Marriage Story (2019)

Marriage Story
His latest film Noah Baumbach fully proved that has become one of the major indie filmmakers of the USA, not just the second woody Allen, but an independent and consistent in their themes and concepts Director. Openly focusing on "Scenes from matrimonial life," Baumbach in one of the scenes of the "Marriage history" quotes this movie of Bergman, moreover, the scene is the emotional climax of the picture and one of the toughest in his filmography. In the 2010s, moving away from the style of their viscous, somewhat tedious dramas ("the Squid and the whale", "Margot at the wedding"), She moved on to the production of tragicomedies that he turned out so much better so organic were the aesthetics of new York and poetics of the marginal life in the great metropolis. "Wedding story" shows that his work began a new major milestone: finally its drama emotionally balanced at the level of the script, the reference point of the dramatic conflict is located implicitly smoothed but in their places. The acting performance is not only the leading stars (there is a Driver and Johansson), but minor artists (also not new Liotta and Turf) perfectly, also, these two pairs if set off each other: if the heroes Driver and Johansson worried really, their lawyers deliberately cartoonish, predatory, inhuman. Rasstavleny accents in the spirit of the films "Kramer vs. Kramer", that is, considering the history of divorce men's eyes and blaming most of the troubles of emancipated neurotic woman, Baumbach, meanwhile, does not go to the open anti-feminist message. The characters are not as clear as it may seem: Yes, the heroine Johansson first raise the roof (who would have thought that this actress is hidden is an extraordinary dramatic talent, woody Allen discovered her only talent comedian), but also the alter ego of Baumbach in the performance of the Driver in the climactic scene of utter to her such that the ears of the intelligent viewer wither. "Marriage history" is necessary first of all married to cinephiles to show that divorce is hell worse than any problems of family life. You can tell that Baumbach shot the film is a warning to all spouses about what divorce is and what you should avoid it by any means. So to know the mechanisms of divorce could be the only one who survived and, of course, the most painful aspect of this process, then the Director could not agree, is the division of the child. Once in "the squid and the whale" Baumbach have tried to show a similar conflict, and even to portray him through the eyes of children, but it turned out he had not so convincingly, powerfully and movingly, as in "Marriage stories", where we see conflict through the eyes of the spouses. This is a very Mature film, which also has a place for humor, irony, sarcasm (otherwise it would not be Baumbach), but the main center of gravity is still in a dramatic, almost tragic sphere. "Marriage history" is a very painful movie, sometimes unbearably familiar to anyone who has tasted the hardships of marriage, but like "eyes wide shut" fully familialistic. Of course, unlike Kubrick, who shot wide and beat the tar out of everything that threatened the family, She works low-key, intimate, but this modest format swing truly bergmanesque power. "Marital history" shows that the trendy in hipsterish environment is not child-free and free love the Director, but a real traditionalist, urging married couples to solve their problems on the shore, without bringing them before the divorce.

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Haunted Yoga Fandango
The couple, theatre Director Charlie and actress Nicole decided to disperse peacefully. But the divorce process is complicated because of the question of custody of their young son, the law of intrigue and old mutual resentment. Brand life story, which was in a heap of my friends. Well, honestly, fabulous in the divorce proceedings a little. On the contrary, the movie is very realistic, but not from the category leadwidely, just sad and sometimes boring, but absolutely watchable. All was well until the boys began to live in two cities... Yes, these people of creative professions and their views on life differ from the order of our interest, but the movies say the lumpen are not necessarily more interesting, on the contrary, the more anguish the unsightly aspects of life, down to outright horror. And more just boring and sad picture of the spiritual and household bottom. The film is beautiful, starts with a non-trivial characteristics of the heroes who heard from the lips of the spouses: he talks about her, she about him, both with love and sadness, as if digging in the memory and finding favorite features and highlights that in everyday life were forgotten. Therefore, "Marriage history", not "Divorce" that is not about the trial itself, and about living up TO the words of the characters in the movie. Director, managed to accurately tell about the relationship between two people hints and minor touches of the present, without resorting to flashbacks. Fine and filigree acting together did the trick: the painting seen by the audience, though not was in the office, and came out on Netflix. The picture consists of very long scenes showdown heroes. Sometimes there are funny situations, sometimes not very pleasant. Characters long are going to think and their claims to one another that when both are on edge... can not stop their offensive words, thereby causing an even greater and inescapable pain. It would seem that fled are still young and full of hope for the future people, but what to do with the baby that everyone loves? He, too, becomes another sticking point that wants attention and provokes both parents to new conflicts. The cast is very impressive. Cute melancholic Driver in tandem with a strong "hysterical" Johansson, very colorful shade each other, allowing you to accumulate claims and grievances, which at one point begin to demolish on their way, not knowing grace and mercy. Each is gradually revealed in 2-hour narrative, engaging in offensive dialogue. One of the more advocacy role and the policy of divorce: Laura Dern (it's Oscar 100 %) and ray Liotta just tearing family values apart, thereby devaluing all their belongings and personal. All spoken here: a touching, sad, sweet, lyrical, sometimes restrained. The final surprise, he just brought the characters to a new stage of relations. And honestly, this is a huge plus of this picture. I hope this "history of marriage" will serve as an example for many families and will serve as a kind of eliminator of any claims and ambitions in the future. 8 out of 10 Andrew Knyshov, 21 January 2020.
Telekinetic Godzilla Over Normandy
"Marriage story" a great example of how a completely ordinary life story is the basis terribly interesting theatrical story. If you want to see something "enticing", but not too overloaded with narrative, this film is just perfect for this. However, the plot isn't the first thing I want to note in this picture. The main advantage of the film for me was the acting of all the cast, but most pleasing, of course, Johansson and the Driver. Frankly, Scarlett has never been for me a model of great acting, for which I would like to see each actress played the film. Yes, she was good in "lost in translation", very beautiful and sexy-voiced AI in the movie "her," and to the Black Widow in the CME, we are all very accustomed to. But still favorite actress I call her could not, exactly to view the "Marital history". All nominations for the prestigious award Johansson received absolutely deserved, and of course, she more than deserves the Oscar. Played in all emotions unconditionally believe, the actress is not overacting, no deceit or any "flaws". The same accolades worthy and Adam Driver, in the game which also there is absolutely no drawbacks, and which also was to receive an Oscar (if not for the Phoenix, of course). The joint work of two amazing artists produce an impression which forms the image of the characters so similar to ourselves and our environment, which ultimately leads to the correct effect. The effect of "damn, this is to a certain extent I" or "I had the same situation". And made possible this effect is not only due to the actors, but also because of the history. When watching the film, it is a natural feeling of being in a theatre as "a wedding story" for the most part "speaks" with the audience, and not "showing" them. Is not the last time to say "Bravo" to the writer for such a masterful building a dialogue, for such a life experience in almost every phrase of the character. Often, the melodrama sinful use of some prohibited practices, deliberately forcing the viewer to squeeze out a tear no apparent reason (or reasons caused by artificially). In this picture, these moments do not exist. All the narrative is so organic and right that when you view there is no sense of artificiality or falsehood; "all it could be in real life." Perhaps it is because of "permanent life" movie at some point seems a bit lengthy, and complete enjoyment of watching you in the end not to. Of course, "Marriage story" one of the best melodramas for the last time. An important advantage of film is that it is possible to watch not only for those who "survived the divorce" or who have just long-lasting family relationships. The message of the film will be understandable to everyone who is or was in a relationship, or who simply understand what it is. Highly recommend this painting to the viewer for emotional discharge. 8 out of 10
Arcane Unicycle of Mystery
The category "Oscar-2020" were, in fact, no surprises. The majority of applicants anticipated movies and personalities. But some of them are so that has been nominated for a statuette twice: Scarlett Johansson nominated for best actress and for best actress the second plan. Regardless of who will present Oscars, the task of the maximum, the actress decided for themselves: beautifully played in a very good film "a wedding story". Project Netflix directed by Noah Baumbach, was first presented at the festival in Venice. Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson then laughed a lot, joked and passionately looked at each other, and we, mere spectators, waiting for a wide Prime Minister, had no idea what this is all about. Despite the fact that the film is called "Marriage history", he, at first glance, but rather, is the story of one divorce. Although, if you delve into the story and layers of meaning, that is, of course, family history. Passing through all the circles of hell in a divorce, dealing with custody of her son and arguing with lawyers, yet Charlie and Nicole manages through it all to tell the story of his love. Perhaps that is what so impresses in the film is the unshakable human Foundation relations normal people who have something to lose if your relationship breaks down. And it is definitely not flat, jointly acquired property or ambitions, and mutual trust, affection, shared memories and, of course, children whose lives also are inevitably changing with the divorce of his parents. The "Marriage history" everyone will find a response on the issues of concern to him: the psychology of relationships, creative ambitions, relationships with relatives, legal wilds and moral limits beyond which we cannot tread the bloodthirsty lawyers. Therefore, from whatever side we come to a movie, will find in this section a depth, perhaps, to some extent, unexpected. But in whatever aspect we may consider this movie, one thing is certain: close to perfect acting. Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver is not just convincingly played by spouses in state divorce. But it seems like they would cease to be themselves. Therefore, the empathy the audience becomes so strong that in spite of everything want heroes banal happy ending. Although the mind understands that it is impossible not only in their circumstances, but in the artistic logic of the picture itself, but the film conceptualize, as it turns out, not only with your mind but with your heart. Smart, sensitive, emotional and rather rigid picture of Noah Baumbach combines such seemingly incongruous qualities. Moreover, it is in line with current trends stand gender balance the story reveals both sides of this conflict. But still the artistic text (in the broad sense of the word) to some extent dictates the emphasis: if the plan author's sympathies, the advantage goes to the side Charlie obsessed artist, the emotional advantage on the side of Nicole is a sincere and brilliant actress. The Director General cannot cease to admire, and not her looks that Johansson habitually, and spiritual qualities and inner strength of the heroine. A number of films, which wittingly or unwittingly "Marriage history" enters into intertextual dialogue, is quite wide from "the Night" (1961) Michelangelo Antonioni to "Divorce Nader and Simin" (2011) Asghar Farhadi, from "Kramer vs. Kramer" (1979) Robert Benton to "not leave your lovers" (1979) Paul Arsenov. The Director brings a new level not only divorce as a subject of artistic discourse, but also re-addresses the problem of miscommunication, investigated in a trilogy of alienation of Antonioni.
Canadian Shotgun Dystopia
The work draws from the first minute. But special like it deserves game of actors. They really are watching, mouth Agape and forgetting about the other components of the film. That only is the monologue of the heroine Scarlett Johansson during the first meeting with the lawyer! Bravo! Believe it! Adam Driver is also posted in full. His character is a huge spectrum of emotions: starting with a neutral, go in the irritation and hostility, we complete sympathy and empathy. The movie is extremely emotional and even there the share of positive: there is humor and including. How skillfully was directed sharp transition from drama to Comedy in some prices deserves the highest praise! Here you frown, watching the weird aunt inspects the relationship of father and son, and now giggling, admiring how clumsy dad "resting" on the floor, almost losing consciousness. You don't even know why suddenly laughed, after all, a minute ago, "beheld" hopeless drama! I also want to highlight this point: the film is about a difficult divorce, but the proceedings before the court here is extremely small. We were shown what happens to parting the people before and after court proceedings and conversations with lawyers. We illustrated the one step from love to hate. Summing up: I liked it! I watched the film in one breath. Despite pechalka that permeates the whole story, the picture came out pretty easy and no aftertaste.
Downtown Tetris in Africa
The film, a fully disclosed the problems of marriage without the tinsel and finesse. The couple divorced and trying to decide who will remain an only child so often we hear and see if for yourself using something like this passed. Nothing new or unusual: people change, their paths diverge. And that's it. Then, as it was shown in "Marriage story" tearfully, hesitantly, but gently and at-home gives a very different view of "the man and the woman who just could not get along together." This whole process is like two puppets who don't understand how to handle completely new and so a sudden surge of hatred for the seemingly closest person on Earth. And once crossed this line with the words "I don't love you anymore", comes into play puppeteer, which can make the whole world around: from his own mother to the lawyers. Everyone knows what to do and how to live, but the heart within is breaking. About the game Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver makes no sense to even say it without discussion is already becoming a standard dramatic roles. The audience watching the scene from the inside out, see all the emotions even at the moment of their birth until they took verbal form. Moments of empathy and hatred are changing so fast, you do not really know whose side to be. And all because this is not a story about the competition or animosity. It's not even about divorce: the name was not chosen just like that. It is the lives of two lost people that complement each other and repelled, like the laws of physics at one point decided to work differently, and here we see how the different poles of a magnet suddenly ceased to attract, and why it happens no one can explain. In the end, the main component of the plot love. Battered, limping, but still love. A perfect solution was to start and finish the film with monologues of the characters in which they purely and sincerely talking about those everyday things that love my pair. Here lies the core of their relationship of mutual concern. That is why they can never be strangers: love passes, but care about people, who through the UPS and downs made you "alive", will remain until my last breath. 8 out of 10
Islamic Hammer Nightmare
Talented theatre Director Charlie and the actress of his theater Nicole experience a crisis in your own marriage and decide to divorce, not really listening to each other, which led to a divide in understanding. Lawyers for both sides are only worsening the relationship of the couple. And so, loving people come to the brink of war, the awareness of meaninglessness which overtook them too late. Starring Adam Driver, known for Star Wars, and emerge from captivity Marvel Scarlett Johansson. The actors breathed life into the characters. The characters was very believable. You believe in their feelings, in their behaviour, in a situation in which they find themselves. Tape never romance. This is a very sincere movie, the Director who himself went through a divorce, and therefore was able to show on the screen all as honestly as possible. The picture has a very beautiful soundtrack perfectly complements what is happening on the screen. The camera work is not deliberately forced, and like all aspects of this film works on a sense of reality. The tape teaches us how important it is to listen close, to be interested in their feelings and not to conceal their. Teaches that fighting should stop and think: "And whether the dispute crippled relationship?" 9 out of 10
Mechanized Batman Rescue
Lately, I'm worried about the same idea, and even if, it's inevitable, and the only viable solution would be to accept it, but my anxiety from the inevitability of not retreating we are fatally alone. Even if you surround yourself with many associates, colleagues and family, with your loved one, we are still confined within the boundaries of his skull. If you can find someone who shares your beliefs, agrees that your thesis and solemnly nods in response, he's still not able to share the experiences that unfold within, to understand and feel the thoughts that I keep locked away sole consciousness. In addition to total loneliness, I fear the abyss, which grows on opposite sides between the closest people. The movie "Wedding story" tells the story about it. Premiere of the new film Noah Baumbach took place at the festival in Venice, where he was a major participant in the competition program, bypassing the cinemas, in early December came out on Netflix. Perhaps I have become sentimental, and the story about the relationship I was beginning to worry, but many critics can't lie, associations and councils have handed out the winning places this work in their rankings and categories. The film tells the story of the couple from new York city, where he (Adam Driver) a theater Director, she (Scarlett Johansson) his favorite actress. At external examination, they are strong couple and perfect tandem, but if you bring the situation to each of the characters, we see two opposite sides, two incompatible views on the current life. To settle the misunderstanding the couple turn to family therapist, but this does not help, the situation podozrevaet to divorce, separation rights to the child, connecting lawyers, and now emerge old resentments and nauseating details of family life. The viewer gradually imagine different views on the ending of a love story, and all the action is actuated so emotional and anxious that my throat rises kom sadness. It was a wise decision to entrust the execution of the main roles of Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver. Scarlett have not had such a deep game in "Marriage story" actress with a high success demonstrates all its facets acting talent. Adam Driver, by contrast, is a darling of auteur cinema, but in a new role he shines particularly bright. While watching, it is impossible to take the side of one of the characters, they both seem clear, get sympathy, forced to empathize, and cause alienation. Enough reliable and honest scenes of intensity that my eyes began to hydrate, and this phenomenon is not frequent, mind you, and therefore, the work of choreographers and performers worth something. The movie is personally, and at least some episodes will seem familiar to many (it also causes strain). Why do we push away? How far can we go to to hurt each other and hurt? Will there be regret? What happens after vows to "live happily ever after"? I would characterize the "Marriage history", as a great universal drama, which served as real life. Waiting for the nomination on the award "Oscar" (confidently rely that it will be) and secretly amuse myself with the sweet hope that me this test to pass will never have.
Explosive Ice Babies
"History" is already so good that it's almost realism, I'm a fan of Italian neorealism and in films of value under this criterion. At least theatrics, no bombast and pompous preachy speeches from characters of type "clever man, Oracle" through which the viewer comes to the main message of creation, well, suddenly the audience is dull and missing something. The makers of this film the viewer is respected and trusted him to grasp the essence of the love story and the lives of the characters, try to make its conclusions and give the right to everyone to catch their meanings, see this typical story in their own way and new way. I was hooked. New hooked on an old theme about how real friends and family to each other, smart, kind, talented people manage to NOT HEAR someone close and, ultimately, himself. And just to make sure and not to hear his neighbor, and, God forbid, to retreat from his stubborn decision to break and nothing to forgive, connect the heavy artillery Oh, the horror! lawyers! And here begins a completely inappropriate development, all of the most important vital relegated to the background, begins "clash of the titans" from the bar. The figures of the protagonists as the shallow, they already like and are not important, nobody cares; so their lawyers exactly nothing to the happiness of the family, child, these are trifles compared with the bar of ambition and prestige. I watched in horror what they are doing "advocates" thoughts, feelings, lives, confided in them, Nicole and Charlie (especially predatory good Laura Dern in the role of a prestigious lawyer). Wanted to scream: What are you doing with your lives? Why so stubbornly and persistently does not want to stop, try to hear yourself and the other? It all began when Nicole refused to read out a list of positive qualities Charlie refused, fearing that the items in this list is so huge and important that would devalue all of its claims and ambitions, because that's not what we're looking for a partner for life? But the chance was lost... And the chance was clearly, this is evident in the emotions of the ex spouses in the end of the film when Charlie did come across this list. I may be wrong, but I felt this film did, in accordance with my life values and attitudes. Of the minuses would call small, in my opinion, slowness and monotony of the film. And yet, I had indifferent relations with the main characters, namely, indifferent, neither Nicole nor Charlie did not cause any sympathy or antipathy... Though maybe it's for the best, it does not hurt me to watch from the sidelines, not taking sides.
Yoshi's Trailer Park Party
Balancing and dramedy tragicomedy and remaining unexplained accurate sketch of life, "Marriage history" is an image of how it looks now, marriage and divorce generation Y, presented his defining actors and Director. It is impossible to refuse Association with "Kramer vs. Kramer", this film is, but these two stories contemporary to each other and are completely different. If in the eighties the heroine Meryl Streep wanted freedom from the role of wife and housewife, the heroine Scarlett Johansson, Nicole, this freedom has a limit, moreover, implemented creatively: she is both mother and wife, and even an actress. But here comes another story: she is not happy in her relationship with her husband-producer, because it is only conditional Muse, she plays the role of the wife of a genius, capable of realising their own abilities only thanks to the talent of her husband, and their own professional expression she already loses. Says her lawyer in the performance of Laura Dern: "She owns half of his genius". Nicole and the line disclosure of women as an independent Creator is given much less time than the main conflict of the film, but here pronounced one of the most important discourses of the woman, GPRS tracing themselves creatively. Because so far around this theme hangs a lot of questions about whether a woman be a genius, but Nicole from the "Marriage history" is already nominated for Emmy awards for directing while in our reality the same award cuts Phoebe Waller-bridge and other talented women, and already her former to this time the husband realizes that all this time he was married to equivalent the Creator. She has finally become his equal. Although in itself the marriage of Charlie and Nicole could be called equal, if not the shadow of a genius, which had to be Nicole, because all the modern elements are there: they share the responsibilities around the house, Charlie prepares and participates in the education of their son as much as the mother, he even clean it, any post-Soviet people have already thought of this incredibly progressive people, but in our reality such relationships have come in the order of things. Further, we learn that equality is imaginary, and because of this the shadow of Nicole loses his individuality that she has to find the end of the movie. Their whole life is arranged as it was up to Charlie, and the opinion, Nicole has never taken into account. Then they decide to divorce. Charlie and Nicole want to divorce friends, without scandals and division of property, even though the lawyers and warned them that it might be a remorseless process, and try to keep my own voice sober mind until the promise has not executed, and this pair is not in deep shit, polivshihsya envelope with the divorce papers. Their internal tension just jumps to a peak in the moment when they decide to talk like serious adults, and it was then broken, begin to scream at each other and throw out all claims that have accumulated over the years. They already got to the bar, bickering, from which escape is difficult, and they are chosen only because they love each other. And because of this break up, in the end, peacefully. Love not like before how in love the couple or lovers, and love the soul and still sad that makes you cry in the final. They still feel care and experience. Still feel like a family and support each other as evidenced by the film. As we hurt each other, as we are still at the same time, and as difficult to leave without offending someone, without cutting and not cutting (another image of the film). Barbera good people. More precisely, not so. They are not good or bad, they are our friends for whom you care and that you still pity, despite the fact that they can say or do to each other, because in their words, you hear what could he or she say or think. Their problems are your problems, even if you have no one marriage behind and certainly no children. Each of the replica, sometimes sad, sometimes hilarious, a breath of life so that, maybe, it could happen in the next room (and probably was). Here reveals the incredible dramatic talents of Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver. Noah Baumbach surprising rhymes, his work a kind of poignant free verse. It takes the character out of the frame over the nearest wall so that he spoke through the open door, we see the characters through the opened slit and it creates a sense of presence, of intimacy and the intimacy of the story to us. One of the most memorable shots for me last year when Nicole and Charlie together, closing the gates, and for a split second they look at each other and then between them is a wall. In General, such a wall arises periodically between them, giving rise to a permanent separation, and this pereklad as an idea-a familiar refrain throughout the film: "Maybe we'll be able to save? Maybe we'll throw a divorce right now?". But they understand that it's not going to happen, that their relationship had died with no possibility of rehabilitation, is to maintain only the warmth that occurs when you recall that love and fell in love with this man. For the baby's sake, for the sake of another and for yourself.