Maybe the aliens believe in this story, but we, the Russian audience, it becomes immediately clear that the whole story is a fiction filmmaker, from the beginning to the end. The movie has a lot of inaccuracies, primarily, historical. Moscow of the late 80's-early 90's- this is modern Moscow, in which the characters are moved on the old "Lada". Well, the laptops, even the first models, among ordinary citizens, it is simply impossible to imagine. The lead role of Luc Besson found an unusually beautiful girl of Russian descent, Sasha Luss. As an actress she's just starting her career, but plays it pretty well. Is it some kind of not just visual appeal. She starred in "Valerian" in Besson's, where apparently the Director noticed her. The other three main characters the stars of world size. Helen Mirren, as always, perfectly believable as violent, but still a fair Olga. Luke Evans and Cillian Murphy captured the characters of people of the same profession, but different political regimes. In the episodes you can see the mostly Russian actors. In particular, the episode starred a very popular in the domestic film industry Alexander Petrov. Negative characters manage him very well. The soundtrack to the film does not cause vivid impressions, there was quite a passing track. Location is limited by the harsh Moscow, Bohemian Paris and the hot Islands. "Anna" is a stylish movie aimed at the audience who loves strong female characters who loves fighters and spy game. A good replenishment of the Treasury of the female characters of the film Director Besson. Expectations from the picture justified. I advise to all who wants to spend a few hours in a comfortable chair cinema. 8 out of 10
Kosher Croquet of Magic
I have never left reviews of the movie, but now I could not resist. You know, the film I have left such a strong impression that he is not filmed by Luc Besson, and, for example, Sarik Andreasyan. A movie where you don't need the meaning, not important details, and do not understand who and what he filmed. Just a movie to film. To. I'm not a picky film buff, I often overlook the films many mistakes. But "Anna" I honestly wanted to facepalm already killed a minute on the second. Just briefly tell that just catches the eye that I want to stab myself not to see it: - from the first minute we show the Soviet Moscow of the 80-ies, where the background go quite modern cars - these modern cars later will just keep flickering in all of the frames of Soviet Moscow - how do you like Yandex taxi, traveled to Moscow in 1987? cell phone, laptops, microwave ovens in the apartments of ordinary Soviet citizens (I would even say, not quite normal, and most marginalized) - modern Soviet billboards on the streets, which is just draped in red cloth with the inscription "USSR". Billboards with advertising of the USSR on the streets of the Soviet Union? Why? - the ATMs on the streets of the Soviet Union in 1987 and a lot of everything else. Stocks really are so many that just don't even watch the movie, and are looking for another delusion. All seasoned with a horrible play of the secondary actors (the replay of Petrov looked like playing in the school theatre, typical of the designers are gay, who one and all played with my orientation (well, not they speak so), and just some gray mouse, which can't squeeze any emotion, a La the actors from the series TV channel "Russia". This is the second film Besson, from whom there remains only one question "WHY?" (the first "Valerian and the city of a thousand planets", where even the main characters played worse than the actors of the series "Trace"). I'm very glad I didn't have to go to a movie on it, otherwise people would be upset spending money on such a film.
Sleazy Motocross Desperadoes
So go, go to the movies and then, wham, the second coming, "Nikita" in the form of the blond, "Anna", from which even the strongest moviegoers can be shaken nerves. A new English language Thriller from legendary French Director might be some of the most cranberry cranberries all cranberries, but for others a very enjoyable pastime. And yet, say what you will, but Luc Besson knows how to attract attention. On the one hand his film "Anna" can qualify for a "Razzie" as the worst film of the year, and another has a chance to sink down into the soul and leave there mark on a long memory. At first glance we see another great movie about the confrontation between the two superpowers in the spirit of "red Sparrow", but looking closer, you realize that the us is just a poorly made picture, artificially trying to please all and Sundry. Speaking about scripts, you need to understand that all history consists of stamps, bloopers, and full of absurdities. If Moscow, all heroes, like woozy, swirling around the Kremlin, like they are attracted to this place some invisible force. If the past, it is unknown where in the frame appear the things of the future, such as a laptop into a freaky apartment in 1987, where the character is completely calm and confident for the future work was an online questionnaire, despite the fact that in the real Russia, the Internet common people began to use only in 1992. And here are the stupid things in the film abound, which speaks of disregard for the topic that affect the creators. Although, as you know, during the filming and preproduction consultants and Russian actors tried to reason with Luc Besson, hinting him to the obvious inconsistencies and mistakes, but in the end no action was not followed because it didn't matter, because the film is primarily focused on the Western audience that does not know all the nuances of Soviet Russia. In the end, for us, it's a nightmare cranberry, and for the West, another Thriller about the evil Russian. But the worst thing is that even without these mistakes, the script of the film looks extremely awkward. The logic of the protagonist is missing, motivation, no, the other heroes were not disclosed, the arch is not developed, the dialogues are horrible and so on. Meanwhile, the author himself excessively overzealous with the number of flashbacks that are pretty confusing and overload the mind of the viewer in a properly constructed chronology of the main events. Of course, someone decides that stellar cast will cover the basic scenario of the problem, but in the end the artists themselves did not really understand who and what they actually play. The absurdity of the images and the blank looks of the characters only reinforce the suspicions of ignorant, the work of the Director. If not for his past achievements, you would think that the film was shot some Amateur, but we all know that Besson can do anything if you want. Therefore, we can conclude that for him, this project, or is a passing material before something big and serious, or the Director is tired, broken or just lost. On the technical side, the picture and the whole submitted to the action executed in the best traditions of the average fighters. And yet the brightest and the only spectacular scene refers to events in the restaurant, which is eerily reminiscent of the restaurant scenes in the movie "Nikita". It turns out that Luc Besson himself at stealing concepts from the past films to give us something to fill their new stories. If so, it's the Director really situation is very bad. In General, with all due respect to the author and creators, but it is very bad and unwatchable movie that can be skipped. Of course, then the house can be a time to watch, and now it is better to go to some other movie, because you deserve the best. Pleasant viewing.
Narcoleptic Viking Syndrome
-Comrade, new crop cranberries. See you in an hour. Those were the words I heard when I was trying to see something sensible in this picture. "Red Sparrow"," the Atomic blonde", "Anna" is only in the last couple of years came ideologically similar work that would need to die with the Cold war. But no. Now on the scene and Luc Besson. People can produce beautiful, but poorly paid "Valerian" and immediately shoot "Anna". This film" Nikita" all the same Frenchman, only in other section. Moscow drug addict enlists the KGB immediately after she lost all her friends and boyfriend. Looks at least plausible to the recruitment of well-known ballerina in the "Red wearable". Moscow, by the way, good. In the yard in 1990, and in all the doorways are already noticing, and a couple of churches already restored. The story "Anna" plays in the nonlinearity and safely loses, for an amount timeskips and flashbacks will withstand even each series. And there's plenty of slogans such as "Three year/month/party poker later." But, admittedly, to watch for such interesting. Even if the devils get confused in time. Approximately in the second act of" Anna" you will understand what went on in Besson, and ran into Petrov. Yes, our glorious Russian ruble won back a small story arch. The focus, of course, given Sasha Luss in the role of Anna. The actress, incidentally, a very famous Russian model. And look at her game, at least not ashamed. Still Besson can sometimes choose a good cast. Moreover, in the composition are such mastodons as Cillian Murphy and Helen Mirren. People seemed to be set up for a spy Thriller. Is it possible to say that "Anna" is it a spy Thriller? Genre without a doubt. There are double and triple agents, travelling and shootings. Here they are very similar to Matthew Vaughn's Kingsman. It really is adrenaline, dynamic and implausible battles. They are generally the best part of the movie. "Anna" is a continuation of the trend of the creation of spy movies about Russia and the United States. The devil knows what this is about, but Besson not forgotten how to entertain even such a confusing non-linear story with ionic blunders and Sasha Petrov.
Romantic Nuclear Joe
Write about this disgrace only due to the unprecedented fact just a terrible movie with a proud name "Anna". Not Anna Karenina, thank God. At the moment it is the worst film of the year (ihmo). Anna showed one very remarkable fact. The fact of creative degradation. The fact that Luc Besson is a mediocre Director and a dubious producer I had known for a long time. On which rests his fame, reputation, a good Director, who gave his talent for steep production, was for me always a mystery. One film worse than the other and sometimes tolerable works Director of an average hand. The Type Of Joel Schumacher. In Hollywood the majority of them. But in France, the Besson comes to mind. But that's what it was. The quality of the film is just insulting the viewer. The film is cheap, stupid, full of not just cranberries, watermelons. Did you know that in 1987 in the Soviet Union used the Bank cards of the First Soviet Bank. Or maybe You do not know that in the same year had led the arch on the Theatre square and stands proudly the Temple of Christ the Savior. Yes, in 1985 we all fuck on laptops. Even the movie Red heat was believable. The Director did not bother either to map the interiors of buildings, clothing reality 1985-1990, nor to determine the real location of events. Because the head of the KGB and sits in a small room of a small building and plays chess with the ops. Did not have this analysis. Why. All so luxurious. Besson also. No matter that the film draws on genre and so primitive in the forehead, no one shoots for 20 years. A separate question is who put the fight scenes and General effects. Roundabout him for a laugh from the heart. Mr. Pitkin in the enemy rear. There is another "nice" bonus of Peter! I didn't notice that he stated in the film. When you see the hopes of Russian cinema in the frame the audience burst into laughter (just before one after one was trailers of new Russian films and all with his participation). Lucky viewer. Laughter was generally a lot. Of the characters in the frame behave in the spirit of Louis de Funes, and in all seriousness. Helen Mirren how you managed to get here. I do not understand. The main character model Sasha Luss, so strange plastic character, I think she was a bit in an altered state on the set. She's more of a freak than fatal deadly beauty. Why was she selected. Well, there are a couple of guesses. In comparison with this movie Atomic blonde is a masterpiece, and cranberries which were in it, almost historical facts. Movie of Anna in many ways similar to other "masterpiece" Red Sparrow, but at least there was visible spent the budget. Anna pulled a couple of hundred thousand dollars, the rest (30 million dollars) somewhere new Delhi and NCR (also a guess). Woke up, realized that I needed to release. Minimum installation and voila. Most interesting is that the film was conceived as a respect to the main film (well, maybe not main) is Nikita. This is evidenced by the plot (I won't sphalerite, but it is clear in the description of the film), and direct references in some scenes (they're just the same, but more bright, fast, vulgar and stupid) and the characters (pretty harsh in love with the heroine mentor and insidious cynical smart prudent mentor). There are references to other famous films of the genre: the scene in the hotel when she portrays a hooker in a black corset, just one in a repeat episode of Mr and Mrs Smith with Jolie. It's nothing even more interesting would be, do it efficiently, intelligently and more expensive. Would be irony, but it was like porn on the theme of famous movies/TV series. The film was supposed to show what path was directed from the time of Nikita, its modifications, the modified view of the art frame and constructing a plot. A return to the past, but on a new level. More Mature. It turned out the same demonstration of vulgarity, ineptitude and misguided advances of the audience and film critics. I am ashamed that I watched this movie.