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Knives Out
Classic detective who investigates cases with the power of thought and logical thinking with the time left in the shade when on the foreground there was the cool kids that are first beaten, shot, and then get information. In "Get a knife" Benoit Blanc as if descended from the screens of the last century, or rather from the pages of Agatha Christie or Georges Simenon. Elegantly dressed, with a sense of humor, padmashali particular and charming. As such he brought to our screens, and how he will "come" after the smart guys with excellent physical training? And looks very good I admit, the investigation of Blanc, it captures and plunges into the atmosphere of the crime and of course the denouement is fascinating. The advantage of this tape is that it has the atmosphere, the crime is in the center of the plot, and the constant interest fueled by circle of suspects, even when the conclusions become obvious, some traits of the characters or actions derive interest to a new level. The Director consistently displays characters on the screen and sends flashbacks to the past, where shows that the motive is for everyone, but who still dare, that is the question. A series of images pass before my eyes, they are not similar, they have their own charisma, aura and honor each person. But, but, they are all obsessed with one thing greed for money, and that's perfectly focused, moral principles go, when at stake are big money. The investigation itself is slow progress, replete with twists and intrigue, cunning Blanc knows the answers to many questions, sometimes it seems he knows a priori about the role of each at the outset of the investigation, but seeks to expose through manipulation is one side. And on the other, it may seem that he celebrates all the moments, grimaces, and comparing the facts in his head, and then pushes the criminal to give himself away. The atmosphere is forced by the fact that most episodes occur in the chamber atmosphere of the house where the murder occurred. Informative and interesting to watch it. Without dispute the best in this film Daniel Craig, his Benoit Blanc is Hercule Poirot in the U.S., the scientist, the observer, a logical thinker and outstanding correct conclusions from syllogisms. Something like his character Mikael Blomkvist from "the Girl with the dragon tattoo", but more charismatic and sarcastic. Women's roles the best were Jamie Lee Curtis and Tony Collette, they are different, but memorable, striking, blonde bitchy characters. Don Johnson is also a good fit in the role his tape and playboy wife, were right on target. But the main character performed by Ana de Arms I not looked, in places it was unnatural, though in the finale worked perfectly. "Get knives" definitely a good detective, which is nice to look at, and which gives a good mood after watching.

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Canadian Beautician Spies
Initially I wanted to title this text "Captain America vs James bond", but it does not reflect the essence of what is happening in the picture. This time muscled guys decided to fuck in the intellectual arena, instead of combat skills struggling demonstrating a cunning squint and arrogant smile. But the film "Get knives" rests not only on these two charismatic guys, famous faces abound in the frame, even more pleased that in the end everything turned into vulgar "skit". Before us is a real classic, a murder mystery, confined space and a limited set of suspects, each of which fits the role of a malicious villain. That is a great script makes this film so appealing. Yes, perhaps someone at a certain moment can seem that the action sags slightly, the plot is artificially prolonged and could make everything shorter and livelier, but the denouement redeems all the sins of kinodela. Throughout the viewing you will constantly cheat, to fool and surprise. By the way, the killer we have marked in the first third of the film, but the main intrigue of the picture, as befits a good detective, is revealed only at the very end. The final scene at all performed superbly. It show the viewer the subject of passing in the first frame, meaning that by the end of the film becomes more ironic. Speaking of the humor, though the film is stated as a Comedy, laugh it is not particularly necessary, here, perhaps, the authors got a little worked up. "Get the knife" a typical sealed detective, in which we managed to miss shot this time not on the famous novel, and with its basis in the original script, it is even more pleasant. 8 out of 10
Kinect River of the Third Reich
I like the twirled detective Thriller in the style of Agatha Christie. She always had a whole bunch of characters have something in common, and the great detective, whether Hercule Poirot or miss Marple, investigating the case, building a chain of events and relationships in the finals is really amazing. Many have tried to imitate Christie, someone left, someone there, and now it is the path set Rian Johnson, who directed the very interesting film "Get the knives." The events take place mainly in the mansion of Harlan Trombi, a famous mystery novelist who is found dead immediately after his birthday. At this time in the mansion were almost all relatives of the deceased, including the son, daughter, grandchildren and nurses, all of which also considered family member. Nobody can understand why Trombi was killed, maybe it was an accident or suicide. The police didn't even think would dig on position, then as announced in the estate of detective Benoit Blanc sees what others did not come. He takes on the high-profile case and begins to learn all the nuances, because they, like any good criminal investigator is the truth. I had a lot of complaints about the Ryan Johnson after "the Last Jedi", but to "Get knives" proves that he's a good Director and a talented screenwriter. He just shouldn't go on about the major studios to withdraw franchise, which was created not for them. But in a more modest, partly of chamber projects the image to "Get knives" it feels great. The plot has the properties of good puzzles can be a little dogato in the end, but to follow the investigation Blanca for me it was interesting. The blank was played by Daniel Craig. Oh how infrequently he appears in a great movie. After "good Luck Logan" 2017 "Get the knife" became his first serious project. Which is a shame because Craig once again proved that he knows how to play well, not just James bond. The other actors also pleased me, particularly Ana De Armas, which, incidentally, will soon appear in another movie with Craig, of course, about agent 007. "Get knives" were for me a breath of fresh air after all the comic book movies, horror and other sequels and remeika. But at the same time I would like to see a sequel to Johnson, because of the history of Benoit Blanca is where to develop. 9 out of 10
Britney Spears' Dinosaur Fantasy
The Director of "the Last of the Jedi" and "time Loop" Ryan Johnson embarks on a very free swim in a detective style, to get out of the thick of the genre of fanfic based on motives of Agatha Christie. When immediately after the celebration of the 85th anniversary of the famous crime writer Harlan Trombi the honoree is found dead, the investigation takes a charming and meticulous detective Benoit Blanc. He will unravel the tight network of above and self-serving lies that entangle the members of a dysfunctional family of Harlan and loyal staff. At the stage trailer "Knives unsheathed" attracted the attention of Nastavenie actors. Constantly on the style Daniel Craig finally-no-longer-captain Chris Evans, the eternal, Jamie Lee Curtis, gloomy, Michael Shannon, worn don Johnson and simply beautiful Ana de Armas. Each thread threads to the plot. The ties- killed the grandfather of "All the money in the world" (the one day is to shake hands with Kevin spacey). Christopher Plummer. Ryan Johnson (he's a Director, he's the writer, he is the producer, he is saved private, he is "the rock-Dwayne", aka Gog, aka Gosha (but the last two is not exactly) creates a galaxy where everything revolves around the person of Harlan Thrombi (Plummer). During the life of an elderly writer-a millionaire warmed in the rays of his wealth, many relatives, his death to give them a cold shower. In addition to the main center of attraction at the poles of the universe the author creates two vivid lights that his charisma off the rest of the cast, despite their honored names and duration of stay in the frame. Almost the entire two hours of the film Craig and Evans lead an active passes the audience's attention by adding in fresh detective dish are the spices that will leave the audience with a pleasant aftertaste. "Knives unsheathed" the rare case in recent years, when the fat "plus" it is worth noting the script. The author makes deviations from the genre Canon, and not hiding "gardener," goat tracks takes the viewer in more in the thick jungle of intrigue. The character Daniel Craig detective Benoit Blanc this is a sort of Hercule Poirot of Kenneth Branagh from "Murder on the Orient Express", only husked unnecessary pathos. A lively mind, a relevant comic that fits into the overall outline of the story, and the lack of venting of the importance of a to it viewer. As played by the enormity of the Craig-Blanc leaves enough living space for a full disclosure of the colleagues in the frame. Unlike, say, "good Luck Logan," where Craig took over the buoys and grotesque his character he just crushed the Duo of Tatum-Driver. Chris Evans on the contrary. Sharp as the foam on the glass. A veteran of Brownian motion. Always unclear where it now will suffer. Plays like escaping from the image of restrained Captain America tries to expand the psychological boundaries of the character entrusted to him. "Knives unsheathed" a good example of entertaining cinema, where the basis is a serious genre, added a properly weighted pinch of humour and each actor decorated any way. Will not be bored. 8 out of 10
NBA Katana Creator
The film is a Comedy detective. "Classic" the script of the film can not be called, although after watching the trailer and first minutes of time it seems we look at it is this, the "classic" detective. In the course of action genre templates break, and the typical cliches ridiculed. Parody in the movie enough, but it doesn't roll up to the circus. The picture manages to maintain a serious tone even in the most absurd situations. The characters in the strip can be divided into two groups: typical and atypical of the genre, added to match the contemporary fashion. The first group includes the members of the family around which the plot revolves, as well as a private detective Benoit Blanc in a hilarious performance of Daniel Craig. The second group I would classify Marta (Ana de Armas) with her family, as well as two full-time police detectives, who even glimpses in the background, but their behavior in key scenes is a reflection of the viewer's perception. These two detectives appear as if the audience inside the movie. Due to the first group of characters and standard methods of the narrative the plot develops until about the middle of the movie, when the viewer learns, it would seem that the main thing the solution to the crime. But the intrigue of this does not die, but only is gaining momentum. All the action is accompanied by bright, humorous dialogue the effect is due to the exaggerated directness and shamelessly statements of the characters. The immersion in the atmosphere contributes to wonderful, excellent production and accurate installation. From this side to the ribbon, not reproach. But there is in the film and disadvantages. And very significant. Most of them are associated with the interchange, which appears here in the form of verbal fireworks. We dumped a bunch of facts and conclusions in a very short period of time. The course for detective classic the final pieces are coming together, to build a complete picture of the crime. And after this interchange questions remain (important for understanding the story) that no one is responsible. For detective fiction such gaps are unacceptable. In addition to the standard message (killing is bad, greed is bad) in the movie there is another, more relevant: no matter where you're from or what your origin; it's what you are, what qualities you possess, what actions make. The message is very good and competently served. He blurts in the forehead, as it slips between the lines. The film "Get knives" is a very funny, exciting detective story with unpredictable ending. However, there are a lot of naive, stupid moments, and flaws in the script. Good movie for one time, but no more. 7 out of 10
No One Can Stop the Transvestite Inferno
From 28 November to hire the detective of American origin and American Director Ryan Johnson called "Get the knives." The involvement of British actor Daniel Craig and abstract paintings directly show that plays the tape all the British that was in a classic English detective. Mansion owned by the famous writer and author of detective stories where the rooms enough for each resident, maintained by the head of the family. Freak show heroes, a generation older than the head and one or two generations younger, who stuck to the feeder, cannot rise and to depart, knowing their own worthlessness. The investigator, genius private detective, in the execution of the current face of James bond and the migrant equivoque, expressed in the role of a servant who takes care of the master, whose death affected the whole army in the traditional multi-bed mansion in order to find the murderer and to establish the process of the crime. Gathered a good cashier and a love of the audience, the detective is no different fineness puzzles and solutions. Being self-created by Ryan Johnson, he plays a few dozen threads that are closed too quickly and wrap up the ball. The intricacies and mystery have before them only one step required for the local solution. Common mosaic is not of the little separate figures, but a few prematurely collected mosaics. The SIM should be only one conclusion the elegance of Agatha Christie in the American Director there is. But here it is worth noting that there are also mysteries in American creativity, and a long time ago, which implies to pay tribute to Director and screenwriter in one person for the fact that the desire has resulted in the result of which overall look quite nice. The plot is fun, some of the situations in the characters, have a satirical undertone. Some parties expected that Johnson will be elected for a picture of the tactics of mockery of the once popular genre, like the legendary "Evidence" from the eighties. However, his choice was the classic scenario. Its ironic beginning and a lot of small plot twists, watch the movie in any way interesting. The viewer can hardly escape from the screen on which the characters throw out one-by-one trick. Especially Ryan Johnson manages refrence, coming up with details by the end of the script and deliberately placing them in the beginning of the film in the editing process. Hence, it looks holistically evaluate the tape with a positive and entertaining parties. 9.12.2019
Caribbean Tricycle Munchers
Featuring one its work, the Director and screenwriter Ryan Johnson moved to the face of creators who simultaneously love and hate millions of viewers around the world. Early in his career, Johnson wrote and put two modest, but pretty good and even fascinating film called "Brick" and "the Brothers bloom". Failing to get along with them significant cash results, Johnson nevertheless declared himself as a talented storyteller, able to tell the audience a fascinating narrative without much pomp, but with irony, good drama, and relevant humor. That is why he subsequently was given the chance to prove themselves in the cash "time Loop", adequately proven in worldwide box office, and then began the story of "Star wars", to make Johnson one of the most discussed personalities of the Dream Factory. No doubt, Johnson is a master of intriguing ideas, he has written a lot of original stories that deserve attention, but he failed to fully disclose the labyrinth of the alien franchise, having made a number of controversial artistic decisions that led to the mass criticism and resentment of the fans of the Saga of George Lucas. Nevertheless, the resonance only went a career District, Johnson in favor, "the Last Jedi" grossed over a billion dollars, critics praised the courage of the Director and work with actors, and then on his Desk there are a lot of proposals for cooperation, including a return visit in a Galaxy far Far away. But to the credit of Johnson, he decided to take a little vacation from the big franchises and returned to what in fact his career began. The Director sat down again in a cozy room, where nobody interfered, and wrote another original story of his own writing, entitled "Get the knife", and did everything necessary to put it with the cast that was brewing in his mind. And with that, Johnson never had a problem, even early in his career, he easily obtained the consent of the stars and invited them into their projects. Thus, "Get knives" is automatically turned into an incredibly anticipated project and allowed its Creator to appease those who did not crucify him for the previous project. So, the plot of the film takes us to the mansion of the famous writer Thrombi Harlan (Christopher Plummer), who over the years created a number of bestseller and was widely considered one of the best detective authors on a par with Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie. Preparing to receive congratulations happy birthday, Harlan gathered in his house all his extensive family, which includes son Walt (Michael Shannon) who dream to sell the film rights to the novels father, daughter Linda (Jamie Lee Curtis), calculating and intelligent lady, with the way better once again not to argue, Linda's husband, Richard loving (don Johnson), daughter-in-law johnny (Toni Collette), who became the slave of fashion trends, as well as grandchildren arrogant ransom (Chris Evans) and young Jacob (Jaden Martell) and Meg (Catherine Langford). Understandably, so different from each other but connected by the ties of family people do not experience much joy from staying together under one roof, and yet the Patriarch Trombi need to honor in order to subsequently get the chance to particular jackpot of inheritance. However, something went wrong and soon Harlan was found murdered with a knife in the throat. With the greatest probability the killer is among those present, and among the suspects is also a maid (Ana De Armas), which can also be their motives for committing such a devious crime. To rely solely on the assistance of bad egg police can't, but because the thing is attracted to detective Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig), which holds under suspicion for absolutely everyone, and even if something does not understand, then make an absolutely straight face, as his authority must be determined. The task facing the Blanc in fact difficult, because the motive for the murder can be very different, and in fact all members of the family could make it to the hand. The game starts, and it must follow from all care! After playing in a space adventure, Ryan Johnson willed detective of intimacy and plunged into the creation of the painting, which apparently brought him a lot of pleasure. Writing multi-layered, a vivid narrative with a proper comedic note, Johnson did not hide the fact that all were inspired by the iconic works of Agatha Christie, with whom a stranger only to those who can't read. But unlike the adventures of miss Marple and Hercule Poirot, investigating Benoit Blanca has a lot more irony and with full courage can be called excellent detective parody. While watching instantly felt the fact that Johnson wasn't in a hurry to make a serious face of the narrator, but however and not turns his film into an outright farce. It was interesting to recreate the classic detective entourage, and then fill it with catchy, sometimes absurd characters and show how smartly they interact. Partly even issued, that the characters in the film suspect that are inside of true detective, and therefore playfully smiling at the camera and act openly defiant. But still "Get the knife" breaks the fourth wall and trying to stay within the genre of decency. Gently, yet persistently Ryan Johnson unfolds his story, trying to make the audience enjoy every moment without losing sight of anything important. Of course, there are a lot of conversations, and active steps not so much, but this is the case when the phrase you want to parse citations, and with characters you absolutely don't want to say goodbye. In addition to the excellent script and directing class I also want to mention the formula of the popular film adaptation of "Murder in Orient Express", where the roles can be seen solid celebrities, ready even for a small cameo, just to participate in a really worthwhile project. Ryan Johnson was able to do serious work and literally dazzle us with a whole constellation of celebrities, some of whom like has reinvented himself to the fans. Take the same Chris Evans, who for many years did not get out the image of a brave Captain of America and is banned all around themselves using foul language. But we have already started to forget how charismatic and unpredictable it can be. Fortunately, Ryan Johnson gave him the image, which can be called one of the most brilliant in this film, and Evans certainly did not disappoint. We should not forget about the other characters of this detective, each of which received its own special moment of glory, playing at full strength or even more, blocking your efforts even some logical flaws in the script. In the end I want to say "Get the knife" turned out to be the film that excites, amazes and makes you applaud the fact that it was shown on the screen. 8 out of 10
High-Speed Karaoke of the Third Reich
Naturally, the "Knives Out" was one of the main priorities for an enjoyable trip to the cinema this year. The sight suddenly found himself is so exciting for the audience, all 2 hours none of the seated man did not move, did not get the phone for texting, not even sneezed. Attention was on the detective story, which in the end had to give an answer to the burning question who killed the old man, who ironically visionary Riana Johnson was a famous author (Oh my!) detectives? Of course, he in turn, did not know who killed Laura Palmer, but Oh well. For the investigation takes a skilled spy James bond code name "Benoit Blanc". Under suspicion only one not to see: General zod, the Marlboro man, captain Steve Rogers, bill Denbrough, the Queen of Halloween, the star of "Reincarnation," the victim "13 reasons why". Not be discounted juzhnoamerikanskoj, which already had a dark past in the form of terrorizing Keanu Reeves in a movie about the notorious JMG. The dogs did not touch. Yes I do not argue do not want to argue, the movie was quite interesting, sometimes funny and kartalino colorful. Richly furnished domische forced to endure the presence of the greedy, evil, envious, money-grubbing relatives of the famous writer. Than you, curvy, not "the girl with the dragon tattoo," in which Daniel Craig was also involved in a case of dirty linen horrible family Vanger. So, murder or suicide? The motive is clear. Each of the members could have been killed. But if the old man was upstairs? In General, I think that this story would be more interesting to read on paper. The book, that is. Rian Johnson did not wait for a shocking ending with the unprecedented turn and decided to put on the table or any surface a large part of the truth, thanks, uh, where it was possible to remove from the list of suspects almost all "dangerous prestupnikov-s". Do not need to worry, in the final, will rise a degree, increase the voice of the detective and siromukham music to point the finger at the culprit. In the spirit of Agatha Christie, everything was represented. But the characters turned out, that tor to conceal flat, causing the audience to play the actors and Actresses try too hard you shouldn't have. The star of the ensemble not distract from the story, he was just attracted to the wrapper. The comparison here is to put last year's malozamechennyj "Nothing good in the hotel "El Royale"". There is also enough of a detective, the colorful characters and intimate place. The difference with that of the characters Goddard was an interesting story. As long as Rian Johnson briefly outlined the nature of each participant's performance, thereby simplifying the lowly mint history. It is in any case not afraid of the negative heat to the side vents the Creator of the controversial eighth episode of the Saga. Personally, we while watching I wanted to dive deeper, that's where our cockroaches. By the way, one character still has a "quiet pool", so it suspicion will fall immediately. And it would be good to day he had been in fault, but the choice of Director fell on an easier.
Screaming Mutant Paintbrawl
I would like to start with the fact that I have not noticed any serious advertising of this film. I went out on it own due to the increased interest in cinema. Brief information about the tape immediately interested me, but the translators once again summed (the name should translate as "the unsheathed Knives" or "Knives out"). The attitude towards a new picture of Ryan Johnson was first skeptical, because the Director has managed to upset me (we are talking about the film "Star wars: the Last Jedi"). Fortunately, I took to "Get knives" with caution. The film turned out gorgeous, from whatever side the viewer wouldn't try to consider it grace. Plot. The famous author of detective novels Harlan Thrombi found dead in his bed immediately after family party in honor of his 85th birthday. In the estate arrives with police and hired a private detective Benoit Blanc. The investigation is delayed, but the consequence is tormented by the question: "Who was favorable to remove the head of the family?" The viewer is invited to try to solve the complicated case, which will seriously have to break down. If you like to think while viewing the picture (and probably after it), such a mode of narrative history is to your liking. An interesting complication absorbs almost instantly, and the story eventually acquires more and more unusual details. We have to go to match the known facts with the logic, but it's never easy. The authors suggest everyone to try the role of Benoit Blanc. Keep in mind that the more you know, the more information will turn into a sticky snowball to melt which is not so easy. Well, posh and however explosive ending will allow you to check their guesses and suspicions, leaving no one indifferent. Atmosphere. The creators offer not only high-quality detective drama, but also a wonderful satire on modern society. None of the characters manage to avoid hidden or direct ridicule. They will talk about racism, and about social inequality, and even about the problems of migrants. The images and characters of the family are carefully spelled out to the smallest detail. Detective very well dilute the comedic elements. Where waiting for a gritty crime drama, investigation get entertaining with funny moments. Periodically mixed genre tries on a serious mask, but for a long time is not delayed. The cinematography is brilliantly executed, and star actors and their wonderful game turn feed into a real "bomb". Music. Gorgeous musical compositions are excellent guides to the world of conspiracy and crime. The music is nice, catchy and reminiscent of classic British detectives. The melody of "The Theme Thrombey Family" actually has some breathtaking sound. Result. "Knives Out" unexpectedly fired. So Yes, great shot that hit right on target. Smart Comedy detective story with elements of satire will never be left without the sympathy and increased spectator interest. 10 out of 10 (98%), a brief plot of the movie fits in with the reasoning Benoit on the hole of a donut. But how many here actually details...
Day of the Llama DS
There are people who like horror, where a kind of evil kills blunt heroes. There are those who like drama, where I always try to make the viewer cry. And there is the detective genre, where the whole plot is twisted twisted mysteries and finally you will reveal the truth! I'm not a fan of the detective since can't just sit down and relax the brain. I automatically along with the main detective starts the investigation from the very beginning of the film and always guess early, guess who is the killer. I believe that it should not be! The detective is very difficult genre, in terms of the script. You need to fool the viewer! You need to make such as I, sat there and felt, I guessed, and then suddenly we realized that we circled around the finger. This picture could not deceive me. She could only sleep for a murderer I've solved half of the film. Don't quite understand, why would such a stellar caste actors? They have nothing there to play. Absolutely all the characters are similar to each other and their main number is irrelevant! For example, why the character of Jaden Martell? To overhear the conversation in the toilet, and then say a couple of sentences? And all? And here such as it is, useless character four! Of course, if they are removed, then all the spectators will become clear who the culprit is, but if you come up with such a large number of characters, then it should be done as "Disgusting eight". That's where Tarantino's genius many fooled! In short, the film "Get the knife" is, unfortunately, not surprised, as I wanted, although had all the chances, if the creators think outside the box. 7 out of 10