Murder Mystery (2019)

Murder Mystery
Overall impression: What attracts a film? 1. Perhaps the cast on the poster falls look at Jennifer aniston and Adam Sandler. Also in the cast includes Gemma Arterton, Luke Evans and others are less well known, but glimpsed on the sidelines of the actors. So, if you want to watch a movie for stars, it is in principle possible. They are all here act out their roles, holding in its execution. Especially pleasing Sandler Jennifer aniston sort of typical Americans. But the heroine aniston gives the impression of a stupid woman, a chatterbox, which is about the husband mystery is not averse to give, and to discuss the outfit of another woman at all (Yes, carp). Well to do such a role. 2. Raznorabochiy breaks mixed with Comedy and detective. Yes, there is a detective line, but it makes fun of all these ridiculous pseudorelevance. Seriously film a Comedy, but the humor is so far-fetched that I was sleepy. Whether boredom has caused his Sandler felts jokes in the style of quips about men and women wearied me. Overall, as a Comedy is bad, because I understand that all these jokes are secondary, as the detective clearly from the first frame. 3. Great visual. Attracts seascape and incredibly juicy shades that are so well matched in the frame. Richly-expensive. In General, the film is not remembered at all, there is no exact focus, for example as references to famous movies or something like that. Whether to spend time? If you caught the points I have listed, please. But if you ask me you remember this movie? Hmm, aniston, Sandler, his Sandler, the sea. Neither fish nor fowl. 5 out of 10

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Wandering Gun Pimps
Oh, Adam Sandler. Ten or twelve years ago, "murder mystery", a Comedy in which Sandler and aniston play the role of narrow-minded Americans, glued to the center of a detective story, could be a substantial haul in the box office entertainment movie. Primarily because of trends and popularity: well, spiritually "Murder" the brother of shameless projects beginning of "zero" known comedian. Today it looks not even a return to the roots and not the sweet smell of nostalgia: "murder mystery" is a normal (and slightly truncated) rhythm of the traditional "senderowski" of the film, Recalling that these films hopelessly outdated. So, the multimillionaire Malcolm Queens gathered on his yacht the company is a motley of guests and it quickly killed during a high-profile event. The suspects, of course, collected from the archetypes of any detective novel, to which "murder mystery" refers overt. There will be a place of a fatal beauty, the actress, and soldier-Colonel and the driver, and the Russian commandos, and even the Maharaja. Not without its direct relatives: the unloved son of a millionaire, treacherous nephew, tochal tooth in the uncle, as well as 23-year-old bride of a rich man. On this celebration of life accidentally hit Nick and Audrey Spitz a policeman and a hairdresser from new York. Naturally, they become the main suspects, followed by the Comedy of the chase, the race for Ferrari and the adventures of the American fools in France. Not to say that in "a Mysterious murder" it feels high concept. While many other "netflixes" Comedy wilt in obscenity, "murder mystery" settles in apathetic, but cheerful style, making fun of a detective story. The film is really reminiscent of the tabloid novel so beloved genre of the heroine aniston. Alas, such a form was not attached. Very much feels borrowed from other projects American horror story: a stale marriage, family lies, and other errors. It's frustrating, because "Murder" had the potential to become the new "Evidence": and respecting the genre to give, and stereotypes to make fun of. While "Murder" is, by and large, is a light to view the film (primarily because of the cast), no Subversion of the concept desorientiert. The creators simply have not reached the feeling that the audience will understand the reference to the genre. I think where it would be appropriate to take specific ideas or even entire scenes from the novels of Agatha Christie or Arthur Conan Doyle, flip them upside down, do not go beyond formalism. It would be a smart move which would be worth to remember. Just imagine how life would be "murder mystery", if Sandler and aniston got to take a ride in the Orient Express! And all the characters have something unusual. Jennifer aniston, for example, looks great: her character is boring, but naive and clumsy. An ordinary film with Sandler, which is probably at this time not only glorifies bawdy humor can be, and looks very exciting, but there's no denying its old-fashioned appearance. Comic power aniston and Sandler are a bit outdated, although still working. The scenario is many familiar to the viewer a situation common to the genre, and that's why it's a shame that "murder mystery" just a movie with no creativity and even without any special shamelessness. Tasteless, but still able to attract attention: it must be the best characteristic of the lyrical character of the late Adam Sandler and, of course, projects with his participation. 6 out of 10
Silly Hamster Revolution
"Murder mystery" is released this year, x/f, in which the main roles were played by Adam Sandler and Jennifer aniston. More of the caste I would like to mention is also very well adjusted in their roles of Luke Evans and Gemma Arterton. In fact before us a Comedy detective story (murders only here it happened quite real). The main characters a married couple from new York. He is boring police Sergeant, has long and unsuccessfully dreamed of shield (Sandler), a lover of beer and just a pragmatist. She is an inveterate lover of detective novels, romantic at heart, and a simple Barber (aniston). And it so happened that their long-term dream suddenly (ahem) came in and they went on a cruise to Europe. And along the way met a young eccentric millionaire... and everything started to happen. There will be a yacht and the Villa and the secrets and even murder. Stupid local cops will be too. And chase. In General, as in the classic detective novel! And that would be just fine, if not for one small detail in this novel must be able to manage to survive. And in fact, the killer does not sleep... In General, it turned out sometimes quite funny entrance Comedy detective. Heroes are stupid (sometimes funny), admiring the views, enjoying the luxurious kitchen... Stuck in trouble and trying to figure out who is this terrible villain. The problem is that the humor here is pretty primitive (but not vulgar, so unusual for paintings of a Mature Sandler), this is essentially a situation Comedy + situation a La ` the dinner game`, but When the degree of fun watching them starts to drop off, something happens and watch again funny and interesting. And even the bearded Russian then causes sensation rising from the depths of hell cranberry. In General, the film at once. Pretty cute a passing trifle, to pass the evening. Deadly murder! But it's funny all are! And there are references, sometimes even the most straightforward to the same classic good old detective stories, especially the novels of lady Agatha. Well, aniston. She is still just beautiful!
Amazon Fantasy - 2nd Impact
Netflix has long been kept in the published edition of Hollywood stars at a decent wage, producing them the producer of the content or paying for their part in dubious paintings. One of these characters does Adam Sandler, and to this day is one of the highest paid actors. And now he was joined by Jennifer aniston. And together with other, no less eminent stars this Duo is the picture of the "murder mystery" in which, as in the multi-million dollar contracts leading stars, there is nothing mysterious. Intended as a witty parody on the classics of the detective genre, "Murder" actually is a unfunny Comedy with a hackneyed awkward jokes out of any picture Adam Sandler in the last 10 years with a very weak detective line and doesn't offer the viewer anything new. Yes, even the old and proven: the picture does not offer neither a Comedy nor a detective, nor a parody, nor good acting with the enormous potential of the idea and therefore "Murder" does not work even as an ordinary evening entertainment after a hard working day. Bored of monotonous images of Sandler and aniston say only one thing: it's just business and nothing personal.
Furry Nudist Warfare
Pathological unfunny homage to a legendary agathachristie the plot. This creation felt a kind of acting a skit, which has generously funded Netflix, that European beauty to stupor sweeten the bitter pill scenario. Aniston and Sandler on autopilot and with undisguised laziness play their role (see fee), the farcical theatricality of some of the images brings only boredom. Maybe on paper it looked good, but in the end played very badly. The film does not work like a detective, for pumped many genre predecessors the audience's mind at times is able to calculate the villain, nor as a Comedy, because the narrative virtually devoid of humorous color. And what passes for jokes rather cringe paspalevo and plunges into despondency. By the end of even begin to feel some semblance of Spanish shame for all involved. That the creators pulled it off. Verdict: Sandpiper scolding the swamp!
In Search of Dungeon Conspiracy
Minded COP and Paramahansa decided to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the wedding trip in Europe. The plane aniston meets a charming aristocrat who invites them onto the boat of his uncle, billionaire. And of course uncle dies violently at the crowd of relatives. Who is the killer it is not clear, the police persisted in trying to pin it on a couple of strange Americans and now they will have to find the culprit. Another no pretending Comedy in the spirit of Agatha Christie with beautiful views. And in this kind of films, in my opinion, most importantly:)) so the locations here rasstaralsya: luxury yachts, beautiful people, Formula 1 in Monaco, the French Riviera and all that. In fact movie like Shocker, which is fond of the main character. And once inside it, she happily tries on the role of the main character, struggling to help the klutz-husband to conduct his own investigation from the inside. It's a pity that the line of eccentric Comedy is not particularly works: here even the main characters aniston and Sandler hypertrophied simplified, plus according to the laws of the genre, it is clear that with them nothing will happen, and therefore survive especially not worth it. On the other hand, this predictability allows you to relax and enjoy the plot twists and jokes at the genre. Again, in the background, a fantastically beautiful Luke Evans and Gemma Arterton only for them to watch. 7 out of 10
Cyber Platypus Conflict
Adam Sandler desperately chasing the elusive glory, and is not willing to part with a reputation as one of the most popular comedians of popularity. And while Jim Carrey, Steve Carrell and other colleagues Sandler is gradually moving away from comedic roles, trying to prove themselves as serious dramatic actors, Adam continues to do something that he has become famous in the world, almost giving up creative experiments. However, most fans of Sandler to a certain point tired of his similar appearance to large screens, from-for what such films as "Jack and Jill", "Papa dosvidos" and "Pixels" received a very cool reception from both the critics and the audience. But if the first was never for the actor and Studio bosses special authority, the latter always had a special influence, as brought to the cinema money. And when the movies Sandler has ceased to bring appreciable profit, and at times became miserably fail at the box office, the comedian had to put in emergency mode to find a way out of the situation, since he obviously was not going to retire and join the Pantheon of half-forgotten celebrities who only occasionally look to the set. A way out of a difficult situation for Sandler is the platform Netflix, where viewers make a special subscription, and viewing of selected movies and TV shows from the comfort of home. And since the audience of service was truly massive, covering the entire world, Sandler was happy to have signed a contract with her and completely forgot about the big screen, which was to bring him only disappointment. Tried luck with the frankly controversial Comedy "the Ridiculous six", which brought in its bosom almost all the members of longtime friends Sandler, comedian traditionally couldn't offer the public anything original in fact, but the audience Netflix paid for all the expenses, thereby allowing Adam to continue working in the way that he knows. Not having the slightest desire to slip out of their own comfort zone, Sandler began to produce on Netflix one project after another, but "sandy Wexler", "All new" and "Week..." essentially represented one and the same set of predictable jokes, stupid and bored of morality, which does not bring absolutely no effect. However, viewers apparently like to see on the screen of favorite actors, which know exactly what to expect. and Sandler with particular gusto explores the long-established image of the average klutz, which has long lacked any flavor. No exception also the film "Mysterious murder", built on the traditional Sandler formula, not changing for decades. Certainly, from an artistic point of view, it's really very sad, although, on the other hand, over the years the entertainment industry has Sandler made his name a viable brand, and yet his films make a profit, albeit bypassing the cinemas, so it should not be written off. The plot of the film introduces us to a married couple in the face with far not the most successful COP Nick Spitzer (Sandler) and his wife Audrey (Jennifer aniston), who previously was rarely out of his native new York and are the most ordinary American family with their joys and problems. In the hero's life has never been the brightest points that I would like to tell your grandchildren, and those adventures that were, are of quite ordinary character and expressive does not stand out. It is safe to say that the couple Spitzes became a victim of the addictive routine family, but to their credit they continue to love each other and do not give up their feelings, which despite everything was still vivid. And to finally relax and again feel the taste of life, the heroes decide to go on a trip to Europe, which they had previously seen only in pictures. Ready for an unforgettable sensations and impressions, Nick and Audrey had no idea what they will have to face immediately upon arrival in the Old world. If you put the "mystery of crime" among other works of Adam Sandler and compare the overall semantic and stylistic data, the film directed by Kyle Newacheck anything significant from them is no different. But at the same time we must recognize that this detective story still carries some features which make viewing very enjoyable and fun, not devoid of intrigue. General concept of the plot is reminiscent of the classic detectives of Agatha Christie, and the creators don't even think to hide, but rather erect such a fact as of the greatest virtues of the production. And we have to admit that they were completely right, as in "a Mysterious crime" in addition to the ordinary chaotic, slightly brash, but at the same time anyway charismatic Adam Sandler present task, which is not so easy to solve. Of course, the audience at the moment will have their suspects, which will want to follow closely and not lose sight of none of their movement, but still not everyone will be able to resolve this puzzle with the correct result. But because of all the Sandler movies times Netflix this story has a special intrigue, which is unable to block even bored actor comedian manners and frankly boring plot techniques, which he uses from movie to movie. The advantages of the "Mysterious murder" also include the cast, Sandler plays up and sometimes stealing all the attention on himself. It was great to see Adam and his longtime friend Jennifer aniston, with the way they so successfully played in a pair of "Pretend my wife". Of course, the "Mysterious murder" to the less catchy, but Sandler and aniston thrive together on the same set and form a tandem, which was exciting to watch. Surprisingly, but there is no doubt that these people actually can be a couple. And when next to him, aniston, Sandler reduces the number of its mindless Comedy of manners and tries to be at least a little more serious to show that he's not a boy, but it is a grown man who plays the husband with great experience. It was also nice to see veteran Terrence Stamp in a small, but critically important to the plot role, and Luke Evans, whose charisma prey in particular needs no introduction. 7 out of 10
The Secret Weapon of the Castlevania Remix
The idea is to rethink the work of Agatha Christie in a humorous way is quite compelling and well realized. Sandler seems to takes on a new direction for our efforts the good, the dramatization of a famous crime stories he does very gracefully. Decent selection of actors only adds to the effect. Jennifer aniston, Danny Boone, Luke Evans, Terence stamp, Gemma Arterton each of them there is a colorful role in this entertainment attraction. Well, the background of the film is quite satirical. The fact of the absurd crossing of the boring family from new York with representatives of privilegirovannoj of the European family makes the tape so needed for this genre spark. The actors don't even have to try very the very fact of being close to their heroes and create the desired fluid. 6 out of 10
Neon Paintball Conquest
This is a very good Comedy-mystery, which also could be considered a sub-genre of "American dupes in Europe." Close and very similar in style to films see also "the Spy who conned me" with Mila kunis. It seemed to me that aniston and Sandler will fail the movie because that is very familiar in American comedies, and they, on the contrary, given 1.5 hours is extremely coordinated and really funny acting. Positive vibration film is similar to the light Comedy that Hollywood filmed in the 50s-60s and, by the way, from the movies old school, this Comedy has inherited the glamour-rich setting (marble hotels, castles, Monaco, the race for Ferrari) and even textured some of the actors (by the way, one of the jokes in the film would be about Clark gable!). I was very amused by the scene of the destruction of the library, which shows that the writers are not strangers to very subtle trolling, as in this scene easily readable metaphor for the destruction of ordinary people-Americans of all refined and competent. Feel free to choose this movie if you are looking for and thanks for making resorcinol Comedy in the style of light comedies from the ' 60s. 8 out of 10
Android Zombie Horror
Easy, fun and adventure will surely appeal to many fans of the classic detective and pleasant humor. On the one hand the film is perceived in the framework of unobtrusive parody, as the authors go over the work and style of Agatha Christie, and the other and more history on family values, but rather the relationship of the spouses who have long years of joint life. He's insecure policeman, three times failed the detective's exam because of poor shooting, and she talkative hairdresser (Barber) with a fondness for detective novels. They live modestly and casually, but do not complain and do not accuse each other of all sins. All they needed was attention. But even it will sooner or later evaporate into the household routine of daily monotony. And one day, going on a journey because of certain circumstances the spouse be among the rich and unprecedented luxury. It would seem, anything can happen, but subsequent events eventually pushed the characters in a dizzying flight of unforgettable adventures. The plot develops quickly, dynamically and with humor. On the surface of history, the authors show us entertaining Comedy with a detective slant, but inside we see a difficult melodramatic tale about the difficulties of family life, which for some reason began to lose its original character of pure happiness. And only being in the path of deadly trials, the characters, as if startled, again, to feel alive, real and in love. A big plus is a good bunch of the actor's tandem, where each complements or dilutes your partner. From the first minute felt a real chemistry between the actors that can not but rejoice. It looks really fun, exciting and in a big way. As for the humor, there's no vulgarity or harsh sarcasm. Everything is done in the bounds of decency and quite impressive. The production is impressive, although the film was made for the streaming service. Without false modesty we can say that the picture worthy films, because the quality and content, it is in no way inferior to other similar films. In General, if you need to brighten up a dull evening of good Comedy, then this film is perfect for this. Pleasant viewing.