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I think few would argue with the fact that modern cinema has long turned into a kind of conveyor production. When most of the paintings are created not by creative impulse and heart of its creators, and its many formulas, focus groups and other technical units, that calculate the successful elements of certain paintings and weaving together. That's why meet now are very creative and really worthy pictures that leave an indelible mark in the depths of the soul can be extremely and extremely rare. For me this most rare exception to the rule and indescribable pleasant surprise was this animated film by Directors Sergio Pablos and Carlos Martinez Lopez. The plot of this tape filmmakers Sergio Pablos and Carlos Martinez Lopez tells the story of the lazy son of the owner of the post Empire of Jesper, who lives an irresponsible and carefree life on the money of his father. One day my dad Jasper decides to teach Jasper a lesson and sends it to the far North in the city of Sinrenkor. There Jasper you have to organize a post office and a year to handle no less than 6000 letters. Upon arrival, Jasper is in a combat zone, and discovers that two of the family clan since ancient times, nourishes mutual hatred and mischief to each other. Once faced with a forest hermit named Klaus, Jasper finds to achieve his goal. Even knowing how much he unwittingly changes the lives of all the inhabitants of the city once and for all. The authors of this strip have managed to come up with an amazing and incredibly exciting tale that looks interesting not only for the small audience, but all ages. Based on the classic story about Santa Claus, who on Christmas eve gives gifts to good children down through the fireplace, the authors of this strip is very exciting and interesting to tell the story of the origin and the birth of the legend. But not on behalf of Klaus, and the usual selfish and irresponsible Jasper, which of personal gain comes up with one of the most important and well-known legends and how much this legend change other people's lives for the better, changing himself. Around it and forming the main moral of the paintings, which had been repeatedly voiced in the tape itself. One good deed begets other good deeds, and this film teaches viewers the importance to do good and to help other people. The Directors of this tape Sergio Pablos and Carlos Martinez Lopez created a truly amazing work. Very warm, bright, kind, positive and easy. So that when you view this tape easily and inadvertently charged these same bright emotions and the soul becomes so easy that words cannot describe. Not to mention how great the tape is reflected at the screen the spirit and mood of Christmas holidays. Which together gives the impression of just a perfect tale for family viewing, which will be equally interesting for both children and their parents. Willing to delighting the copyright and stunning CGI animation made in the spirit of hand-drawn animation and much much stands out from the usual animation animated movies and clearly in favor of the tape film Directors Sergio Pablos and Carlos Martinez Lopez. Not to mention, what leaves an indelible mark in the heart of this film and for a long time speaks a kind of precipitate after viewing. Watching this film with my daughter, we were both in complete awe. An important key to the success of this tape can be considered and the maximum live the main characters of the tapes that are considered fictional and not real actors, but real people like all of us and it helps to maximize the response of the soul of the audience when viewing. Allowing great pleasure to observe how much changes not only Jasper, but also Klaus, Alva, and all the inhabitants of the town. 10 out of 10 Klaus is definitely one of the best animated films I've ever seen and a true masterpiece, all the advantages which it is simply impossible to describe with words. The authors of this strip have managed to create a very warm, kind, bright, positive and easy family tale, which easily recharges the lighter emotions allows you to feel the Christmas spirit, brings a relevant and important moral and just amazing and extremely impressive author's CGI animation in the spirit of hand-drawn animation of the old school. I sincerely hope that this film will receive the main award in its category at the upcoming Oscars. He deserved it and other movies of the category he doesn't even competitors.

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Infinite Barbarian Plus
Cartoon "Klaus," full immersion in the fabulous world of Christmas and dive into yourself. If you already rather tired of hackneyed ideas without cartoons and humor, "Klaus" for you. Before viewing advised to stock up with a warm blanket, hot tea, and a dash of childishness. At the beginning of the cartoon we see a very spoiled velizariy the main character Jasper. Give him, you see, the silk sheets and the finest sweets in the world. Such ultimatums he puts his father. Jasper, not knowing what the work, the father sends (for no other word) to work as a mailman in the terrible wilderness called Smeerenburg. In this wonderful place on silk sheets and delicacies even heard of. And not heard on a normal warm human relations. The grotesque darkness that reigns in this backwater, even Tim Burton never dreamed of. Daily receiving kicks and slaps from the local contingent, Jasper already despair. But then, lo and behold, found his way sullen and dangerous woodcutter Claus. From this place begins a magical story. The Story Of Santa Claus. No, not the kind of story in which everything happens by magic. Here everything is real. Good going on with his own hands. Good is within each person, regardless of its nature and quantity of troubles that befell. Good deeds are contagious that's the idea of the cartoon. And the magic we create with you, each of us is a magician. The cartoon shows the senselessness of the feud between the people who already do not know why splash out his anger. The internecine wars lead to the decline of the world and good for prosperity. This cartoon is not for children. Here, well show adult problems. As well as the place and sorrow, and sincere love. Humorous details will make you smile, and tragic moments to cry. Animation cartoon pleasing to the eye, and the plot is heart. Watch, enjoy and absorb in itself all the good that brings this masterpiece. All have lost in the Christmas mood, to view required. 9 out of 10
Topsy-Turvy Deer Hunter Fight Club
During the reign of Pisarevsky and Disney animation, independent studios have pretty easy. Of course, if the cartoon is really good, it will always find its small audience. However, I believe that all good must be seen by the mass public. And cartoon "Klaus," deserved to be noticed. About the plot: the film tells the Story of the son of an influential owner postal business Jasper Johannson. Jasper lazy and accustomed to live in luxury which comes from his father. However, the postal magnate patience ends and he decides to send his son to distant lands on the island of Smartspark. There, he must learn self-reliance and hard work. After all, if the young man can't get work email on this island, the luxurious life will come to an end. The plot is simple and dates back to the ancient myths. When the child was sent away from home, what would he, ultimately, was reborn and became a man. Further, the theme of myths and legends will haunt us throughout the film. About the animations: As I wrote above, hand-drawn animation is undergoing his best years. And on even more joyful to see the release of this cartoon in the light. Director Sergio Pablos admitted that he was inspired by Renaissance and Disney cartoons of the 90s. It was interesting to learn how to develop the animation will not appear in our world of computer graphics. And to be honest, what I saw amazed me. Despite its risovannoj, everything that happens look as alive. Not every computer is able the cartoon is so bright and colorful to show everything around it around. In it we see the perfect combination of new technology and old style. Perhaps animation is the best part of this picture. Myths and legends: Despite the simplicity of the plot, the cartoon raises the issue about the origin of myths. And the answer was quite logical and rational. The point is that we ourselves see around us is the magic. The cartoon was not clearly shown magic or something from the fantasy range. Ultimately, however, we observe the development of the character Claus the old woodcutter, who lived far away from everyone. In the eyes of other people he appears as a generous wizard who gives gifts to children. And this interpretation is known to all of us Santa Claus is the place to be. As a result, Despite the lack of magic in the film, the atmosphere does not cease to be such. Together with the great animation and pleasant music, this cartoon appears to us as very beautiful and kind cartoon with the atmosphere of the approaching New year. I hope that the release on the popular platform now Netflix will allow you to "Claus" to fame and wide publicity. As this cartoon deserves it watched and reviewed. 8 out of 10
Tom Clancy's Mushroom Chronicles
It is very easy to misunderstand a Christmas movie. Generally, if you consider any Christmas project through the prism of rationalism, the miracle evaporates very quickly. Focusing on something else, i.e. not by love and faith, such projects, even the most high, be a total existential nightmare. Entertainment "Klaus" is doing the opposite. The script avoids the pitfalls of the plot and the typical methods of a Christmas cartoon, carefully mixing the visual images of the collection of tales and humor in the style of Terry Pratchett. Animated picture much more successful in the holiday atmosphere than at the Comedy, and is a curious interpretation of the history of Santa Claus. The story tells about a young spoiled Jasper the son of a postmaster General. Dad has plans for the son, and he sends a spoiled son in the remote village Smeerenburg: if Jasper will handle 6000 emails a year, he will be deprived of the family fortune. The town a mere hole, separated by the centuries-old enmity between the two clans: dark-haired and redheads. Due to the confrontation no one sends any letters, the local school closed, the teacher became a fishwife. Jasper meets a woodcutter Claus with a large collection of handmade toys. Tricky Jasper forcing children to write letters Claus to give toys to. "Claus" works fine when plays with the myth of Santa. It passed the most interesting way through visualization. The animated film boasts a delightful character design, reminiscent of vintage book illustrations: Claus, Jasper, and a teacher of Alva, of course, more realistic, but the representatives of the warring families deliberately drawn caricatures. The script in this properly understand the idea of sentimentality. When the story reveals the reason Klaus Hobbies building toys or when they show Jasper's dejected, lose hope, the movie gives the correct heart rhythms that many people want to experience during the Christmas holidays. However, the creators have avoided the maudlin and sentimental notes. Festive film firmly rooted in the spirit of celebration, friendship and almost dying today, the art of writing letters (and, ironically, classical "two-dimensional" cartoon). The story is unique and a bit strange, but the script is clever and he manages to explain the key methods of Santa. The animation is gorgeous, and the characters are clear and expressive. The development of character is crucial in the recognition of a festive Ghost story. 7 out of 10
Colonial Wizard of the Dead
Energetic postman unsuccessfully looking for a job in a remote town in the North Smeerenburg where no one needed his services. Need a miracle to unfriendly locals began to write letters. But for miracles is not necessary to search it turns out that in this town lives the mysterious Creator of the toys. First, the cartoon seemed very grim, even flashed the thought that the beloved Tim Burton again at the helm of his own cartoons, but in viewing it I realized that all the same, some parts he had borrowed. It concerns the surroundings of the narrative and the character of some of the villains, you'll see, you'll understand. Before us is a Spanish animated feature film directed by Sergio Pablos, known for creating franchises Despicable me and Minions. Over worked cartoon Studio SPA Studios with the support of the Aniventure, the distributor was the company Netflix. In collaboration with Zach Lewis and Jim Mahoney, in the cartoon, as the voice actors took part Jason Schwartzman, Jonathan Kimble Simmons, Rashida Jones, Joan Cusack and others. Very good and positive cartoon, created with the use of hand drawn animation and with the involvement of a team of artists working when it over Hollywood cartoons from the 90s. Director Sergio Pablos with this cartoon hopes to awaken interest in classical animation. The game tells the fictional origin story of the myth of Santa Claus. This story is based on the childhood belief in miracles and good deeds, in good neighborhood and of course love. There are a lot of funny situations where these rules were born about naughty children and deprivation of gifts, but without touching and wrench, too, was not. Positivity, friendship and peace in the village will reign forever, Jesper and Klaus did their best, now every child believes in miracles and will write a letter of thanks and a little request about a new toy. All lovers of Christmas cheer and family values I recommend to view this great story. 9 out of 10 Andrew Knyshov, 17 Dec 2019.
Black Godzilla Dancers
Always try to avoid polarization of scores, go to extremes, so to speak, and then went and slapped the top ten. It would seem, after watching, on the emotions, but no. A cool head delight has not gone anywhere. What is the reason for this childish admiration for the cartoon? I will try to be as brief as possible. Panache. Yes, this is what I noticed and what is not evident is that blind. But she is really gorgeous, especially in our age of all-embracing computer animation (absolutely nothing against it have, just want to note that it looks original in 2019, returns to the old traditions of animation and adds a huge amount of points to atmosphere). The atmosphere separately grovel don't see the point even the worst Christmas and new year cartoon to kill her hard. A few words about the music: it's good, though, and absolutely not remembered anything in particular after watching, but most importantly for me personally, the fact that the characters do not sing! Yeah, I don't like musicals, and for me personally this is a huge plus. Good and clear message is on the surface and also adds charm to this creation, but not the message I was impressed by the movie and its flow. Someone in the reviews wrote that, they say, of magic in the story no, but this statement, in my opinion, completely wrong. In fact, this work shows us the magic in his absence, knows about the magic of human nature. And that is the beauty of "Claus": he brings a real party atmosphere, akin to that which we experienced in childhood at the end of each December, but it does it enough as if to say: - You need a story? Do it yourself. Absolutely not ashamed of his perfectionism: 10 out of 10
Lethal Handgun Fest
While the viewer rabid crowd attacks the cinema, abundantly supporting a gold coin artificial vymochennoy and creative simplicity someone completely unnecessary sequel, on Netflix almost imperceptibly came out, probably one of the best Christmas animated creations in recent years- "Klaus." First of all, cartoon Spanish Director Sergio Pablos captivates with its stunning visuals, made with the use of archaic American hand-drawn animation techniques. To some extent, "Claus" can be perceived as a Manifesto Pablos, who said before the premiere that with this cartoon he hopes to revive interest in classic animation. And it's not just words: moreover, the Director in his youth as the animator had a hand in the creations of disney "Hercules", "Tarzan" and "Hunchback of Notre Dame", and the creative team of his full-length debut, Sergio has attracted the luminaries of the industry - James Baxter ("beauty and the Beast") and Mary Lesher ("the lion King" and "beauty and the Beast"). Indeed, from the pictures from the first seconds breathes old school-panache lamp, reminiscent of the best examples of traditional animation 90. the Pablos made in eye-pleasing visuals, a number of technological innovations to give hand drawn animation a full volume, solidity, and can say, "agility", which is famous for the CGI production of the titans of the industry. Most importantly, this is not just posturing and the desire to show off their capabilities. Behind the skillfully polished picture hides a very juicy narrative core, impregnated hooligan-crazy mood, postmodern curiostiy, the incredible sincerity with the best bit of sentimentality, and thereby the festive spirit at the time he gives you over exhausting hustle and giving it the seemingly long buried in the cemetery of children's emotional anticipation of new year miracle and itchy feeling of upcoming festivals. "Klaus", as it is now to be expressed, the origin of the famous fairy-tale character of modernity, which, according to the Director, lies the idea of what if "the magical myth of Santa Claus has an intelligent and somewhat cynical origin." And then Pablos not disingenuous, telling incredibly charming and significant story of the origin of gray-bearded old man. Came out a kind of entertainment magic realism (for example, the town of Smeerenburg, the place where the action occurs, there was real and was located on the island of Amsterdam, in Norway). In General, we strongly recommend not to miss this cartoon, vividly reminiscent of the modest charm of classic animation, enhanced unexpectedly uplifting story with unobtrusive schityvaniya morality. Verdict: Sandpiper praises the swamp!
Tony Hawk's Typing Connection
I love to watch cartoons in my spare time, mostly they help you relax and unwind. As often happens in the cartoon I came across almost by accident, first saw a positive recommendation on youtube from "obzorschika in the hat", and after selecting "what to see on the weekends" I came across a "Klaus". It's hard to explain what makes me write this review, maybe he got me in the mood, but the main plus in my opinion, it is vital. Seemingly banal story "the Son of a wealthy father, smart ass and a playboy, is sent to the parent in a "God forsaken place" with the purpose "to teach" where to return after completing a certain task, and a difficult moral choice later I don't think that will be for someone a secret." But as spelled out secondary characters, realistic, "dead life", living alone on age of the old man Claus is not drawn for the Santa of the stories and we will see the formation of his character. The teacher is sarcastic, romantic who thought that would change the world, but disappointed in him and collecting the money to leave. And the people for whom the only entertainment left is to intrigue each other. BUT "one good deed inspires many," though in this case perfect with greed. Attracted how the authors have justified and interpreted the legends and traditions associated with Santa, made him one of us, an ordinary man with a broad mind and a good heart, in the best traditions of modern kinokontrol. In conclusion, I want to say there are films that make you think, and this work I clearly can be attributed to them, but maybe he only got me in the mood), find it and create it myself. 10 out of 10
Samurai Battle Symphony
The film is the directorial debut for the two Spaniards Sergio Pablos and Carlos Martinez Lopez. Sergio Pablos has previously been the producer and screenwriter of such films as "Despicable me" and "Smallfoot". If they made a full debut? Definitely, Yes! About the film: "Claus" tells the story of a young spoiled boy named Jasper, who is the son of the owner of the postal Corporation. Father Jasper almost lost faith in the fact that the son can grow up someone sensible. The last hope to fix is to send it to the farthest, ugly, God-forsaken "hole" Smeerenburg with a mission to establish where the work of the post office. But things are not so simple, because in this Northern town a lot of centuries, there is a war between the two clans. And no one cares until the establishment of the mail service. "What's the point?!": "Klaus" is the ideological continuation of his previous films. In "Despicable me" that "Klaus" main characters start a new life, faced with someone foreign from the outside, do not fit into the habitual way of life. In "Despicable me" in the life of the protagonist, GRU burst 3 cute girly that makes him reconsider his life values and become a different person. In the case of "Claus", the main character of the Jasper changes are beginning to happen when he meets outwardly harsh and unsociable man named Klaus. Since the first meeting, they unconsciously begin to affect the way of life and submission to each other that in the end leads to an emotional climax. Claus face Smeerenburg, or even his Soul. In the beginning of the movie he and the city seems gloomy, mysterious, harsh and outwardly repulsive. The story progresses he is slowly changing: becoming more open, communicative, his face shows a smile. Jesper and Klaus show each other that happiness and joy are very close to them the children. Children catalyst what is happening around changes. They don't care a century of hostility and sullen faces of others. They are open for everything new and unknown, are willing to admit this in his life, which in turn will affect the lives of their parents. After all, any change starts small. What else: the Main characters in the original, voiced by Jason Shwartzman ("the Train to Darjeeling", "moonrise Kingdom") and J. K. Simmons ("Obsession", "spider-Man"). They are extremely convincing play voice changes of the characters of Jasper and Klaus that successfully contributes to immersion in the atmosphere of the film. The soundtrack in the film, successfully interwoven with and complements what is happening in the movie, but completely forgettable. Hardly after watching someone in the head will pop up even one song. Also worth noting is the animation, which looks like an animated book illustrations. The animation looks "alive" and natural, beautiful and eye-catching. Imagine, you sit and read a book to a child where there are illustrations. Suddenly, at some point you are transported into the imagination of the child in which the just read lines to life, and you will absorb this beauty. The impression I had from the animation "Claus". For whom: the Film "Klaus" can and should be watched with the whole family. People of any age can learn something interesting something that will make him think. Children about kindness towards others, adults about the meaninglessness of any conflict and the legacy we are leaving to children.
Blissful Hang Glider of the Blood God
In honor of the Christmas holidays, I decided to look "Claus". And I looked at him and I was left in awe. "Klaus" is the first directorial effort of former Spanish animator Sergio Pablos, who previously was an animator of Disney. He painted "Hercules", "Hunchback of Notre Dame", "Tarzan" and others. He is also responsible for the franchise, "Despicable me" where the minions and "Rio". But the dude decided to go back to 2D animation. He even founded his own animation Studio SPA, which is located in Madrid. This cartoon rolled Netflix, it even got a limited release that came out a week earlier, he received critical acclaim so critics and viewers on stream. Let's see: The plot: The story tells about a postman named Jasper, who is the son of a wealthy tycoon and lazy, but his dad decides to give educational kick. It is due to Smorenburg and needs to send 6000 emails. Then he meets a Claus who makes toys, the company also joins a former teacher and-dealing townie fish Alva. The guy is on the site of hostilities, start of execution, all kill each other. And our hero starts an exciting adventure. The idea of the film is just cool. I haven't seen such a festive cartoon from the times well, perhaps "Guardian of dreams" and "the Secret service Santa Claus". Graphics: Panache in General is commendable. It's the first time I saw the 2D animation, and it is made by hand, "My Little Pony movie" nervously smokes aside in comparison with this. Textures, camera work, lighting, though the lighting in "Guardians of the Arctic" is the same. What it reminds me tube disney cartoons of the early ' 90s. Pablos specially invited animators who worked on disney cartoons, one of which is James Baxter, he drew "Who framed Roger rabbit". For this, huge respect! Characters: The characters also turned out fabulous. Jasper in spite of its carelessness and selfishness is a pretty funny character, and does not cause irritation, such as usually happens in Trishovich cartoon, can also mark Claus, Alva and all ostalnyh. Each character is well exposed and lovely. Humor: The humor in the cartoon too is present, it is very cute. But mostly it dramatic that. And of course I want to mention Russian dubbing. All the actors did really good, but better watch the original, because the original Claus is voiced by John. K. Simmons, but just ducky. The result: Everybody should go watch this cartoon. Warm, festive and atmospheric, with an interesting idea, animation, voice acting and morality. Perhaps the best illustration of 2019 and I hope that he will apply on "Oscar" and I for him. 9 out of 10