Ready or Not (2019)

Ready or Not
This creation is definitely about family values. But the values that the family projects exclusively subjective, rejecting the generally accepted sense of the phrase. The film consists of two pillars, but which holds very confidently. The first is a Thriller, which holds the backbone of the film, his skeleton, which allows him not to fall. I wouldn't call it mediocre, had some interesting plot twists, but there wasn't anything we haven't seen in the same film, "Away," or, for example, in "the Cabin in the woods" and the level of suspense leaves much to be desired. The second pillar is a Comedy that struck me as deeper and more developed. Throughout the film black humor in its classic understanding has permeated the picture, of course, but it is the humor on the current day is sufficient amorphous substance and sophisticated audience looks pretty mediocre. BUT. In this case, the concrete platform it was polirone, the leitmotif permeating the fabric of the film, reincarnated into a kind of absurdity in the end. And the fabric of this Comedy is organically absorbed the element of fantasy. All of these elements together gave the film a highlight, feature and spontaneity that does not take his eyes off the screen. And, of course, glitter and gloss. The mixture of styles that filmmakers churned in a big sparkling cocktail. The mysterious atmosphere of the late Victorian era, when, in fact, and did the family curse, the spirit of the 1920s and modern times. Definitely a huge plus for styling. The cast, as I thought, gave a rather theatrical presentation, but it looked quite holistically through the lens of what is happening on the screen. Diverse members of the family were divided into two camps conservatives and adherents to his little home of worship, and skeptics who no longer acted out of fear of a curse, but a sense of respect for the older generation and the unwillingness or inability to deny a common family tradition, and they are closer to the end of the movie appeared before us in all its glory. Well, and, of course, Samara weaving (another gorgeous woman from the coast of Australia) and her character grace, the newly minted family member. Her character was more natural, more humane, radically different from clan Le Domas. Samara had a great display a range of emotions that people would experience in such a horribly absurd situation. I first saw this actress in a cameo role in "Three billboards". I was surprised that she is the niece of Hugo Weaving, not half sister, Margot Robbie. I will closely follow this actress in the future. "Here I come" is a great example of how to mix different genres and have a look on ready mix from unusual angles. The directing work is very strong, the film looks drained, rock-and-roll dynamics like a bullet flies in front of our eyes and leaves behind a haze from the barrel, generating unusual images and shapes. 8 out of 10 PS do you Know if in the final scene began to play the song Jefferson Airplane White Rabbit, I would have screamed from pleasure.

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Sim Bimbo Runner
The trailer promised an interesting bloody history in the gloomy scenery of the old mansion, seasoned with good black humor. The plot of hide and seek for survival, where the relatives of the groom dressed in black looking for a lonely bride in white. For some girls it's just a symbol of future family life, perhaps the movie just for them and removed. First, the bride stands in the role of victim, but then she takes up arms, and we get another point of reference for behavior in difficult domestic situations in the kitchen (and at the same time, a beautiful cover for the film). Unfortunately, a lot of good things about this movie I will not say. The actors are lively, the scenery of the house is sinister, the selection of colors emphasizes what is happening in the film, enhancing the effect, the music atmospheric. But at the same time, almost all the characters are cardboard and vague, gun ownership is zero, the knowledge of one's own house no, plot twists are weak, often inappropriate, interesting dialogue there. Mystical subtext pleased, but blood for him too much, is much better in the trash (which is a separate genre), but the black humor just a shortage. The feeling that the authors do not fully know what is removed: it is clear that it is a horror, but what? There are a number of interesting elements, but in this combination they are bad. The result was a weak, but pretty scary movie about the difficulties of receiving in someone else's family and of a nefarious, but not necessarily the role of victim. PS the Main surprise of the film is not Margot Robbie! 6 out of 10
Samba de NASCAR Brawl
Overall impression: "I'm going to find a" good black Comedy with horror elements. Good flow and vibrant narrative draws in the thicket of events, where there is a girl and a bunch of people not of this world. In the beginning of the tape we are introduced to the eccentricity of wealthy individuals who revere ancient traditions, but they are the oddities not the norm, who knew that such a simple game like "Hide and seek" it's survival. And here the young bride grace (Samara weaving)- now part of the family of her new husband. But hubby has not told sweetheart about the secrets of the family, and at midnight pulling the wrong card (arrived in the family needs to select the game blindly: checkers, chess, croquet etc.), grace will have to escape from newfound relatives, because they started a deadly game in which a girl will need to try very hard to survive till dawn. Locations almost, there is a huge house and its location nearby but intense events and the attempt to escape played with constant movement. If the characters are talking it is backed by development, sometimes jokes are falling one by one, but do not forget that this is black humor. Therefore, on a strictly Amateur! The house of nobles decorated in the Victorian style, richly-expensive and pleasing to the eye. Visual is good, but as grim. As you know again the theme of survival so will be shooting, amputation, piercing, and even explosives. And the main character from snow-white dress of the bride gets a bloody dirty rag. Absurd death for fun really laugh, but also root for the heroine, because the poor are not to blame that her family crazy. However, you notice the singularity in the form of plot twists, some I was even surprised. The overall look of the narration drags until the end, presenting its icing on the cake. 8 out of 10
Mario's Aerobics Jamboree
Do the rich have their quirks. Doubt? Nice view here is the latest black Comedy, "I'm going to look." Can smell nonsense when explaining the reasons why-with a bunch of careless hubby will start a real hunt for the bride-beauty, but it is better to understand what is happening so, if you look hot "the cabin in the woods" or "the psychic". How unrealistic, at the same time is a great idea though. Or just take seen as metaphors. Family life is not always sweet. If you do not read the synopsis and immediately turn on a movie, it is a pleasant sight must be provided. At the wedding ceremony for a long time, the flashbacks are not fed, languid atmosphere of the night games in the big house able to create. I think adults can't play hide and seek? Yes you can, in advance, armed with firearms, axe and crossbow. Getting hot? How! Hunting under the guise of hide-and-seek so little resembles the acclaimed "Judgment night", while hunting for a bride a situation opposite of "Off". We are never married and not particularly in a hurry, therefore, ardent reason to pull out of all this mayhem mini-stories of family life we didn't have. But experienced or integrame happy marriages probably will either have fun, or quietly from a partner to draw Parallels between the plot of the film is that living together under one roof with the parents of the spouse. Yes, always a thorny issue when already daughter-in-law have to get used to the new ludicum, to live with them. Of course, sometimes luck will hit you in the eye, and make friends all live in Leopoldovicha. If not, then imagine all these pics of "here I come". Sometimes a witty script does not get bored, the ending in a good way explosive that only the second main character, nervously giggling over what's happening. Well, of course, so much fun, but love will remain we may revise the muvi, as in marriage. View, how the wife will cope with unbearable hardships. Sinister laughter.
Galactic Graveyard Massacre
I very much was surprised to the fact that the new film previously known to me of the duet of Directors Matthew Bettinelli and Tyler Gillett in General though how many could be interested. About the painting "here I come" I happen to know just a few months before release, and that, due to the caught my eye the trailer. Even quite ready to go on this thing in the theater, but I have not even rolled. However, the wariness from earlier works of the two Directors was still. Because "the coming of the Devil" in 2014 was so disgusting horror movies that classify the movie to this genre even somehow uncomfortable. It was just another hack in the genre mokyumentari, but, apparently, the guys gained some experience. And it's amazing that the painting "here I come" they were able to knock out a relatively decent budget. Marriage and the wedding, it's probably the most awaited moment in the life of almost any woman. Each of them waiting for her Prince. That's the main heroine of the picture grace, in fact, waited for her. Now grace will have to enter into the family of the groom formally, and to live in love and happiness until the end of his days. Only I did not expect grace, which these days can come so quickly. After all, the problem lies in the fact that Alex's family bridegroom's grace, since there is one very unusual family tradition, and there the card will fall. For grace went to the card with the bad side. So now, the whole family together Alex start the hunt for the girl, armed with guns, axes, and crossbows. In General, the movie trailer could give the impression that the film in some way will be a bit tougher. No, don't get me wrong, those moments are definitely present, and even some local killings looks decent for the genre. But I almost had the feeling that in some episodes the picture is saved. That's like an hour and a half, in fact the minimum, and the action moments manages to SAG. The trailer we presented something a little more driving, well, perhaps campusname funny. But actually it was to some extent a deception of the expectations. At the cost of some of the slowness I said just above, but with humor, too all as-that did not happen. Here of course there are really funny moments, but they pale in comparison with other works in the genre of black Comedy. Got the impression that the creators of the film "here I come" thoroughly undecided whether they want to make a serious film in the genre, or cast into the Comedy. In this regard, in some episodes the viewer may experience a certain dissonance with what is happening on the screen. About component of the story to say basically nothing because the story was frankly banal, but thank you for that in the film still present a couple of intriguing moments. The truth here is the final works openly disappoint. I can't call it very very mediocre, but wanted some other outcome, again more driving, with more sophisticated confrontation of grace and family. And without that pulled the story in attempts to implement something similar to a black Comedy, so booster on. But I don't Doge. From the good I would like to mention the cast, all played by real thugs, and even a good stereotype, held out in the framework of these stereotypes until the very end. The main decoration is definitely Samara weaving, a considerable number of episodes with which we are here and we will be watching. The bottom line is "here I come" was in fact through the movie, but not in which case not bad. That is, it is certainly possible to see and even get a certain pleasure. But most importantly, this film is simply a tremendous breakthrough for the two novice Directors, which by the standards of the industry are very much able to progress. 6 out of 10
Asian Afro Smash
Quite a while on the horizon appeared a story in the spirit reminiscent of "the Strangers", only more sweeping actions, Domina because large part of the sick family, filled with catchy black humor, in the eyes of the survival of the abuse and of manslaughter pushing the cheekbones to a genuine smile for what is happening, as well as experience for the main character, caught on the field of battle for his life. Very attractive shot, the music attracting game actress Samara weaving gives the narrative nature of the charge gun to his head and released a bullet with displacement in the direction of leaving abrasions on the face, the result of nervous tremors of the fingers, which is created by external and internal whirlwind of humor, drama and action, the constant search of the victim, as her screams of fear, screams of pain violent abuse from revenge, never provided. History on the shoulders with dangling legs drags the game ineptitude in the killings, from which the bone will almost always throw sixes in actions and emotions, and believe me, if you look into the eyes of the daughter especially on the final bar with a blazing fire from hell to see why you came here, changing the trajectory of thoughts, with a wild tension throughout the body until satisfied with the realities of divorce in the adoption of family secrets and these secrets are able to force to boil the blood with blowing reaction in the end. God, who you so? - Rodstvennichki
Cyborg Flatulence - The Revenge
"Here I come" is a great movie! Good black Comedy mixed with the real slasher and Thriller. After the session, so many thoughts and emotions that need to understand this and to tell everything in order and the points. Now in the details... 1. The script There is little more to say about the fact that if you take him seriously, in the end, it looks like some sort of nonsense, which he wrote in the madhouse and even having smoked. So just say that to treat this as a serious Thriller it is not worth, as otherwise you risk not to obtain from this picture fun. And so... the Story tells us about a girl Grace who marries a man from a wealthy family, which had its tradition. And to become a member of their dominion, Grace need to play the game... but rather in those hide and seek. In the end, the family thinks if you don't kill her, the family will be something awful. This is exactly what you can find out the trailers and synopsis. Simply put it is interesting, intriguing from the first seconds, and the number of black humor in the film is just enormous! Blood flies in all directions, and you... funny. It must be weird, but in that context you both funny and disgusting. Well, the ending is generally the complete opposite of expectations. As for the characters will say that they are practically not described. We can learn something in part about a couple of them but not all. I even would say that they revealed in the picture... rather limited. I can only find one/two qualities in the Central characters. Well, about a minor generally keep quiet. But in the history you know their intentions, all their actions are justified (yeah, it's over damn... of course it's just the characters themselves), so any issues I have not encountered. And I think that their full disclosure would have stretched the film to the timing and would have killed the drive, which occurred almost in every frame. You could say that I pick... Yes, this is possible, because the movie I really liked, but the point of the characters I was supposed to touch. And the script is very good. I even would say that the genre is just something incredible! 2. Actors To analyze here really and nobody, with the exception of one actress... Samara weaving is just awesome! The gorgeous actress who everyone has had will be remembered after the release of "Three billboards on the border of Ebbing, Missouri." She is one of the best parts of this tape. All the emotions you believe, and her character wants to empathize. The others were also good, but to single out anyone of them I can't. Well, obviously if a film is good, then most likely the actors will be good to play. Yes, it happens not always but in most cases it is. 3. The atmosphere Great job! The first 15-20 minutes, so do something really cool. On the one hand like as originally created severe tension with the music, is quite mysterious characters and dark scenery. But abruptly discharged with the other furnished all the actions of the characters and their dialogues. And then begins the element of a Thriller, alternating with the slasher. Interest is not lost even for a minute. That's what I want to see every year in late summer. The result: "READY OR NOT" is a great black Comedy, which also combines another Thriller and slasher. Of course, the film is imperfect, but if we put aside all these quibbles, I can confidently say that this tape is really some phenomenon of its genre. I've never seen so mad, but at the same time drivehome of the film, which also still neverojatno fun and funny. There are a lot of black humor, and a lot more hard and vile scenes and good work of actors and a great atmosphere. I never thought that would happen ever is that at the end of the summer season will be really worthwhile project. I even do not remember when this happened. Again... the Picture has made me incredible experience and a real flurry of different emotions. It is a good entertaining picture, using his own rating of "R" at all. Yes, and do not claim to be a "MASTERPIECE", that story, if you analyze it in detail over, it will show up with a bunch of holes and flaws. So a more expensive drips in all this... and no desire, that I liked the movie. And Yes... This is perfect for viewing in a large company that likes like a combination of genres. 8 out of 10
Blocky Tetris Siege
Today I play the role of evil COP because this is the first negative review of the film, so popular with the users of Kinopoisk. For me it is to some extent strange, because in it there is absolutely nothing that could catch on, exposing the highest rating. Well, at least in my humble opinion. The beginning of the storyline draws Parallels with the film "Away," where the main character got involved in the match thanks to their newfound cousins. The atmosphere of the film, the locations, the outfits everything points to the fact that the action takes place not in our time. However, here comes Instagram, Beha and surveillance cameras. I thought it was a bit ridiculous. Mix the two period, in order not to convey the atmosphere completely, confusing the viewer. I understand that it was created in order to show how important family traditions, but there are plenty of other ways to show it. So, mother-in-law and father-in-law and a bunch of less close relatives, the daughter-in-law offered to play hide and seek. We remember hide and seek! Favorite childhood game. This desire to hide better so that you long been looking for, but couldn't find. The rules are the same, only with a slight difference in that if the daughter-in-law will find it is not live. Well, on the classic cat and-mouse. Completely unkillable by anything daughter-in-law, though made of iron, easy Alpine DOE wets all the others, as if made of paper. Very bad paper. The only thing in this film goes according to plan this is perhaps the finale, which really will blow your mind with its unexpected. But nobody said that this surprise will be pleasant. Part of the Comedy I have not seen here at all, although many noted it as a plus. Yes, there were a couple of moments that were intended as jokes, but isn't that a laugh, even smile in the hall it was not audible. As the saying goes, "laugh? tell me where". If it was really deep satire and parody, then she went very bad, too superficial and stupid. In order for something to make fun of/to put subtext to be able to make it so that not everyone understand what to be parallel. To have to think. In the same film in plain text say that they make fun of what you need to laugh and something to think about. A sort of satire for fools who want to explain everything and to chew, and do not think about it. If "Off" was indeed a social commentary that caused such resonance and allowed to collect a huge amount of positive feedback, then "I'm going to look for" rather an attempt to repeat the success, but outside of the topic of racism. The impression that at some point the authors themselves are confused what they are generally removed. Whether black Comedy or a horror, or a parody of a horror movie, or Arthouse, or mysticism... So they just mixed all in a heap and, in principle, that would be fine. P. S surprisingly, of all the characters present in the film, insane look that is grace. Whether the actors are not stretched, or so conceived. These satyrs will not understand. 4 out of 10
The Harlem Globetrotters: Sex Pimps
Get out! Get out of here immediately, without a word, without producing any thoughts! You don't like to watch it, you don't like to read. Then what are you even doing here? Okay, I'm kidding. This is all a joke, a harmless prank, you should be fun. Why is no one laughing? Well this is, look, the arrow flies so fast, cutting the air. What is the adjective you are stupid? Yes, I am under the impression large, does not work well put words, such a constructor from a joyful baby. Arrows to get to the flesh, but do not fall. Why so? Well, they can not be prohibited, possibly through the age-old competition with bullets (but not exactly). Little brother all like everything, wedding, suspicious people, a very sweet bride, fun games. I also want to play! It's not fair, why this is a closed game that only accept bags some. They did not do anything, waffles, what a shame! Of course, to move properly with a weapon in the home for the victim, is not like backgammon or chess to play. So you should have the basic things learned in the extreme case, but no. Okay, I won't complain, so the game got even more interesting have equal chances. Burn girl, I have two hands, with all my heart for you! We both support you, they will never be able to break you. Well, go with me, sweet, I hug you close from these idiots, from those bad people. The essence of her they took. Yeah, of course! Yes, you have driven yourself to, bound by rituals and traditions, sit in his mansion a huge cage where you are forced to games that not everyone can come to taste. In the end, see how it turns out? When it is impossible to continue when things fall apart, when the mortality rate is growing rapidly. Uninvolved spectators on a high, but in fact... my friends and I can sit all night at the table, playing cards and other games of varying degrees of intelligence, it never reaches extremes. So is it bad? You're not even in their own games to play especially don't know how, but I entertain people. I understand that your true essence is a circus, clowns, speakers at the amusement of the audience. And grace... you sweetheart, are the best, just 10 out of 10, we were fully behind you, and not lost, you're always so cute. These locations, the haunted house, as if taken out of context of world history, common sense, civilization that simultaneously excites and causes confusion. Although joking again, nothing is causing me confusion, so it's great. And the location is really fascinating, just a house, my house... or something... Yes, of course, all these grooms, cousins, they all tried to hold you, to lie, to take their nasty bosom of the family to chew on and then throw out. Promise a treasure to bring to the threshold, instead of a celebratory cake, and then all of these oaths and vows are the usual lies and cowardice. It does not 2 types of people, there's a whole dark, but they are all the... mmm, not ready to accept you for who you are and what you want it to be. All this turns into a bloodbath, and the black humor is a great way of overcoming, healing, or armor that protects from all bad. Humor is always wonderful, we laughed, and, of course, standard, but a working approach of the Holy Thriller somebody's stolen, and someone is looking for, well, hide and seek the same. Bang, Bang, fireworks in the case, so much interesting going on. "It's called dynamics." Ay, for sure! Here, the dynamics in this... in this movie, very cool dynamics and rhythm of the narrative will not get bored even the most... Oh, who needs this nonsense. So, do not be distracted by all these boring things, we're supposed to have fun. In General, a sweetheart, always keep your integrity, in the sense that you yourself think is right now you already know what to do in a bad situation. From the cellar came a nasty smell, something bad is happening here. Well, let's work together on poltext will retell the story, and the other half will get no interesting stuff. I could tell the real story, the heroic epic is about how persecuted, about the hunt for a wild beast, about the brave hunters, brave souls who risked their lives. Noise, Yes it is... I can't! These impairments interfere with my normal thinking, I'm... now I'm going wait a minute. It's not that simple, but the picture is kind of cool, stylish all, really arouses only positive emotions in the viewer without all the excess, without pathos, but with elephant and why of self-irony. Even though they can't make fun of him, but the result is the same! It isn't too difficult, just take and make cool that others liked. I liked it! I would like to share this with you, but not sure that is possible. So then you just take and see! What is there to think at all, there is the movie theater and money and all the other components. Not only enough committed people, we need to reflect, to choose. But it does not matter, there are still all very beautiful, such images are cool. And Dee... Yes, a good speaker, insomnia... no, drowsiness is not reached here. All cheerful and determined, and this... with prehistoric weapons even brighter, this also has its own juice. These insights are always so burdened! Why do they need someone, but I want you inside, at least for half an hour something is deposited, the rest is formality. Here is the truth, I personally don't need anything more, no animals, no special effects, no alcoholic punch, any erotic or skanvordov nor myself a year ago. It's a real film, but such are rare. Additional lose this, lose way the sense of taste, do not know how to do it so that the viewer got genuine, pure aesthetic pleasure from the sight. And we need it, always have! Sweetheart, you're the best and I don't want you in a mental hospital there's not as much fun, better look for your own path, and you'll be great! 8 out of 10
Endless Nuclear Alpha
Every time when a new family member, one organization called family. Just kidding, damn, of course the usual family... Throwing something like hunting for a secret cult. And only one daughter-in-law don't like it, and thank God that it is adequate pussy! Don't know what I looked whether the allusion to the dismantling of family values and the hidden hatred of the relatives of the groom (although I hate that and will not see), whether I found a breakthrough Comedy that went a little farther "Off" and brighten up the evening with wonderful view! But it was quite interesting, and the way the ending is very funny looking, because this is not a vampire to kill in a single contact with the sun. I note that the actors tried: Of course I liked the heroine grace on the background of the other participants in the bloody game, it looked not mentally-ill, like the family of her fiance, and a little badass, which is nice looking, because in this situation each of us will lead. In General it is a familiar inhabitant of the globe, squinting under a sweet beautiful bride. But behind this mask hides a bold, assertive girl, overcoming the pain, even when hammered a nail or a torn dress for self-defense. Samara weaving have tried so much that for a moment was better mad Margot Robbie (no offense, Margo). But another player did a good job Daniel, I think the most appropriate among this Orgy. Andie MacDowell I haven't seen, but absolutely delighted in her every appearance. The mother got out with a neutral nature. Good. But grandma, he's a monster which is her piercing glance, black eyes. P. S: everyone who pays a little more attention this painting will have to wait for the words "Divorce".