Bad Boys for Life (2020)

Bad Boys for Life
When sequels change the Director, the viewer always perceives is more cautious. Still, together with the new person comes a different style, handwriting and look at the franchise. Adil El Arbi and Bilal fall could well remain unknown for me guys, if I had not undertaken this project. The writing team also changed entirely (from the "Oldies" were only George Gallo). I can only thank the guys for the hard work. Their perception of reality a new Chapter in the history of the legendary Duo began to play with new colors. Plot. This time detective Mike Lowry is faced with two problems. First, his partner Marcus Burnett finally settled down and is going to resign from the police. Secondly, on the horizon emerges a new enemy associated with the distant past Mike... Finally the audience gave a coherent script and thorough disclosure of the characters. Even the negative characters of the story thoroughly study what to monitor the actions of criminals is no less interesting than the work of the police. Cheerful start of the tape rather quickly sets the right mood, and you risk not even notice how quickly that will change each other's events. A couple even got rid of the invincibility, now they do not climb on the rampage. Although good luck to them anyway, of course, does not hold. But their enemies will often substituted the bullets, that can't go anywhere. The creators skillfully wove into the main genre is a strong drama with a tiny share of mysticism, which in one episode they even succeed for a few minutes seriously scare you uncertain the fate of one of the protagonists. The relationship between the "bad guys" too, can look completely new and with the right perspective. The ending was spectacular and unexpected in the best sense of the word. Atmosphere. The third part has grown up and matured along with the boys. No more of the usual antics and tomfoolery, over and done with once and for all. From now on, only pleasant conversations, sensible thinking, and wonderful sense of humor. It can, when will want. Funny moments here very much, but I remember most the conversation in the plane. Once the pathos disappeared almost completely, now it is rare or almost forced necessity. Looks very good the camera capture and display the events with gradually changing angles. A couple of times, you can catch the blurred shots, but I wouldn't to that much to cling to. Special effects. Qualitative analysis was conducted in this area. The sequel can be inferior to the effects Bay, but the eyes you definitely will not get sick from the endless stream of bright flashes. Can be considered skirmishes in the smallest details, enjoy the beautiful "slow mo" and unusual decorations. Nothing will distract from that. Good explosions here, too, will not bother. Music. Nice music adds to the picture the right mood. All the tracks come at an opportune moment. The theme "We ride together, we die together" all was "space". Result. I was pleasantly surprised by the result. If the majority of the Directors approached their mission with such fanaticism, we are much more likely to enjoy high-quality tapes. It's been 17 years, but the enthusiasm in the eyes of the guys faded. Keep it up! 7 out of 10 (70%), do not hasten away from the theater immediately after the credits, and in just a few moments you will be rewarded with two curious scenes...

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Spunky Werewolf Battle
Can the franchise from a distant (or not so) past to return to the big screen, thus riveting the attention of viewers? Probably not. Because these designs play on nostalgia. And doing this is completely unfair. But, surprisingly, to make a competent comeback, but don't feel cheated, got a totally unexpected series "the Bad guys", which gave a powerful start Michael Bay at the time. One of the reasons for the success of the third part lies in the fact that in the Director's chair two young and virtually unknown Belgian Director. And they know that means good action film, in our time, was worth only to give them a chance. Moreover, these guys had the task not tarnish and so is half the shaky reputation of the whole franchise. Suddenly, they turned not only to keep the spirit of the first films, but also to construct by far the best job of all "is a trilogy". Why? It's simple: in the film involved almost all the main castes of the previous films, the story finally revolves around the capture of another drug, but rather around the blood feud. And, most importantly, the characters don't look old, though, and incessantly make jokes about the lost youth. "Bad guys forever" is still the cud, ride and tacky house music. But the charm here, much more than in the first two pictures together. Coupled with wonderful comical action scenes and, even predictable, but able to hold the attention a story is born a sample of a very good Comedy Thriller about cops. Game is dead because all these techniques buddy movie has been tried and processed in hundreds of projects, but I'm always up for such a resurrection.
Renegade Mutant of Fury
The premiere of the third part of the legendary urban Comedy Thriller "Bad boys" appeal to many fans of the franchise. And in all likelihood a large part of the target audience are the ones who literally grew up on the first two films. It is worth Recalling that the first premiere of the film took place back in 1995, and a sequel was released in 2003. There were many rumors and discussions around various filming a new part, but all believed in the success, which eventually confirmed the figures for the first days of foreign rental. And, as it became known, the producers have already given the green light for the development of the fourth film. And to understand the phenomenon of the established franchise, you need to put aside the flashy tinsel in terms of spectacular action and to discern the true and at the same time obvious. Funny, but informative history as such in the new film. It's very simple, banal and terribly again. In the story of the embittered spouse of the deceased Mexican crime boss after escaping from prison together with his son intends to take revenge on all the officers of the law who had a direct relation to the arrest of her beloved husband. And all anything, Yes here only two resilient partner will be not such easy targets, because of their huge experience of police work and years of friendship. While watching at first, clearly visible echoes of the author's directed the first two movies of Michael Bay, who, by the way, the first film in his career was the "Bad guys." Apparently, or producers, or Directors themselves, too, by the way newbies into a great movie purposefully shot the first scenes the audience in a recognizable style. Therefore, since the first frame is observed with color flow, and the lower angles and other aspects of the brand Baevskogo handwriting. Meanwhile, the characters are always fooling around, a lot of talking and joking. This not immediately understand that in the Director's chair sit completely different people, but closer to the middle, where the authors already seriously trying to adjust the setting within the format of the author's vision, there has been some subsidence in the plot development, as the drama literally marking time. The villain will attack the police, the police chase the elusive killer, and between business partners themselves are lost in doubt, trying to understand, after all they are old or yet. Unfortunately, the scenario, the main part was a losing and beginning, and the final denouement, although the ending also does not possess any achievements, so you just need to relax and get pleasure from what is happening on screen, where at the end the creators are trying to create in a limited space a large-scale action, which is somewhat similar to the last part of die hard with a large abandoned building and falling helicopter (+ the last part of "the Expendables", where the old man added a young guard in the rescue). Directors strongly intend to create something of their own, but paying homage to the original painting. And yet, if we consider the entire trilogy as a whole, the first film certainly made a big step in the genre of action Comedy has taken the worthy place in the list of the best Hollywood creations. The second film, of course, strengthened, but not within drama or Comedy, specifically in the formulation of the cool action, which even now is not inferior to many modern fighters. But as a new picture, it is, in fact, just not better than the previous two, but it definitely has the right to life. And yet the creators of the new film has not moved forward, but, on the contrary, has seriously regressed, losing on all fronts from the previous parts. But what is all the same chip, through which the audience loves the bad guys? And to answer this question it is enough to remember such projects as "Lethal weapon," "48 hours," "hot fuzz, "Rush Hour" and many others where the beauty lies in the coolest bunch of main characters that are literally one. Each reinforces each other and at the same time, completes the necessary qualities and character traits. Therefore, even if the average production and weak scripts are the main characters always will look with great interest and will remain favorites. And here, perhaps someone will say that all this is thanks to the actors, but actually the credit belongs, first and foremost, the casting Directors, Directors and producers, who found, reviewed and approved ensemble cast. Thanks to them, we saw the legendary partners in numerous individual franchises and cult films. Summing up, it is safe to say that the film was good, but could be, honestly, and better, although some caution on the part of the producers expected, as with the last film many years have passed, and the new part could not engage the audience, so the film's budget is very limited for this format of the franchise. But now the big bosses will not be limited to the money and maybe the new film will be much more spectacular, ambitious and exciting in the framework of drama and humor. Pleasant viewing.
Beautiful Chef Operatives
And to say there is not, drink to the rhythm of these guys. Only when you need. After all, 16 years later they returned to present themselves. Yes, time goes by, half of his life already behind. Marcus Burnett patched couch potato and now pensionera under the hot sun of Miami, spending leisure time by sitting in the chair, but Lowry will not rest until the power is, who said you were too old for service? The long-awaited moment when we see our favorite characters and actors in the same role, come true. Thank you Martin Lawrence, who announced in 2013 as I was preparing for the third (and then fourth, God forgive us). That every fan will jump with delight, but over time came a lot of fighters and comedic parodies of fighters (like the "travel together") that I want to have a NAP. But not for us. You young people show off, which we are still in the nursery saw say: "Hey, dinosaurs! When the first part came out, you even little remember. So don't throw that it's your childhood." No, guys this is our life! We all remember what happened in the previous parts, who was a captain, who is the main wife of Marcus, and even how he fell into the pool. And despite the fact that we were small, we at least loved will Smith and Lawrence, rassekatzen head under the leadership of Michael Bay. Unfortunately or fortunately, the Director and master of special effects left the post of Director, but appears here as a leading wedding. Like game Martin. If it is a noticeable step took place in "Beach bum", here it clearly shows with tears in his eyes as he cherishes the role and screen Smith, fighting for her life. Much. Unlike Mike, he at least knows that today is not the 90s and can not do it alone. Will Smith pretty baby, don't leave the service. He, according to his friend captain Howard (Joe Pantoliano), as a rider under which the horse does not stop. And he carries him into the abyss. But in the end, Lowry think that may change, and most importantly to love someone, for example, Rita (Paola núñez), so that in old age the water someone gave. On the back cast flash Vanessa Anne Hudgens in the role of Kylie, Alexander Ludwig and other young people occupied those support. But even they understand that modern technology does not allow to obtain the result. We have the right to say, despite the fact that the creators of the various movies do remakes of rivet (the one in the picture and about that little joke there) for the sake of money, that is what the continuation was. I was horrified last night when he opened the chain and saw the sequel to "Halloween", but was planning in 2018 to cover up everything and finish the story. Today I think you overdo it with the "guys" is not necessary, but you never know... For me, happiness just to see those cops, even if it is just a good return. Bad boys bad boys Watcha gonna do, whatcha gon When they come for you
Subatomic Amish Heroes
"Bad boys, bad boys, wacha u gonna do..." the motive of this song is familiar to many, especially to fans of cold war at the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries. Dilogy the "Bad guys", created by the explosive Director Michael Bay is in his legendary and occupies a special niche on the shelf of the classics of action, along with such hits as "the Rock", con Air and face / off. Absurd humor, a large amount of shooting, chases and fire, and most importantly the charisma of will Smith and Martin Lawrence made many viewers fall in love with the unusual adventures of cops from Miami... And now, after as many as 17 years after the production hell the screens are finally getting the third part. Many were convinced that the franchise has already lost the chance for a sequel, and considering that Michael Bay refused statement, it is predicted her failure. But the "Bad guys" were not as simple as it would seem. Positive reviews and decent collections at the start of the proof. That as a Yes? Let's see! The directing and the plot. Change Bay to the post of Director noramimi Adil El Arbi and Bilal the Fall seemed all very strange. And when the film took the script of another novice filmmaking Chris Bremner, everyone just waved and waited for violence against another franchise. But surprisingly this did not happen, the new team treated with full respect for the original franchise and its style. The authors not only survived the level Bay but also brought in the history of many bold decisions. Therefore, the original plot and unexpected twists make the film a real police drama. The actors and characters. The bad guys would not be bad if the main roles again back will Smith and Martin Lawrence. Even though they are their characters, Mike Lowry and Marcus got older, but they are still wet jokes, deftly wielded guns, driving expensive cars on Sunny Miami and kick the villains. The return of Joe Pantoliano to the role of the emotional captain is also a nice surprise and cause a lot of emotion in scenes with him. Tendency on teamwork has affected this franchise. Therefore, the eternal falling into trouble a couple this time can not do without the help of young and the more advanced colleagues who play Ragnar's son Alexander Ludwig and Vanessa Hudgens. Music, picture, and effects. Very nice addition to the song bad fights preserved the original theme of the first parts (it can usually be heard during scenes of car chases). As for pictures, it is full of quality action (not excessive, which loved to indulge in, the previous Director, namely quality), but in order to pay tribute to the Maestro Armageddon the movie has its familiar camera techniques with a rotating angle and time-lapse shooting epic characters. So, the "Bad guys" still bad... rather all also good.. if not better! This is a great example of how to preserve the best from the previous parts and to make something new. Above all expectations! 8 out of 10
Amish Moon Revenge
More of a fan of the first two parts of this franchise than I do, you will not find. As I was waiting for the third part! I love sexy handsome Mike, and nagging, cowardly Marcus. I love their sparkling dialogue, fun, daring, healthy cynicism. Rather say, adored. The wait dragged on for twelve years, and the result was a mediocre action movie, exploiting the nostalgic feelings of fans. All parts of the franchise are built on the same scheme: tired of excessive vitality tank top, Marcus refuses to work with him, but... then there is another bastard, infernal NIT, deal with that alone, not even Mike. And then, creaking luxurious dentist's work, Marcus agrees to work with Mike in the very last times... "Bad boys for life" are no exception. Marcus pulls a greasy Bathrobe and luxuriate under antiquated fan (poor American retirees, their pensions are not even enough for a decent air conditioning!), enjoying a well-deserved rest, and to refuse all proposals for joint work. And then, out of nowhere appears... unleash your imagination. Actually, it doesnt matter, the plot twists and turns never played in these films, the important role, important was the atmosphere relaxed saranta, and apathy. This time the writers were inspired by some Indian show. Most of the film (especially the ending) made with frightening seriousness, and remind some women's novel with the lost children, and wives. Most of the jokes devoted to old mates, veterans and their weakness. Shiny fat, hard to push in thick strained smile, hamster cheeks, Lawrence, is the least like a retiree. However, as the sleek, muscular Smith. The film goes on, and they (running and jumping, shooting, blasting, smashing the heads of the players) trying to be funny about old age. Funny. Yeah yeah. Will Smith has not moved away from the "Gemini". He's kind of wooden, disappeared youthful prowess, most of the film with his face going bewildered face of the person in the clinic were given a container for analysis, and the toilet was closed for repairs. Lawrence is trying to make this movie fresh stream, but (in most cases) trickle turns an old man, thin, from which the porridge will not weld. Took this miracle, some unknown to me boys with the names of the sellers Shawarma, they got weak. The film does not help even Ludwig Ironside, and the other young people in the frame. An attempt to counter the high technology and old methods monopolie Mike, this attempt is poor and not properly implemented. Yes, the scene was exploding, burning, and spitting fire, everything seems to be as it should, but... something was missing. Too much seriousness and not enough bullying. The erotic potential of old man Smith is not implemented little more than full. Were some memories about the past. Lawrence announced the filming of the fourth part. It would be better if will reject it. Given the direction chosen by the creators, in the fourth part we will see Mike and Marcus famously chasing the wheelchair's finest luxury nursing home, and investigating the mysterious theft of diapers and yogurt warehouse hospice. Cernei is helped by failures in edentulous mouths, the partners will defiantly Lisp his eternal Fat boys, fat boys watch you in the next life... Sometimes, it is necessary to be able to stop...