Cold Pursuit (2019)

Cold Pursuit
What happens if the mafia kills only child of the family? Are you sure you want to know the answer to this question? If Yes, Nelson Cocksman can help you to find the answer... If it will not kill you! Nels (Liam Neeson) and had no idea that one day he will have to bury his own son. But, fate made his choice and now his father is determined to punish those who are guilty of death. But no... Not only those who are guilty. Everyone has at least an indirect relationship to this thing. The film, being a crime Thriller with elements of black Comedy, lives up to its genre in the first case, it is not black Comedy, stuck somewhere halfway to her. The death of the representatives of the cartel, some episodes (for example with the Indian parachute) potentially could apply to those that would apply just to the attempts of the Director to mock the events, but it is Hans Peter Mulanda didn't really happen. Perhaps he succeeded to show the principle in criminal cases the boss of the Viking, which has nothing to do with my wife threatening a divorce and that she will take the son and the Viking will see him only in the presence of cops. This is actually the element of black Comedy: a tough and ruthless gangster powerless in family matters. But if we talk about other episodes, claiming to be a black Comedy, they are contenders remained. Even the black background with the name and nickname of each of the killed criminals after the act of murder that appear in the frame, do not add the "Snow" genre desired color. These titles rather allow the viewer to know the name of the next narkopritonov, which cracked the Liam Neeson character. In fact, the trailer of the movie was promising, but the film is somewhat deflating. A few hot scenes were not able to turn the events into a really rousing action in the vast expanses of Colorado, the territory of which is located in Denver, in the vicinity of which is the case. The story looks quite crumpled and spontaneously, primarily due to the fact that the Director began to go into detail, focusing on two security guards of a Viking living under the rainbow and kissing in the car, taking the time the wife of the hero William Forsythe, although without this it was possible to do, for some reason, sent the group of Indians to a ski resort (obviously one of them jumped with a parachute). All these episodes could be spent on more detailed coverage of the conflict between the father of the late guy and the drug cartel, to pay attention to how Cocksman cleverly built into the situation and pitted the two groups, essentially being a third wheel. Pay attention to this Director, I think it would be much cooler than out in reality. See "Snowthrower" definitely worth it, but this is just a passing film in the career of the talented Liam Neeson. I hope that his future projects will be much more vivid and memorable. However, to watch You. Their opinions do not impose. Pleasant viewing. 7 out of 10

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Allied Skydiving Slaughter
Russian localizers screwed up with the translation. The original film is called "Cold Pursuit" ("Cold pursuit"/"Cold pursuit") and this name perfectly reflects the essence of the film it's shot in a deliberately inhibited, Nordic manner. The genre is black Comedy slasher, so be prepared to consider departures in the course of the film. Part black Comedy film slightly sags: don't expect from a movie is just a ploy/plot twists/colorful characters in the style of Snatch and other pillars of the genre. The black Comedy here is restricted to various small parts that did not laugh, and just add the movie for some overclocking. The film, incidentally, fails in terms of vivid characters: the dialogue/monologues often somewhat faded + have a claim to the dresser, which for some reason was dressed most of the characters in the same suits. In the end, they look like clones, who say pretty dull, the jokes and speeches, which do not always reach the level of such samples as the "RocknRolla" guy Ritchie "Snatch", too, you know who. In the film there is a funny scene an offshoot of the Indians that part of the reason I loved it, she is very organically fit into the overall atmosphere of the film. By the way, the Indians in the film often appear in the surroundings of Baroque castles like any vampires of any fashion shows. I really liked the movie, but I don't even know who to recommend it. This is not a Comedy, not a Thriller, not a Thriller the film is a little bit missing from all genres and aims to cater to the mass audience. Recommended to fans of unconventional films, especially for viewing on any frosty night. 8 out of 10
Rise of the Fantasy Saloon
On the occasion of the recent birthday of L. Neeson, this film is very suitable for viewing. In the movie this time I did not go, although last year's premiere of his film called "the Passenger" I was. And that picture I liked. I wish I could say the same about this. That movie was much more interesting, there was a very intriguing plot. There was also a certain amount of unpredictability, tension and atmosphere of a Thriller. And the dynamics do the trick. All this is not new to the work of Neeson. Although he is on the screen it also looks great as ten years ago, no claim to it. Even the fact that he is brewed in the same movie (for the most part) and in the same way, I don't get upset, because I love it. Although, perhaps, abundance, and long action scenes he already can't stand and that is why in this work, such episodes are very few. And those that have, end, failing to properly begin. Just a couple of shots, one shot and that's all. Final disassembly longer than all of these scenes together, but Neeson actually there is not really needed. That is, this is not a film for fans of the genre Action. But for whom? Well, except for fans of Neeson. After all there quietly neither strong drama nor suspense, nor a fascinating detective or at least a memorable villain. It's all somehow present, but is in embryo, so to speak, and never develops fully. So almost not felt and therefore do not get pleasure. Really regret not went to the cinema to watch because there's nothing. The whole plot could fit into three lines in the description to the picture on this website. Of course, I respect Neeson and I love some of his movies, but not all. Entirely feed-through ribbon that you don't have to do even at home. I hope following this actor will be much more interesting. 6 out of 10
New Dragon Underground
In a small Northern town an ordinary worker in the performance of Liam Neeson, every day on a huge snowblower hit the road to civilization. Once, for his years of work at the ceremony he was presenting the award and the title of "citizen of the year". And it just so happened that this same evening the local drug dealers kill his son (who, incidentally, played the son of Liam Michael Neeson). Learning of this, just working (without any military or criminal past) dramatically perekvalifitsiruetsya in a ruthless killer and begins coolly and cruelly to revenge. Early viewing there is a feeling that this drama of an ordinary man, faced with a serious family tragedy, a great loss. Soon, however, and rather abruptly it all comes down to Comedy and black humor. Murder investigations never take place, witnesses are missing, no one notices the strange, the bandits make absurd conclusions and make dangerous decisions without any analysis of the situation. The events in the film occur as if in a vacuum, in isolation from the outside world, they are not associated with the rest of life around. The conclusion suggests itself that the author's purpose was not to show there's something serious, but just to entertain the viewer. Left Cocobolo, but in General turned out. Although many other things and look silly, but that's about the communication between the characters this is not to say. Dialogues they have really interesting, they spelled out quite clearly, to listen and to watch them is nice. When the bandit chief is teaching his son to fight at school, he mentions about the given to him the book "Lord of the flies", implying that the dominated are not smart and strong and aggressive. Interesting way of education. Such a cool small "chips" in the film a lot. Overall it came out silly, but the original, uneven, but in places with good jokes. Fans of fighters with black humor in a loyal attitude to the logic of the narrative to see. But nothing serious to expect from the film, unfortunately, is not worth it. Don't be fooled by the beginning. 6 out of 10 ps I have this movie got an interesting story. I have often wondered why authors are in any callback action a little bit more creative and come up with characters some dialogues, the film would have looked much more interesting, and the cost of this kind do not need any. And now, finally, received a vivid example of what can happen in this case. There is a clear imbalance: characters with bright remarks and dialogue and stupid, stupid story action. One another well, can not be combined, looks uneven, Cocobolo. It was like shooting two different people with different goals: one wanted drama and life-like characters, the other a simple Comedy. Sure not the first time that beauty in integrity. And movie this applies to the same extent as men.
Infinite Landmine Strike Force
In Hollywood it is easy to become hostage of an image. Someone struggling with this, someone puts up, someone becomes an inveterate drunkard. The success of the "Hostage" (Yes, how ironic) determined the offer for Liam Neeson role, but I would consider it a worthy service pension cinematic years. He played many worthy roles. And now his track record enough movies with good plots and images, which you can turn around acting like that. "Snow thrower" is not a 10/10. Is a strong middle that does not allow you to regret about the spent viewing of time. The plot is not replete with wow-twist. Although, to be honest, it does not contain any such curves. The story is told without haste that allows us to gradually "digest" reviewed. For myself, I have identified a few moment and I would like to share them with you. I am very impressed by the fact that the main character is a simple man. Yes, he knows how to shoot a rifle and cut it off the barrel, but seven spans in a forehead to such talents is not necessary. And he has just like a man. No tricky techniques, fussy grips and graceful shots. Just took and gave in the face. The second point is moot. Don't know the motivation of the creators, the sources of their inspiration, but I really reeked of "Fargo" with a touch of Tarantino. And I thought that was not a carbon copy, but just a creative interpretation of the works of the great figures of cinematic art. What is the result? Suggest. The film is really good.
Combat Conga Gone Wild
I love to look at big screen movies with Liam Neeson. That "Snow" arrived. Funny and very risqué and was a kintz. I note that the Scandinavian original, I was not looking, and watch it will be unlikely. But the version with Neeson I quite liked it. So what is this movie. First of all, it should be noted that before us is a alloy of the criminal action, Thriller and Comedy. A very black Comedy. Accordingly, this film can be recommended to fans of the talent of Neeson, and fans of the films of Quentin Tarantino. And of the series and the movie "Fargo." In fact before us pseudoallele movie, crime drama with elements of black joke. I would like to say that parables, but no. Exactly what a joke. It's a cold film, as if shot in some places through the light blue filter. This is the story of harsh people. Here drink, smoke and kill people. Hero Neeson a simple worker, a driver of heavy truck-snow-blower. Simple man. But when tragically killed his son... He gets on the trail of revenge. And there will be more and more. We note a rather funny hand-picked soundtrack of the picture. And William Forsythe in one of the episodic roles. And in addition to "Fargo" and the total tarantinomania story particularly reminds me of two old paintings. "Inferno" with van Damme and "Little time" (in the video we went out as a "Counting crows") Jeffrey Reiner. So, in General. Funny and dark film. Lots of snow, lots of cold, lots of dead bodies. A lot of dark and bad people. And by the finals they will be even much less. Brutal cold Neeson on the minimum salary. Very specific movie, not for everybody. But in its own way is quite sincere.
Hip-Hop Shopping Runner
At first, inexperienced glance, it's definitely and undoubtedly a very clearly gave the "Hostage" (with the same qui-gon a) I don't like; i.e., even correct to say that this "snowman" should be standing on the same drifting snow; though blinded he is from another "test". But, in that moment, when I looked out the window and saw a quietly flowing the first snow, the World transformed into a completely different substance that is clearly contradicting itself itself. From obscurity hatched a brave soldier Max Payne, recklessly avenging his family/honor/stick/Ragnarok the same glazed look, the same mannerisms in dealing with "bio-waste" (later). The only difference is that the classic Max, originally from the big city, and because his work is more sterile, and the thugs with much less "the ugly mug". Our hero climbed out of the province, and that means "hands dirty" a lot and a lot, getting into a liquid mess at the elbow in a white shirt and shiny epaulettes. Seen regarding "bio-waste": it is here presented, as a rule, the local hooligans, esterases near the stall in search of the ruble; but, there are "bigger fish", they demand more than what you pay for, and want to. And, akin to the smallest microorganisms to the processing of the decayed body in a mold, allowing, thus, to ensure the purity of the forest in a pine forest, is our Source of Strength to elect its share of the collection and disposal of wastes of human sense. Noble. Remembering personality, "clad in armour" a little of the new. Liam Neeson has always appeared in the form of "in-laws": the guys who you see rarely, but he is always ready to cover you with his brutal shoulder from a sand storm on Tatooine. Here and now, in February a boring day, it is not a pity, because, not for that (otherwise we would have regretted, no doubt); he has remained true to himself, never changing and compromising. Regarding the structure of cinema-canvas solid-dark and bitter cold with shimmering permanent light barely cuts through the siding of the truck. Held crooked smear of a "whitewash" in the middle of a dense layer of paint on the wall proclaimed about himself, but he who is not particularly concerned about looked-turned; as You wish. By the middle of the parable of the presence of the Jedi was generally forgotten; apparently, he just couldn't stand things happening around squalor, and prefer to dissolve in Force; and in its post wooden droids in no particular mechanism for the build and brand of the manufacturer. Oscar Wilde knew what he was talking about, when I chose "no", namazaliev and izhevchane itself "presence". Even the stomachache from this fast-food with a drink from the caffeine and orange. And yet, for You not to worry: while there are such films, like a snowball with highly visible yellow in color, the Armageddon is canceled again. As you want understand it, but I am confident and will not back down from his. Endless Winter and Permafrost. 2 out of 10
Canadian Sailor Strike Force
A strange film. First is everymac. The Director of Norway made her debut in Hollywood film based on his "Stupid is simple enough" (not looking). Second, it is reminiscent of a typical crime Thriller with Liam Neeson in the role of an angry father, a role which he was offered often after the success of "Hostage". The gg's son died from a drug overdose. It appears that the death was not accidental. And Neeson gets in the way of revenge. First, the pros. The movie is good snow atmosphere. Live winter winter. And it is well demonstrated in the painting. The actors are good. Neeson is especially good. In the episode where he beats up one of the accomplices in the murder of his son, it really fizzles. And in front of us, a middle aged man who needs to take a breath. In General, all fairly realistic and the authors clearly did at this point. Now the cons. The film is two hours very relaxing narration. Yes, sometimes it's a plus movie, but periodically the action stops a few. Enough bloody moments, there is a bit of black humor, although the excessive naturalism then no. And action is definitely overcast, though, and explodes in the final. No revelations and the plot is very predictable and moves at the typical patterns (the only thing that surprised unconventional couple, but at least she played a role in the plot and not just added for trend). The result is a pretty pass crime Thriller. With a good winter atmosphere, but too slow and predictable. 6 out of 10
Deranged Skydiving Basketball
Late career Liam Neeson's interesting, no doubt. Probably a little over ten years ago, the actor started some rethinking with the "Hostage" when the old actor played the role of agent, and thus perfectly fit into the image of a sort of "action man in midlife crisis". This title is a gift and a curse, because the later films for Neeson became monotonous but kept the actor in the creative tone. The daily work of Neeson began as sort by normies, who by force of circumstances found himself in a world of action. "Snow" is no exception to this rule, although it was obvious that the creators tried to add creativity to remove from the film a parody of the spirit well it is impossible not to note that conceptually, this tape sounds like delirium producer and like the fictional film, which I watched heroes "Hello, dad, New year! 2". So, "the Snowcat" tells the story of Neeson in the role of a sort of Papanui with a gentle nature, living in a cozy resort town. Its an easy life... snowthrower goes downhill when his son is found dead. The cause of death was an overdose. It's much more complicated: son was killed by the drug cartel headed by a gangster by the Viking. Neeson begins to hunt down members of the group, to eliminate them, one by one, trying to avenge the death of Chad. Even without the current career status of Neeson "Snowthrower" looks quite boring. Despite the fact that the writers have updated some of the data for international (read American) rolled for adaptation of the Comedy "Stupid is simple enough", on which is based the film, there's some weak material. The fact that the tone and the style not make you think about something new. The experience while browsing is almost zero: this is a typical film about revenge where the protagonist a very unusual profession, which to some extent dictates its modus operandi. Even fine-tuning for black humor lost: "snow Thrower" is made in all seriousness. Zero drama, plot, introducing elements out of nowhere, and so make the story incredibly simple. Worst of all, the lead actor here as if on autopilot. Despite the fact that the image gets to the point, Neeson seems to have longed for new material: it should be the role of a strong and peaceful family man was tired. The actor looks lost and tired, not even trying to experiment with his hero. Neeson is still able to intimidate foes, and looks cool with a gun in his hand, although conceptually his character is no different from the personalities of other similar films. A sad waste of talent fell on Laura Dern, which is nothing to do. You might think that her character is intended to serve as a moral compass for Neeson, however, it too quickly cut out of the narrative. Not the most disastrous, but certainly not a spectacular film was made so that it is not clear how to interpret. This is not a funny movie, although the potential for black Comedy here was hefty. It's not a funny action very serious themes of revenge and drug distribution. I have the feeling that the creators tried to emulate Martin Macdona or the Coen brothers, but with a wrong side: the style of the first didn't pressurize, and the second tone simply could not resist. Do not, of course, to blame the mediocrity of the "Thrower" for Neeson, however, his lack of interest is felt. Involvement in the problems of hardened drivers is not felt, and why only the average rating. 5 out of 10
African Viking Smuggler
Snowthrower (Cold Pursuit) is a remake of the Scandinavian (Norway, Denmark, Sweden) movie "Stupid is not clever" (Kraftidioten), but since the original I have not seen, compare with him I will not, and will tell separately about the Snowthrower. So the cons pattern are as follows: first the wrong PR company of the film, in the trailers positioned the film as a black Comedy with elements of Thriller, and we got kind of a Western drama with elements of Thriller where Comedy and does not smell (well, maybe sometimes slipped jokes, and almost all of them were in the trailer); the Second is the uncertainty of the authors, they do not understand what you want to see the film, whether it's a film about righteous revenge, no wait, maybe it's a drama with a sarcastic meaning (which proves the ending not everyone will understand), maybe it's both? However is not clear. But there are pluses: the views, the scenery of snow-capped city in Canada is something (the shooting took place in the mountains of Canada, in harsh conditions that gave a result); the Acting is first class. the atmosphere is decent just immerses you in this harsh snowy city full of drug dealers. Now controversies: the soundtrack myself, but I can't not remember; Thorotrast in the film (especially in the beginning), kind of makes the film more boring, and seems to be the place, because it makes the film more vital and realistic... Well, action, shooting, R rating it all looks good in the film and complements it, but it's a common thing for westerns. In General, the film is OK but not more... 7 out of 10