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Like most children of the 90s, as a kid I loved the cartoon Dumbo! (although in my version with the German dub elephant named Dumbo). Of course, from the perspective of an adult, history is perceived differently, and I was curious to see a new interpretation. Not even knowing that it was the film Director Tim Burton and composer Danny Elfman, it can be felt in the first 15 minutes of the film. But not so that it at least any spoiled or brightened impression (Elfman I do love, but then it wouldn't have been space to turn around) What I liked about the new version of "Dumbo" is the lack of the typical themes "of the hero being bullied for weaknesses/defects/differences/underline? Hero finds a way to be cool and takes it out on their oppressors" (in older versions it gets, and the main female character as a trophy). Here, fortunately, without this stereotype. The elephant does not care for people, he wants his mother. And people, in General, do not deliberately seek to offend anyone, or infringe they just want to solve their personal problems, to their own benefit, not really thought about the problems of others. The film is sooo childish. And the children in the audience were clearly enthralled. I'm 30 years old was amusing to find references to the original cartoon (not deprived of the problematic cliche) and play the old guard Burton actors. So, for family viewing will fit perfectly. PS be sure to listen lullaby in the credits. It is good, right up to the ants! In my childhood, "Dumbo" was in German, so to hear the original text was unusual and cool. 6 out of 10

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Deranged Blood Attack
On the screens out another remake of the disney animated classics and so, it would be possible to say in advance that this project was created with only one purpose financial profit, but in the Director's chair sits himself Tim Burton, the famous Gothic storyteller and visionary. Did he make the author's style in a familiar childhood story? Clearly happened. I think that thanks to the talent of Tim Burton's movie doesn't look normal blueprint, as was the case with "beauty and the Beast", and is self-contained and solid piece. The script was heavily altered in the film in the lead roles, there were people, and the plot is not the strong point of this tape. The plot of the new film also revolves around a baby elephant with big ears who can fly. However, the added line of circus impresario max Medici, father Holt Ferriera (rider and former jockey) and his two children (who will have to discover the talent of the elephant), as well as the cartoon antagonist Underwire (very similar to Walt Disney). The script is simple children will help unusual the elephant will once again be reunited with mom-elephant, with which he separated Vanderveer. During joint adventure all tightly make friends and open the circus without animals. Another question is that whether the other tricky scenario for a children's entertainment movie? The main thing in the film is the atmosphere. Great sense of magic, the magic atmosphere of the circus. I liked that it was all a lot of extras, colored flags, all in cool costumes everywhere in the background, something happens: someone juggling, some people lift weights, run through the multicolored poodles, flashes monkey-thief. All this creates an atmosphere of a great holiday. Followed by Tim Burton in the picture came and "bartosovice" actors. Impresario max Medici performed the amazing Danny DeVito. He stole every minute of screen time. Incredible game and facial expressions, and flexibility in short, a great actor! The role of the main antagonist was played by Michael Keaton. His character was just supposed to be a caricature villain that Keaton did. I think that after "Birdman" Michael Keaton is not necessary to prove anything to anyone, and you can just fool around. The Frenchwoman-the tightrope Walker played by Eva green. She was just in the right place in this film, nothing unusual. The same can be said about Colin Farrell newcomer Tim Burton. All the above have no complaints. But the girl (Nico Parker) who played the daughter Holt Ferriero (Colin Farrell) is. Unemotional to play we had to try hard. In addition to the nasty games she has and the character was important-a stupid young girl who doesn't want to follow in the footsteps of his parents, and wants to go into science. Well, you know, not to insert representative of feminism, which will always be something to jam about Marie Curie and speaking pompously, it is not natural for a child her age style, Disney could not. Sorry. If not for her character, the film would have looked much better. The computer effects are very good. Dumbo turned out lovely. In the game CGI model was much more emotion than Nico Parker. Ears, eyes, flight of the elephant everything looked as it should. For the soundtrack said the resident composer of Tim Burton Danny Elfman. And they have a good creative Union. Great soundtrack, which is emphasized and made more expressive the right place. Thus, the "Dumbo" is an independent film based on the animated film of 1941. Thanks to the directorial approach of Tim Burton, "Dumbo" in a good way different from its predecessors remakes, however, to compare the early works of the master makes no sense, because in the first place is the disney entertainment product for young viewers. 7 out of 10
Frisky Juggalo Nightmare
The master of fairy tales and Gothic stories by Tim Burton, this time took over disney classics. His adaptation of the famous tales about the big ears of Dumbo the elephant who could fly a return to the classics from Walt Disney. Retell the story makes no sense, because she is known to many, if not all. Just as the story of Bambi or beauty and the beast, for example. Of course the film "Dumbo" is a film for family viewing, and fans of strong genre, this movie may not like it. It is aimed primarily at children and their parents, talks about Good and Evil, greed and generosity, for example, young Nico Parker talks about what kids should think about their future and who they want to be. In General, the film talks about simple, but no less important things like most cartoons and films for children. In my opinion "Dumbo" Tim Burton was not quite Burton. Most of his paintings are distinguished by the originality and popularity of the story as it moves on the screen. His films are unique in their genre, because they do not go to any one on occasion, don't follow contengencies of modernity and are a breath of fresh air from all the monotony. They don't pop. But "Dumbo", being filmed at the famous story about the elephant, out of the General filmography and cannot be considered in such a child like Burton's "Edward Scissorhands", "FRANKENWEENIE" or "Beetlejuice" for example. A long standing partner Burton composer Danny Elfman, who is able to create a fantastically beautiful music, again joined him and did not betray me, writing a gorgeous instrumental soundtrack, filled with magic and appealing to the viewer, though not much, but believe a miracle. Together with some scenes like the final one, where the hero DeVito throws a little tour of the circus, it becomes clear that the miracle really is the place to be. For it is not important to have a wand or a witch's hat, because a miracle can be man-made. Let it's small in scope, but so much in terms of his values (it is about rethinking the head of the circus of the activity). Tim Burton in "Dumbo" brought together amazing actors, and with many he worked and repeatedly. Michael Keaton, who played here Vandevere was the Batman from the same movie about a man bat 1989 and 1992. Danny DeVito also played in "Batman returns (1992), playing there evil Penguin, "Big fish" and "Mars attacks!", Eva green appeared in "House of strange children miss peregrine" and "Dark shadows", and Alan Arkin played a role in "Edward Scissorhands". In General Burton was tested by a team of fighters, most of which are outstanding and venerable actors. The film also lit up Michael buffer, whose voice is familiar around the world, because the buffer acts as a compere at major sporting events, and his legendary phrase "Let's get ready to rumble!" is known to all. In "Dumbo" he also says, but instead Rumble, he calls the name of the elephant it sounds very impressive, especially considering the fact that the buffer announces the next Boxing match, and the number of Dumbo the elephant. Film from Burton has turned to become many of his previous works beautiful and magical, with the obligatory confrontation between Good and Evil where Good must win. Or a fairy tale for children will not be such, because it must end well... However, to watch You. Their opinions do not impose. Pleasant viewing. 7 out of 10
Kosher Mind Control Romance
Long long ago in a posh office a huge Corporation sitting Board of Directors and was thinking about the great, namely, "but more Like cut the dough." To make it more elegant and because the Disney Studio had the courage to undertake such a clumsy and clumsy, like a bull in a China shop, a step to redo all the classic cartoons in the format of feature films with celebrities of the first magnitude as a good tool for promotion. The next cartridge in the magazine of commercial projects has become a "Dumbo" on which he labored great and Gothic Tim Burton and the author of many thrillers, horror and a few movie series "transformers" Eren Kruger. The plot presents the viewer with a family Ferriera Holt the former star of the circus brothers Medici. Holt and his children become guardians of a very unusual of Dumbo the elephant, born in the circus. The main difference between the kid and fellow unnaturally huge ears making him an object of ridicule. Until then, until it turns out that due to such a non-trivial gift of nature that Dumbo can fly. And now the elephant is not only becoming the star of the circus, but also a target for big businessman in the entertainment industry Vandevere. Commercial paintings can be treated in different ways: on the one hand they can disregard a single point of their creation in order to please the eye and parallel to get you in the pocket, on the other hand some of the frankly commercial projects it is able to acquire cult status. And that would explain the dissonance that was experienced by the audience knowing that another product had grown to obscene proportions the House of Mouse has a purely Mercantile basis, but the participation of Tim Burton at the helm of the paintings were allowed to believe, wait and hope. And, from the very first frame, classic style of the Director is evident in every detail, but that causes even more dissonance, because few expected that the tale of the flying elephant was rebuilt by the Foundation. The first game version, animated classics the Studio follows the story of time-lapse and builds a new, in the center of which is not Dumbo. Family one-armed veteran of the first world by Colin Farrell, Max Medicis performed an ageless soul, Danny DeVito and fictional antagonist of the fantastic performance of Michael Keaton in the company of charming Eva green pulls all the viewer's attention to themselves. And somewhere in the background flying elephant, dive between now and then emerging humanistic promises in the spirit of PETA and Greenpeace and encoded in frames of feminist ideas, invested in the mouth of young suffragettes. In this way, the circus of abundance constructed like a film: he is a bright, beautiful, sometimes tragic, sometimes funny, but still absurd as the ideas of anti-globalization in the picture, neatly nested under the guidance of one of the world's largest conglomerates. Pros: Performance, art work, special effects, cast, humor. Cons: Changed the story for the sake of profit and manipulative techniques of propaganda pumped into the heads of children with one hand while the other fumbles in the pockets of their parents.
Strategic Techno Posse
"Dumbo" is a story about the incredible event in the history of circus arts, when the object of ridicule becomes a star. Often people make fun of those who are somehow different from others, be it physical, or mental ability. This also happened with the little Dumbo the elephant whose giant ears has become a burden for the inhabitants of the circus, with the exception of a son and daughter Holt Farrier. In that moment, when they discover the incredible ability of a baby elephant, the life of artists radically changes your everyday rhythm and so Dumbo becomes a star, while in the guise of a shy, scared and very cute creatures. For those who are familiar with the work of Tim Burton will be quite obvious and clear which approach is chosen by the Director in his work. It is always a new trend, a "breath of fresh air", the spirit which envelops the mystery and endless desire to go on an exciting adventure. Also, it is obvious that Tim has found a new Muse and it is none other than Mademoiselle Eva green, as evidenced by her appearance in one of his last works Burton "the House of strange children miss peregrine". I think this choice was very successful from the Director. Cast. Colin Farrell. The last time that Farrell is gradually changing roles and increasingly appears in several family films, in particular such as: "Saving Mr. banks", "Fantastic creature." I want to summarize it is said that the new image of the actor very well and I'm really curious and it will be interesting to see him in a new family, fantasy or adventure films in the near future. Eva green an actress with a truly mystical appearance, and therefore it is no wonder that her charm and mystery able to captivate the audience. For me eve is still a new face in the world of modern cinema, as movies with her participation, I looked quite a bit. But nevertheless, her character is noteworthy and a definite approval. One of the most important roles given to Danny DeVito, who played the role of max de Medici, the owner of circus of brothers of the Medici, a man desperate and risky, but at the same time trying to create proper conditions for work for its company. The performance can be called good and worthy of its role. I was very impressed by the young Nico Parker, who besides being the daughter of a famous actress Thandi Newton. First and foremost, it is worth noting the fact that the girl has a unique appearance that is certainly important in this industry. Well, and, secondly, one of the decisive roles in the movie given her character Millie Farrier. I would like to believe that her talents don't end on a "Dumbo" in the future Nico will be a success, however, it should be noted that her debut in the world of cinema has already taken place. Michael Keaton (entrepreneur V. A. Vandever) is a kind of both the hero and the villain, whose role in the plot of the film becomes significant, can radically change the fate of the main characters. Very impressive is to include graphics in the film, because work was done with maximum quality, which definitely added to the story entertainment. Overall, Dumbo is one of the most famous stories of the Disney company, which is able to melt the hearts of adults and cause sincere smiles of the children, moreover, come to life on screen again, but only in the new format. 8 out of 10
Alcoholic Bass Tactics
Rapidly gaining the emergence and strengthening of a new format of shooting a feature film in Disney's animated classic. An exciting adventure your favorite character of a child of Dumbo the elephant with huge floppy ears and soulful eyes you see in the movies. Do not rush to a movie for exclusivity, but expect awesomeness. Magic, magic attraction are able to take such big kids, like me, in the world of childhood, kindness and sincerity. Technically work has been done delicately, with the first frame visible fine work of graphic artists, cameramen, designers, costume. Special thanks for playing the hypnotic scenes of childhood dancing pink elephants of soapy water. In the story there are discrepancies with the original, moreover, a familiar story takes on new branches of the narrative and the correct completion. But, in my opinion, there is a significant omission, which I don't want to forgive the film obviously lacks the style of Tim Burton, the lack of aesthetics of darkness and gloom, skulls and mysterious madness, she only says that "Dumbo" was filmed under the guidance of Burton's usual cast: the head of the Circus circus mark Medici, performed by Danny DeVito (nice reference to another famous film direction "Big fish"), owner of the largest amusement Park Michael Keaton, seductive gymnast Colette Eva green. One of the main roles in the film takes Colin Farrell. After military service Holt Farrier returns home, his place circus arena, in the past, here he is with his wife was the real star of the equestrian shows. Now, my wife died from the Spanish flu, the left limb lost in war, horses sold out. The main task for Holt, to find a common language with children Millie and Joe, as well as to look after the elephant named Dumbo, who is the owner of an incredibly large ears. Soon, reveals that this feature is very profitable for who find themselves in crisis, a traveling circus, with Dumbo ears could fly, now unusual elephant is not only fun for the spectators, but the evidence is impossible. Easy view does not seem, in the auditorium of the little children did not hide their whims, so I would recommend to go on Dumbo in the movie to families with children in a more conscious age. Oddly enough, adult wisdom in the movie says the main antagonist, of course, want to challenge, but Mature life speaks of allegiance to what "the main thing in life is to learn to be alone." But children need to bring empathy, support, willingness to help. The film "Dumbo", in the face of the gentle elephant, an example of patience, endurance and kindness, but above all, he's a model of friendship, selflessness and unwavering loyalty.
Hillbilly Nudist Showdown
Perhaps the most "membercookie" film from Tim Burton. But the wonderful. That came first in this year's "swallow" from disney's gaming adaptations of old cartoons that are planned for this year. If anyone knows (and any?) the original Stary, old good disney cartoon 1941 a touching, kind, slezovydelenii and very worthy of the semantic filling. Choice as Director of a new version of the main storyteller of all modern cinema Tim Burton in principle, it is justified. Oh, and the ability to shoot stories, Burton does not hold. Although it is actually from unique directorial style in this film we don't see is that wonderfully selected actors for all roles, including even the most minor, Yes, has already become a "classic" of his creative collaboration with composer Danny Elfman. And, of course, impossibly beautiful fabulous image and atmosphere which can only be a true master in fabulous narration, and guy Burton, certainly one of them. All the rest of the new stories about the flying elephant from the evil one.. Oh.. sorry... I mean from Disney. So, what we presented Mr. Burton with comrades in his new creation? In terms of story component, of course, the film is very childish, he straightforward and simple in nature, easily understood by children, their main target audience. With all of this, despite his "immaturity", adults also must not be bored while watching, all-new version of "Dumbo" is not a frame-by-frame playback of the story of the old cartoon. Meaning the plot is also carefully preserved and very well padded, so the movie is 100% family the children will perceive and will understand what you wanted to convey to them the author, parents ponostalgirovat at his own childish days, and at the same time remember what a vital truth we must instill in the younger generation. Go to the very delicious. A selection of actors from Burton's always sooo cool, and Dumbo is no exception. Pleased with absolutely everything from the lead actors, and ending with the most second and third plan. Michael Keaton and Danny DeVito already played at Burton together in "the Batman" Batman and the Penguin, respectively. And now, after so years, we again see them in one frame cool it now! what else is there to add? Keaton in any role looks organic, and as half the negative of the character of the owner Vandevere also very good (sometimes resembled facial expressions Depp in it, so to speak, "hard times"). DeVito this guy and his game in General in the comments is not needed, so freaking cute and comical as always. Colin Farrell in its place, fit into the role, impossibly beautiful (as always) Eva green a true decoration of each frame, where it is present, a small but "balm for the soul" the role of old man Oscar-winning Alan Arkin (as a banker) and a wonderful talented kids, personified in this film, a kind of "mind and soul" the whole story. Children a special thank you, fellows, for the debut role very, very cool. All the other actors circus troupe, brutal assistant, the bodyguard of Vandever and all-all-all, every, though not a very deep character disclosed, but it at least looks every individuality and is lost in the total mass. The visual component of the film above all praise, the picture is juicy, bright, the atmosphere of the event and the entourage (specialists in costumes and hairstyles, as well as the authors of the scenery - bow) of a century ago felt superb, camera work and special effects all at the highest level, some of the shots are literally breathtaking. Just Bravo! And of course "Bravissimo!" itself deserves Dumbo. Want to throw a Shoe at me all those announcements in the posters and trailer for the movie called its appearance "Karpovym". Gentlemen, You are not right. Go to the movies and see for yourself that this dear and charming character will be able to melt even the coldest of hearts. These stunning bright eyes Dumbo looking from the screen straight into your soul, a triumph of CGI technology in this movie weighs on the emotional centers and the lacrimal gland to the maximum, the resistance is simply not possible, and from this the soul becomes special somehow warm. The musical component of virtually eternal associate of Burton composer Danny Elfman also wonderfully complements every frame. It is not outstanding, it is unlikely to want to listen to separately from the film, but each melody inscribed into the film so seamlessly that it is difficult to present the work of some other composer as the soundtrack to Dumbo. Still, when the Director and composer have worked together for decades and understand each other perfectly, it is definitely also a plus in kopilochku of the film. What can be said about "Dumbo" in the end? This film is a wonderful, touching and sweet tale for the whole family, with simple and understandable to everyone meanings about good, about honesty, about the fact that everyone is different and "not like everyone" it should never be synonymous with "outcast"... and in the end, is a movie about the Dream. The dream with a capital letter, you want to believe, no matter what, and never betray this dream. Wonderful and touching "Dumbo" will cover You when you view a wave of goodness and some special warmth, will give absolutely sincere smiles and make every adult feel like a kid in this wonderful tale from the eccentric Burton. PS by the way, I highly recommend viewing in IMAX, in this case it's worth it by far. 9 out of 10
Spooky Forklift 1942
One of the first feature-length cartoon was developed by Disney Studio in 1941, so whether it was this rethinking of the tape? To start with the fact that the film still featured the extraordinary elephant, but unlike the original strips focus of the painting directed not at him, or rather not just him. Now in the main roles we are people, not talking animals here and someone may resent, because the original was about the experiences of the elephant, which was the focus of practically all time of the tape, but if it was repeated in the movie, it would just be a retake of the cartoon, and who wants that not clear? So what came out of this shift of focus tape? To be honest, the film has quite a lot of cons but also many pros that makes the picture very contradictory. To say that this film will appeal to fans of the original can not, children or adults, on the contrary, too hard, so it is advised it is quite difficult. The first thought that comes to mind when watching the film is the fact that he is incredibly beautiful, it is not surprising, having so much money to make the bad effects would be a failure. But to say that the picture made attractive only money invested in it will be an insult to the cult Director, who is known for his love of the Gothic style in his tapes. Despite the fact that in the picture quite a lot of bright scenes, but with the right color and set the color and the attention to detail even these scenes acquire a touch of gloom. Costumes and makeup are very bright and play on contrasts with the General atmosphere, which gives certain aesthetics. If you watched other movies of the Director, you should understand that a huge role is given to the entourage and he's like no good. The plot, though has been redesigned with an emphasis on human characters, but there is no feeling of something new and it all seems quite familiar, I would like of course, but in any case, this is a pretty original attempt. Was a nice reference to the original cartoon, especially pleased with soap bubbles and mouse. Among the characters there is no direct eye-catching, but pretty good was the character Colin Farrell, shows how in the course of the narrative it changes, and it is easy to empathize with, watching his changes after the event. As always, good Eva green, once again we can see that this style of movie fits her like anyone else, well maybe except that Helena Bonham Carter is able to compete in this rank. But who much distracting in General, so it's Holt's daughter is played by Pharrell, I don't know why, but her dialogue was written incredibly poorly, she spoke like a robot with such a detached expression, which is very much evident and happened that he was attached to the film just for the sake of it, as his image can be described as "the girl who doesn't want to follow the opinion of the masses"", then it is clear what is subject and what was done, but realized it was very bad. By cons can also include antagonist tape, played by Michael Kitana and it's not a bad acting job, but the fact that the character in the tape plays rather meaningless role, the villain for the sake of it, because in modern cinema without it in any way. Otherwise, something outstanding was not just satisfactory, it is a pity that the character Danny DeVito given too little screen time for its disclosure. So should I go for a movie? More likely than not, but you need to be prepared for the fact that the film is not all. If you're a fan of creativity of Tim Burton and have warm feelings about the original cartoon, it's likely he might like. For me personally the main advantages of steel heroes Danny DeVito, Eva green and Colin Farrell. Despite this, the film most likely will be for many at once. 5 out of 10
Frankenstein's Deer Hunter Orchestra
For our generation the sign of the change of epochs and the early post-Soviet period was rushed into our lives the world of Disney. Every Saturday night, whatever happens around, we sat down to watch mulseriala. Too colorful for those years, the splash screen flashed footage from numerous films, including the flying elephant ("Dumbo", 1941). So gradually we learned of the disney classics, although showed us basically what now we have not spent and 10 minutes. "Dumbo" is back this year on the big screen Tim Burton has directed a film about a baby elephant with huge ears. It is not only the motifs of this story this is story is not about goodness, freedom and friendship, and about steampunk factory of happiness, contrasted with the simple joys. The paradox of modern cinema is that the movie about the elephant no longer need the elephant then it will add, do not need an actor in the hurricane effects, no one is looking, and they are not even trying to play, not needed and the plot everything was already invented and narrated, so you can just endlessly to replicate it. Destroys if Tim Burton the myth of his own universe or destroy the universe itself? We are accustomed to expect in his films freaks the charming, charismatic psychos, johnny Depp, finally, but nothing in "Dumbo". Not even voices the main character, that is, a voice, but no human speech, which was also usual in such tales. Burton literally and figuratively destroys the world of fun, fictional stories and cynical producers, contrasting him free life in the lap of nature for the animals and free the creative Union of family circus for the people. But the skepticism of the Director about the factory of pleasures is inversely proportional to the depth of his movie the revelation never happened. Villains are not evil enough, the good souls unusually colorless, concern children about the elephant, as a romantic line, a few unconvincing and expressed banal truths place on the walls of public pages in social networks. And only the incredible scenery (perhaps, too, all just computer-generated), and information about what the costumes of the heroine Eva GREEN was stitched in the Rome Atelier "Tirelli Costumi" in more or less serious approach to the film. And in an interview with Tim Burton focuses on this: "I want the audience watched it on the big screen and paid attention to all the details to create them so many people have made huge efforts. That's why we're making a movie the audience saw and felt". With all due respect to the Creator of "Sleepy hollow" and "Edward Scissorhands", I will say that in the first place for the viewer experience, and is the one which frames the emotions and feelings, most often secondary. And here's the part from "Dumbo" an obvious deficiency. Although the Director says that was restrained in emotion, afraid to become obvious, but it seems that his fears have come true despite all precautions. Not save such a situation even the endless "really cute" painted blue-eyed elephant.
Demonic Helicopter X-treme
Stupid cardboard. Absolutely nothing, apart from a cute baby elephant, not catchy. Despite a stellar cast and Director's chair, "Dumbo" the film is more than passing. Such a boring strip, telling such an interesting story, to remember really hard. A new "Dumbo" seems to be about the Dumbo and at the same time not him. Tim Burton's project is partially different from the original because the emphasis in this situation was done in the background, and a variety of branching story plays to the detriment of the narrative in which something about that, about this, and the result is nothing. The original cartoon, of course, not endowed with super-plot, because in 1941, the year it was not necessary as it is now, and with all this, the remake does not even think at least some will depart from the clichéd moves, hammering the audience head already boring stuff that they are trying to pass off the conflict, which in turn is the same passage, as, in fact, the film itself. Heroes do not empathize, elephant issues, and to grasp the logic of the antagonist is very difficult. Everything feels so gray, that already is becoming uncomfortable in front of the Director, because as in all previous times, that creates comfortable colorful picture, coming to the subject of visual with much love. But no matter how cute and well drawn not appeared before the audience, small eared elephant, which, by the way, not cheated is pretty high quality palette of emotions, in the end has to be reconciled with the fact that the picture of mediocrity will not save and does not help. And this disgusting acting like children playing in the film, you can seriously do harm. For example my psyche. They must be very influential parents, once the offspring were in such a large project, because another explanation of this lack of talent, I can not find. It is difficult to convey how crappy it was, but it was, and not just once. Regarding the replicas is similar. The kid could still somehow be reconciled in view of the meager amount of these replicas, but as for the girl, let her stay with her. It was wildly unprofessional. Yes, the film is sometimes really touching. Yes, it even has its own atmosphere inspired by surreal costumes, locations and music. But in the first case recalled previously, the elephant with his tragedy, that awkward receding into the background and the other with the genius of Tim Burton, and, in General, that's all. More picture praise not for that. Before going to the cinema I was thrilled by the fact that the Director will perform it, but it sunk disappeared literally instantly. Children, it seemed to me, enjoyed it. So if you look from this side, family-safe film good. But no more. The last time I saw the original many years ago. I had the cassette and I probably watched the cartoon very often. Now for children is created as much content that does not count, so focusing on the younger generation even easier to get in a trouble, especially if trying to attract more adults. Kids love elephants, and adults like it when children are happy. Therefore: More "Yes" than "no". 6 out of 10