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The trailer was wonderful. We, the fans of horror who revised the pearls of horrors, ranging from "Nosferatu" and ending with the Asian horror boom, quivered: is now will surprise us, showing the many ways pagan horror. Here, look, everywhere sun-drenched fields of Sweden, maybe we will show the phenomenon of day of horror? And I, inspired, went to the premiere of "Solstice". ... and went out 2 hours later, spitting. So, what is the Director? Naturalism? It will not surprise anyone 30 years, maybe in HD it looks quite interesting. Although Asian horror zero and Martyrs Laugier showed us and such. Plot. And as such not. Cardboard characters under cardboard excuses fly to Sweden, because that's what the Director said. Before that we add drama to a story about the death of the family main character and an impressive body of her sister. "Yeah!" I thought. "Perhaps the sister would chase her as a personal karma!" And here and there. About nurse generally forgotten, dead and dead, che chant something. Heroes, according to the canons of slashers of the 80s go where it is not necessary, they are, quite expectedly, killed and hung on composition (which we saw in "Hannibal", nothing new). The end is so absurd that in my head immediately climbs uninvited thoughts about a meme about a bear and burning car. Most like some advertisement for the game "The Sims", where the characters have a available death. The film Astera similar to Frankenstein's monster: here we go drama, here is a typical slasher, but there will mannem documentary video about the intercourse of the natives. Result. The much-hyped horror film of the "new generation" was tasteless zilch. You do not empathize with the characters, like in "the ring", there is no instructive or just a good story. There is a beautiful field of Swedish that I can watch without psychedelic mushrooms and have an interesting soundtrack. Metaphors? Symbolism? Haha, sure, this film about burning man in the bear. 4 out of 10 for scenery and music.

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Rock 'n' Roll Hamster Shootout
If I didn't know exactly what the Director is American, I would have thought that the author's best friend von Trier. A long and beautiful plans of nature, the deliberate slowness of the action, again timing. Not in the negative film, but I immediately had problems with the genre. Went to horror, Thriller, mysticism... And got more on very high quality ethnographic film about the mores of a closed community of the Swedish hinterland. The Swedes generally so-so religious, so their experiments with all sorts of traditions, more or less illicit drugs, with the collective support of all the rituals looks logical. In the end, if nice to make Midsummer, the Swedish rituals will seem like a pale carbon copy. However about the film. Story: not new. So many companions (among them 1 female, 1 African American) otpravlyayutsya with a Swedish friend (his friendliness is even still on the first frame suggests a suspicion) to his home in Sweden (no one knew existed it's Sweden, not Ghana, and not Equat) ethnographic (no not religious) holiday of the summer solstice. The result is not as expected (well, what they wanted from the Swedish province). Let's be honest it's not horror, not Thriller, not mystery. This is a very, very beautiful and long (2,40) a film about Sweden, its traditions, it is about psychological trauma, about tolerance (bun and misery fall evenly on both genders), and about teamwork and rules. In General, scare you just do not get, but in Sweden, then Stockholm goes not to want. Go on white nights in St. Petersburg. 8 out of 10
Blocky Hamster Punch-Out!!
Sunlit picture will be replaced by a face filled with tears the main character. Tears will be shed, as well as blood. The trip, which was to become the path to healing will result in the trip a spiral of madness in a world where moral norms and age-old traditions have their roots far beyond the usual understanding. After his explosive debut "Hereditary" Ari Aster has become one of the most discussed and proclaimed as Directors of the genre. The imprint he left is quite serious, standing on one level the new wave of modern horror with such films as "It follows", "It comes at night", "Pyewacket", "Goodnight Mommy", "The Babadook," etc. All these movies have one thing in common they are highly personalised and intimate in its structure, complex and multi-layered, talk about family tragedies and people in turmoil, haunted by the death of a loved one, about a complicated family relationship of parents and children attempts to confront himself and how disastrous it can be the mental state and mental health. For the most part it's not horror at all, but rather a dark drama with a touch of mysticism and folklore. "Midsommar" is no exception. In one of the early interviews about "Hereditary" Ari Aster said that he wanted to make a sad family tragedy that turns into a nightmare just as life may seem to be a nightmare when everything is just falling apart. Approximately the same situation we see in "Midsommar". The film is deep into personal tragedy, the experiences of the main character and her strained relationship with her boyfriend. As it is not a secret, Aster also said that making a film about the breakup, turning human relationships in a wrapper occult horror so skillfully that not everyone will be able to grasp all the allegories and metaphors the film is literally saturated with symbolism, as it was in the "Hereditary". The first movement introduces the viewer to the swing of things, not particularly going into the revelation of characters or complex images. Aster simply confronts the fact that there's a young couple, whose relationship is very unstable and can collapse at any moment. We practically know nothing about the past of the main characters, only that they have a mysterious journey in the Swedish village of Kharga. The trip acts as a catalyst to normalize relations Dani and Christian and help Dani cope with the loss. The urban scenes are shot in a rather gloomy and cool, but as soon as the company sets foot on Swedish land the screen is filled with sunlight and the dark frame almost will not be for all the action. Picturesque, like the rays of the sun, the gateway to Charge explicitly divide the modern world into 2 parts and serve as a portal to the world of tradition is clearly far city dwellers. Ari Aster is one of those Directors who completely dictates the genre of horror by the rules, he's not using virtually no techniques that are all used to seeing in mainstream horror movies, he is not afraid of dramatic moments, there are no ghosts or maniacs with chainsaws, but there is a constant and absolute sense of anxiety, an obsession that is sure something very bad is about to happen. For timekeeping in two and a half hours to break away from the screen impossible. The story is in a very slow and deliberate manner, match melancholic and peaceful village life of smiling men in white national costumes, such friendly and happy, but at the same time such a blank and faceless, but without the eternal bustle of the city. The atmosphere and sets the pace for the film, creating a certain charm, but towards the end becomes a bit tiring. As I said, the film is maximally saturated with symbols as conditional and metaphorical, which can simply not notice and not understand, and obvious, but impossible to understand without certain knowledge. In other words, the film is very complex, clever and multifaceted. The runic alphabet is actively used both in speech and in writing, as the runes engraved on the stones, and embroidered on capes of the Gentiles. What is their purpose? No one even close is not going to chew, I don't know. After watching I read the fact that of all the movie uses 4 types of runes stable, unstable, positive and negative. What, where and how it was used and for what purpose is still a mystery, but they are literally everywhere, including the frescoes of the walls of the building where our company has provided overnight. I until the end and did not understand that meant the child crying that Dani heard at night. Parts very much, the explanations are almost there. "Midsommar" is a puzzle. Obviously, as there is idolatry, tribalism, animism, and ancestor worship, all kinds of rituals and ceremonies. Without a certain knowledge of folklore, Norse mythology, religious beliefs, customs and traditions to understand the meaning would be impossible. The viewer, along with the main characters finds himself in a mousetrap, the trap is inexplicable. Because the film is so interesting and it looks like you're entering uncharted territory without a guide, and directions. Set only one axis out post, go ahead and dance around it, and then on your head a wreath of flowers to wear. Good or bad you better not ask questions, and go drink a hallucinogenic tea, huh smile more. As you browse I've had more and more questions what is going on and why it happens so. Superficial to understand the film is pretty simple, but the true meaning of the ideology laid very deep and have a lot of reading material after watching. Ari Aster clearly had a powerful Foundation of knowledge before you start filming. Many acts can be interpreted as awful and hard to sight, or as therapeutic and healing. Very difficult to judge. Violence is overt, sometimes close-up. The film is simultaneously very emotional and warm at the same time repulsive and disgusting. Speaking of censorship, initially, "Midsommar" was given a rating of NC-17 because of the notorious extended sex scene near the finale that blocked him access to the cinema. Only after a few tries of rewiring and clean-cut, the rating was lowered to R. However, the scene is all the same very Frank and provocative. We can only guess what was in the original idea of the Director. Describe a lot of things, but better just go and see, because these films do count on your fingers, dive head-is devastating. Aster has created a world in which you believe and can not be questioned. The present film, which will have to be reviewed to catch all the details. One of the best horror 2019, no doubt. "it's shocking, it's trippy and it's flourishing. I loved it." 8 out of 10
Ninja Katana Encounter
-You bouquet. -Backwards collected? -Yeah... World cinema has long shared the horror, the horror and mysticism of the sub-genres in which the whole face of the franchise, attracting a lot of viewers and becoming the mainstream standard and familiar narrative techniques. Only relatively recently "scary" movie began to fill with ribbons chameleon, two-face and pseudorotations stories, lucheroni, hiding his true face social or personal human drama. Such tape was "Reincarnation" from the young Director Ari Astaire, successfully separated among fresh mystical films and prepared to view a new story on his own script Director called "Solstice", was able to excite and impress barely, if not at times stronger, leaving a powerful lasting impression. The new tape appeared even more unconventional in relation to its inherent genre, which somewhat separates it from the popular cinematic samples, but leaves the ranks of the "original borrowing", like the stories about the mental hospital from Martin Scorsese or the ghosts from the van. At the same time, a film about the Swedish celebration of the summer solstice in the closed pagan community can not be called original, moreover, it is confidently nailed his heavy oak with a sledgehammer ancient predecessors, squeezing out of them all the bloody juices, however, as a viewer, too. For a total immersion in the action requires a certain mood, all the lack of expectations or big merry companies nearby, because the measured pace of the narrative, a careful viewing for more than two hours are able to enter into contemplative-experiential state. Such could only a small part of the modern tapes, especially positioning itself as a horror movie, where due to the door constantly strives for something to pop up, but not in Sunny meadows and fields Charge, where company students anthropologists and psychologists at the invitation of one of them, in order to witness the beautiful and unusual celebration in this small settlement. "Solstice", from the first frame playfully palming bright pictures, not saving the horror for later, take with the main character Dani to feel the loss of loved ones and later to go with her boyfriend Christian and his friends meet a truly unforgettable experience. An ancient pagan community, welcoming guests with flutes with violins, radiant children, gathered floral wreaths, gradually reveals its initially strange traditions in ceremonies at the large dining table, drinking all sorts of herbal drinks, eating specific pies, the dancing around the may tree of desires, and even bowing before the sacrifice. Ari Aster expertly juggles the emotional content of the tape, forcing you to change personal perception of the individual scenes, performed both in tragic and comedic, which makes what is happening on the screen sometimes completely wild and absurd for the coming guest, but becomes quite natural and understandable by not only community residents, but also the audience receiving different things and rites as a metaphor for the mental state of the protagonist which arises Moody connection. The Director's vision of a traditional Swedish celebration of individual elements certainly can't be a reality, and a unique mixture of dialogue and situational humor, one forced literally to close the face in order to stop shaking from laughter, if involuntary, gradually filled with anxiety before something upcoming. It does not hurry with the events Shestopalova time, like the summer day completely engulfed the night, and it's not the mushrooms that tasted of warm-up of the characters, not flavored cloudy drink it... cinematic magic "Solstice". Not talking about a complete distortion of the perception of the holiday characters, the benefit of the tape are rare, but really creepy and bloody moments with human and animal flesh that returns to the call of common sense and attempts to leave this bright, colorful place but stops in anticipation of the climax, as the characters here not only in order to write a coursework. Hiding many clues in the picture, tape is not going to devote in the cyclic life Charge, presenting the society with his religion and by time, absence of "external" moral principles, where tradition become the driving force, where descendants of Vikings from childhood taught to separate the flesh from the bones. Like a dark story about the witch from the Eggers, "Midsommar" Ari Astaire on the one hand undoubtedly deserves the title of fashion folk horror in which the careful camera work of Pavel Pogorelskogo coupled with an impressive installation and a powerful musical accompaniment Bobby Klika, splavlyaya fairy chimes sublime "singing" sound, and cutting violin, create a real emotional upheaval. On the other hand, Jack Raynor and will poulter along with other actors from the team, without a long introduction has successfully managed to reveal their characters and filled this cleverly presented drama in the wrapper of another genre in the history of the heroine gorgeous and soulful Florence Pugh. With it, the tape ceases to be a horror in the conventional sense, with its Tribute, horror acts from the human consciousness of endless loneliness and depression, wanting rather to find a way out. It's like a difficult conversation with the psychologist or alternative test Voight-Kampf. As involuntary dance of empathy. 9 out of 10 Skal!
Iron Quiz Fun
Critics find in this picture a lot that the average viewer often "unavailable": many characters, food for interpretations, aesthetics and other aspects of "high cinema", in this case, outrageously far-fetched. If you love all of the above, the "Solstice" you really like and maybe even something new. But to understand in review movie from this side have no desire to. High rating, positive reviews ("the most unusual horror", "discovery of the year", "a new look at the horror", etc.), plus category rated the film on different resources (horror, Thriller, mystery) why not go?! In the end, get 2.5 hours of monotonous torture, which facilitates only laborious work of the operator, a thorough approach to the staging of scenes and the specific pinch of thrash at the end. All. And if you want more details read below. The plot is dead. Taken good old cliché: "the party lands in a certain place and gradually cut, is still alive (usually) one character". Heck, we love clichés! But here it is stretched to 2.5 hours, Carl. And the timing is not populated with some interesting and additional threads of the plot, they are just playing the poor cat for a causal place in almost every scene. Especially when they show the life of the pagan community. Do not forget that we have the standard cliche, i.e. know (or guess) what will happen next, waiting for it's next action, and the scene of all the stretches and stretches... the Logic of events it is better not to look out for (who is looking in horror movies?!). Actors/ characters 50 to 50. A couple of the main characters can be called: "boots and mommy's hysterical". Moreover, the constant roar of the latter is the only thing that really frightens and repels in this "horror film". Music sometimes to escalate the atmosphere, but periodic cutting away of the blue by the middle of the movie starts to get bored, because you are emotionally down to a point, and then nothing happens. Staging scenes/shooting at altitude. Especially, the second. Frequent symmetry in the frames is just perfect and even where there are no static positions. Mass scenes of everyday life of the Gentiles are bored to distraction, but their production is really surprising to take the same shots at the table. And, in fact, HORROR what is horror?! Here they are really not. A couple of scenes with dismemberment and all. The creators decided to scare the audience "feel" what is happening, but in fact only drugged. As mentioned earlier, frightens only long and frequent roar of the protagonist. If it is allowed for the Oscar she was nominated. Oh yeah, it's also a DETECTIVE take pride in our cinema because of the tons of TV series "about cops" with Russian TV channels on the head around the work in the genre! What we have in the end? A good picture for fans of "to gnaw" movie up to the last character, but at the same time, wildly tedious and boring for those who came to see the HORRORS.
Kabuki Vocabulary Bandits
"Solstice" Ari Astera, if not a movie at all, but a conscious and deliberate process of gradual, as well as swinging in different directions pendulum, introducing the viewer in a trance. Each observer on the other side of the screen becomes a direct participant in some of the ordinances the result of which it is impossible to know in advance, but with every minute of its duration there is a feeling that feeling the result will be comparable to a real catharsis. The moments seem to be necessary to squint the law of the genre, but you can't do that, don't want to miss a single detail, not a single emotion on big plans, and General plans and then flipped upside down, like the perception of the person, the enjoyer (or Vice versa) this movie. Occurs the false impression that the operator Paul pogorzhelskiy put his hand to our vision. Wake up! Ask to have pinched, do not delay! Did you know that "Solstice" is a drama? A girl named Dani (Florence Pugh) by nightmarish coincidence, in one night, loses all his family in the person of the father, mother and sisters. Some hope she connects with her boyfriend Christian (Jack Raynor), but he doesn't particularly cherish the girl, and in front of friends and each time blame is justified about her presence in his life. Dani at times loses grip on reality, and for a young man clinging, like a last dose of oxygen, and therefore receives the decision together with the guys to go to Sweden. There is planned recreation, as well as familiarity with a very unusual municipality, preaching the ancient customs and ceremonies which are integral part of their religion (it is in some degree can be compared to paganism, but it's still not quite right). Did you know that "Solstice" is a Comedy? In General, if we want to pretend to be on Wikipedia, then we say that Midsummer is a celebration of mid summer, or literally as the translation of the movie, is a celebration of the Solstice in Sweden. The night becomes very short and light for the year, so it is logical that at one point the characters are looking at the pictures I did not notice the onset of a new day. The Swedes in this significant time, it is to wonder, to dream, to burn down fires. And the film Ari Astera at this very moment is impregnated with a false kindness, a rich picture, while watching the slowly starting with the craziness that is gaining momentum on the screen, you smile, and somewhere naturally giggle. Maybe it's nervous, which is unlikely, because the work is imbued with black humor that is called "from and to", from the character of will Poulter, and ending with some ceremonies, which to avoid spoilers is silent. Did you know that "Solstice" is a horror? Horror to a new level I must say. Yes, Aster continues to bend the line, launched in last year's "Reincarnation", but now mixing in the magical stupa more different potions. The viewer is presented not a screamer and not a slasher, for example, and the kind of horror movies when the main focus is sharpened by suspense. The total solar and a good atmosphere here plays a role (pardon the comparison) a "false nine", Yes, just like in football, i.e. pulls on all possible attention, and then hits the viewer's awareness of all the darkness that reigned in the narrative. And here revealing Dani (by the way, Florence Drink this year you can see even in "Fighting with my family", a talented actress) with clouding of consciousness, leaving the halls of his soul, and his expressions and facial expressions she sometimes resembles Anna from "Obsessed" by Andrzej Zulawski. Did you know that "Solstice" does not fit any of the genres? Yes, it is possible such an outcome. Ari Aster his painting so struck the bottom and load-bearing walls design mixed with imagery, symbolism and metaphors that even will not be right to split this single substance called "Midsommar" on the atoms. The movie is worth it to him to reconsider. And he increasingly alters the usual understanding of the horror movies, it now only does Ari Aster, Jordan Peele and some other units, the rest is advised, too, to create something more interesting than "the sudden knock on the door in the middle of the night".
Robotic Turtle Struggle
Yeah... it's Interesting how watching the film to read the reviews of film critics, and ordinary people. Why not come up with! And here. And the allegory of the breakup toxic relationship (writer and Director came up with the film after parting ways with his partner)... And perception of different cultures... And about downshifting and neo-paganism... versions of the perception of weight, and many will say that this is the characteristics of a good movie like, makes you think. But this film is not the case. Exactly. The horror is very conditional it's frightening not from the plot or some kind of monster. Scared of what's going on in the mind of a screenwriter and Director in one person of Astera. This level of deep psychiatric disorders. Aster cleverly plays on the fact that any living thing hate to see "dismemberment" of their own kind the psyche of living beings vulnerable and the mind tends to protect itself from such shocks. Aster also stuffed in this film scenes of gruesome murders and tortures enough and seemed to enjoy it. "Sick in the head!" cry a and I won't be able to disagree with them. Still quite obvious in the film, the topic of religions, their rites and cults and how people are dependent on this. If the dreadful murder (sacrifice) to put demagoguery from the category of "it needs to, or should all of us" that many individuals will be justified, because the critical thinking of most people is completely absent. The film itself is not recommended for viewing, have pity on my suffering mind. 1 of 10
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Mice were crying, injected, but continued to chew cactus. This expression I had in my head when I went to the premiere of "Solstice". Was with prejudice, since, firstly, the painting was removed Ari Aster, the author of the incredibly mediocre "Reincarnation", and secondly, it is very common PR Jordan Peele, "doer" vague "black" horror films, who said that Aster has created "the most idyllic horror in history." Well, I have to admit that Peel was right. "Solstice" to date the best film in the genre of folk horror and it really took away from "the Wicker man" (1973) the title of the iconic film about paganism. The painting resonates with the previous work of the artists here also in the center of the plot a family/ personal relationship and worship. But this time the filmmaker has made something ominously Sunny, joyful, serene. Against this background, with the main character's actions ribbon group of students who came to Sweden to observe the celebration of the summer solstice and fall into the pagan sect be a truly horrible things. Wild and organic at the same time the contrast of the surroundings and the narrative creates the feeling of a psychedelic dream. You seem to have taken some kind of drug and can not break away from the screen. You will not want to look at your watch, look through Instagram, to yawn, to look around. You will without departing observe the narrative. Believe me, today is a rarity. Ari Aster "bustles" his painting mysterious symbols, mysterious rituals. May they all, may the fruit of the imagination of the Creator of the picture and let it contains logical holes and abandoned story lines. All kompensiruet intriguing story, great camera work, nice music and excellent acting. "Solstice" is a small masterpiece, a kind of new, "pan's Labyrinth" Guillermo del Toro: the mysterious, perfect from an aesthetic point of view, very complex, giving food for interpretation. In a separate location was created at the same time scary and fascinating world of ancient paganism, the adherents of which live in harmony with nature, perfectly happy and infinitely cruel. We'll be watching them to enjoy their folly, rejoicing at the same time for themselves, sitting in a comfortable chair with popcorn in hand.
Blocky UFO Safari
Ctony it's only been a year since the release of horror film "Reincarnation", and the fans to tickle your nerves or something pohlesche decided to dip into a sort of incomprehensible to many imagination Ari Astaire, a promising new lighted there names scared the shit out of the genre. Yes, debut and so were beyond the scope of Hilo standard set of screamers, blood, and heart-felt cries that, in turn, not all tightly evoked magnetic response. Began to think that this upstart will offer its second attempt to go down in history. So they think filmmakers make films for fun? Fun instagram page create. Parkinson's law (has nothing to do with disease bearing the same name) States that the larger any company is, the more likely it hires incapable and highly paid employees. Why? Simply because working on it people want to avoid competition. The best way to face a dangerous enemy: to employ incompetent workers. The best way to arouse in them the desire to take the initiative to pay. Should be warned before watching the movie that the film is not scary at all. Though the others, different people went. Someone is capable to faint because of the rites, the naked female body or even a lush summer period on the screen. Want then-with mark here completely digestible the attempt to show the horrors in the daytime. How does solstice the shortest night occurs. Therefore, the author has minimized any devilry in the dark-like the time of day, having weaved a disturbing and hypnotic at the warm light of the burning stars. It would seem, except David Lynch has no one will scare or stretch the screen in the afternoon, and David Robert Mitchell and Ari Aster sdyuzhil. So the governing caste provide unshakable confidence in your position. No desire to rush Tits on philosophy, esoteric, mysticism or cooking, tn, recipes. For many it is important, filling, so then over a glass of wine, smacking his lips, entirely to talk about the bisectors, then, a young couple and the diagonals in the plot with regards to, and disturbances in the Swedish community. Of course, a beer won't either, because it-like sober. The advantage is that the film creates a good reason where you'd want to know about the event that will happen in the end. Threatening-violently or peacefully-semouse? Jarred only that from friends got rid of a few casually, I wanted them memorable thrashing. Although sex is natural clouded. According to the same law, on the contrary, all who are full of ideas, innovative solutions or the desire to improve the work of the enterprise, is systematically dismissed. Thus, the paradox of modernity is that the larger the enterprise, the longer it works on the market, the more it discards dynamic low-paying frames, replacing them with inert shots with exorbitant salary. And all this for peace of team of the company. The sex scene, by the way, notably stirred up the sensitive mind of the Irishman Jack Reynor. In an interview, recognized how hard that was for him, but he and the actor to be able to fabricate all sorts of crazy things that in ordinary life would not dare to create. Nice, was apparent that this scene is out of the ordinary, because usually appetizing naked woman has become a sex victim in horror. And here is one "snake" around the Legion of dimples. Probably like this idea too jealous girls, when I suspect their terrible marriages, going left and diagonally. In General, it is necessary to wait for the full uncut version to see Tama 30 minutes NC-17.
Canadian Trampoline Frenzy
Director Ari Aster made the audience his new work called "Solstice". The first memory that popped in my head is the eponymous 2007 film about a group of young people who come to observe the summer solstice and carry out various rituals. Or something like that? No doubt! Honestly, for this film I didn't lay any hope. Description of the plot is quite banal, the beginning of the picture too. A young girl with a guy and a few friends travel to Sweden to meet adventures. In fact, this is the whole story from beginning to end. "Solstice" has caused me very conflicting emotions, but they arose after the final credits. The plot development was so smooth and slow that involuntarily you catch yourself thinking that nothing is happening. Neither good nor bad. Very important the fact that the main characters were too badly written and absolutely not disclosed to the viewer as the characters. I don't remember the names, although the film is nearly 2.5 hours, I have heroes not called empathy or any emotions. If a movie makes you watch it, because I always get my hopes up for some rapid development or a turning point, but it is not happening. "Solstice" it looks easy, but this picture is just for fans of slow-growing Scandinavian stories, although as such development I did not. The end was very predictable. After watching this movie, the feeling of loss of time, and only one question: "About what was this film?" It is about the relationship between people? No. Is it about the solstice celebration and the opening ceremonies? No. Is it about violence? Either. There is no mystery, mystery, strong drama, and certainly no declared genres of horror and Thriller. This is a very average movie. The plot is not disclosed nor is one character not disclosed. Is it worth to watch this film and does it make sense? Definitely Yes, but not lay on him any hope. And if during playback you have the desire to turn it off and start watching something more useful and intelligent, then do so. 5 out of 10