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Richard Jewell
This is possible when you told the Clint Eastwood story. It happened on July 27, 1996 in Atlanta during the Olympic games. In time the guard found a bomb in a crowded place, and saved hundreds of lives. But for this act, he had to pay later. 90 year old hero of the day Eastwood knows how to push my buttons for his films. As a rule, they are charged with strong morals and a great cast. Therefore, accurately hit in the heart of the viewer who is willing to devote a couple of hours leisurely narrative. The authors open "Case of..." exhibition showing how the dossier presents portraits of the key characters: sassy lawyer Watson Bryant (Sam Rockwell), an unscrupulous journalist Katie Scruggs(Olivia Wilde), friendly Richard's mother Bobby (Kathy Bates), an unscrupulous FBI Tom Shaw (Jon Hamm). In broad strokes depicts Richard Jewell (Paul Walter Hauser): too full, too boring and talkative guy, which you are unlikely to be overly sympathetic, met on the street. Further, the clip enough archetypal personalities begins to shoot biographical story vivid action. The ten gets unmatched play of Rockwell. His impudent lawyer, entering the frame in shorts and sandals, pushes the boundaries of historical drama with a hint of irony. It is a pleasure to watch the explosions of righteous anger, to support firm statements on account of the arrogant servants of the law and smile capacious lecture to address ward Richard. The last image in the hands of Comedy actor Hauser turns into a rag sacrifice or sugary malenkogo son. It without strain represents a good and responsible man who was subjected to cruel persecution. She's the hardest for a mother of the hero. A secondary role Bates authentic in every tear, in every word of despair, Bobby. Clint Eastwood emptied his directorial colt right on target in the stereotypes of appearance, in the corruption of news media, in the bureaucratic legal system. And control shot a speech the main character has finished the main idea is "after what you did, nobody wants to be Richard Guella". Definitely recommend to watch. 8 out of 10

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Mega Pinball Rave
Richard Jewell, the least similar to the classical hero, what is his society. Full, rounded, with a soft voice, slightly insecure, very naïve, simple-minded and kind. Loves his mother, respects the law, and is a very responsible attitude to their work. Because the latter is often ogrebaet problems on his head where others can close their eyes and pass by, he comes forward, considering it a duty, just because it's right. He is so unsophisticated that they can tell the truth at the most inopportune moment, or even specify the management on his mistakes. Not surprisingly, success in career, Richard does not. His image to society is a classic sucker-loser, sissy, and besides, even to tediousness correct. After the failure at yet another job, Richard gets a job as a security guard for the period of the Olympic games in Atlanta. He wants to serve in law enforcement, to enforce the law, but he was not taken seriously, and past failures do not speak in his favor. And it just so happens that he, having shown vigilance and "tediousness", finds a bag with a homemade bomb, Packed with nails for more destruction, and taking urgent measures to save the huge number of lives. It was declared a hero and in the news, and he says that was just doing his job and not even trying to take credit for something special, sincerely not seeing. The image of the hero zhurnalyug not formed. And then the fun begins the FBI makes him the main suspect, and the same media that was glorified, put on a real hunt. Overall, it was a great dramatic story about a regular person. It can not be called a fighter or brave, and he's not trying to build itself from one or the other. His concern for his mother is very touching, as attempts to do the right thing in all circumstances, even the most bestial people to behave like human beings. Despite the drama of the situation, the film is full of kindness and wisdom. Clint Eastwood has always been a good actor, but, for me, the Director of it even better. Making such films in 89 years, is something so mean. There is a feeling he shares them through his old man's wisdom and life experience. Can't remember the movie no analogue. And how often does it meet, even in our ordinary life... Separately want to note the courage of the Director. In our warlike feministka-tolerant time do not be afraid to show the corrupt bitchy woman-journalist, and some time to give stressed with indignation to say Richard that he's not gay this in Hollywood almost no one else will dare. Eastwood already got a bunch of unflattering reviews on this from the relevant communities... but who are they, and who he is. He has long shown himself in the Wild West, and continues to delight in the moment. 7 out of 10
Chocolate Lawnmower - The Movie
Another film that managed to look at the ZALK theater in absolute solitude. 5 hall, 5th row, 5th place. Or you darting hither and thither children or noisy teenagers oral or bored adults with glowing mobile phones. Grandly, nobly, elegant. With such creations as "the Case of Richard Jewell," just need to be alone, to feel the unfamiliar based on real events in history and even understand once again just how fragile the human perception of how easy it is to manipulate them hurl. While watching it is easy to notice how mundane and without too much pathos mighty man Clint Eastwood shows the human problem. The problem then, far from the fantasies and fabrications. Problems that are solved by people from decades to decades. Who is the hero and who is an outcast to solve the society, and guide him in the right direction for that choice to help the Almighty the fourth power. Perhaps, somewhat exaggerated the way it turned out scandalous journalist willing to do anything for the sake of sensation, but the character Olivia, tin, wild... Really caused a vile, sickening experience. From the appearance, behavior. After this role a Jedi Aragorn Olivia Wilde is no longer in favor. Okay, got distracted somehow. Still one of a kind Dirty Harry sensitively and even showed what it means to be a man when he really wants to follow the order in the society and be useful for a good cause, and most just around loudly laughing at him and not taken seriously. Because many people think that the rules are supposedly there to prevent enjoy... Free life, while freedom is still a illusion. "The case of Richard Jewell" like the living embodiment of a disappointing fight of the little man with the Leviathan. The good news is that the little man is not necessary to be alone to face the giant. Why I got a lawyer and a mother who was a harmless fat man to the last. In the movie you will not hear an ode to human courage or song of human courage. Man here just contemplating and enjoying the way a big-name Director, a master of his craft, creates-with the product.
Nasty Circus Expert
Richard A. Jewell a perfectly ordinary American man, a small man with big dreams about working in law enforcement. His life was nothing special, gray days followed one after the other, and the only support for fat, good-natured was only his mother with whom he lived. For Richard Jewell all has changed in the 1996 Olympic games in Atlanta, during the night of the concert where all the annoying and overly cautious security guard discovered an improvised explosive device. Jewell was not to panic, as some of his colleagues, he reported his find to the police first, and then the engineers. The situation escalated because no timer have discovered the bomb was not, and consequently an explosion could occur anytime. However, thanks to the courage of a simple guy, instead of the potential hundreds of victims, number of victims managed to minimize. Jewell suddenly from unnecessary laborers became a national hero talked about everything from the media, ending with the government. And it would seem that all dreams Jewell start: fulfilling his duty, he could protect him, care for society, thus becoming a movie character from the popular 90s TV COP shows. But there it was. At some point the FBI first began to suspect Jewell that he himself planted the bomb to become Liegeois, and then in the newspaper "Atlanta Journal-Constitution" appeared provocative article, exposing the once hero of the nation, a terrorist, a loner, who dreams of becoming popular. Subsequent years of life for Richard A. Jewell has turned into a real hell. He was hated American society, the FBI day after day, and went back to his house, inspecting every crack in the house, do not hesitate to take the examination even underwear, not giving a person to live. Jewell could not feel safe, especially his mother, who at first was endlessly proud of his son, and then was afraid for him, knowing that of her baby, the media is doing a "second killer" Kennedy. Later on who have been the worst months of his life in isolation, society is a bit forgotten, cool to this case, not focusing on Gualle and his deed. His guilt was never proven, but the damage was done once and for all. 6 years later, the terrorist who planted the bomb at the Olympic games in 1996, found and put in jail. And, it would seem that the good name of Richard A. Jewell was restored, but the society is absolutely not true. As they say, the prosecution will always hang on the first page in large letters, and rebuttal to the last fine print. This is what legendary Director Clint Eastwood and shot his "Case of Richard Jewell" is a movie about a real hero who was slandered, had turned his life into a nightmare, and after threw his name from American history, because society is much more interesting to look at how somebody put a dick a remission than a tragedy on a national scale. After tired, but ideologically strong, "Courier", Clint Eastwood in the most in a short time for yourself made "the Case of Richard Jewell" is a very important for ourselves and for the American society of film. Eastwood wanted to let the world know who Richard Jewell how he coped with a Bang, but a pivotal role in the film it is a terrible mistake the American people, who managed to prevent so low a situation as the case of the prosecution of all mortal sins of mankind by Richard A. Jewell. In this respect, the movie turned out as ever in Eastwood's relevant for today, especially for the United States, which to this day love to blame everybody than not only get, at that time, as the truth is few people are interested. Much easier to put a defenseless man by a terrorist than to admit your own mistakes, isn't it? The same Richard Jewell plays Paul Walter Hauser is an American comedian, about which the mass audience in General may not know before watching the new Clint Eastwood movie. Hauser can be seen on the roles of the second and third plan in such films as "Tonya against all" and "all kinds of things over Black", but hardly of him someone remembered after. As it turned out nothing, after all, Hauser, despite his appearance, all this time concealed within themselves a talent for dramatic roles. Hauser is not just one to one similar to a real prototype of his character, but also perfectly manages to convey all the features of voice Jewell, his movements and habits. And only through his acting, which borders between the peaceful idealist child and broken, but confident in their own right before the law man, the viewer creates a full understanding of what life felt Richard A. Jewell. Paul Walter Hauser the main opening of the film, the main star and its main charm. The actor keeps perfect contact with the audience, keeping the intrigue around the fate of your character until the very end. And all this, perhaps the most amazing thing that could ever happen to the "Case of Richard Jewell", because Hauser had to share screen time with such talented actors like Sam Rockwell and Kathy Bates. First played in this film daring, but very shrewd lawyer, defending his friend against the attacks of the authorities and society, the second plays the mother of Jewell, with which the viewer first, sincerely happy for her son, and then watched in horror through her eyes the whole injustice of what happened. "The case of Richard Jewell" maintains a perfect balance between tense Thriller and a social drama, not afraid to spit in society's face for all of its schools in relation to good people. How about he says the main character, if in this world anyone else who dares to the same heroism that the character of Paul Walter Hauser? Because few people want to become the second Richard Cullom, right? Eastwood leaves the viewer with a whole storm of emotions and reasoning in my head about whether the merits of the real world such a thing as heroism, which is simple human will to mutual aid, not money or fame. Very sad that his film Clint Eastwood clearly showed how people do not care at all what "the Case of Richard Jewell" says chew. The picture is very quietly entered the international rental, nothing really earning, going unnoticed. Even one gets the feeling that, if Kathy Bates didn't get nominated for a Golden globe and an Oscar for her outstanding acting, this tape would look even less people than in the end. People really are much more interesting to look at the scandals, than the stories of real people with real problems and values. 8 out of 10
Chocolate Barcode Princess
The words "Based on a true story" attracts viewers better than any magnet, and if this line is associated with the name Clint Eastwood, a famous Director, including this painting, the attention and the flow of viewers increases significantly. "The case of Richard Jewell" is a psychological drama, with little inserts of Thriller and social drama. The film involves a showdown with the inner world of the protagonist, the formation of his personality and deliverance from inner fears and rather coolly and clearly shows the influence of the media on the public and public opinion. Interesting a fascinating story, recreating the atmosphere of the nineties, well-chosen cast all this allows the viewer to fully travel back in time and feel the events, making their point of view, because the final until the end remains unpredictable. The plot of the film develops very slowly, letting him feel every minute, the steps of the main characters and the circumstances in which they had to be. This is very true and uniformly constructed movie, going by its smooth and has a place in modern cinema. 6 out of 10
Dance Dance Wagon Madness
What is a modern hero? This is a muscular brunette, dressed in tight, (erotic) latex suit of blue, and adorn the magnificence of Flirty panties, casually draped on top of the latex? Maybe he has the appearance of a stern, gray-haired athlete with a rutted with scars, ascetic face, curiously examining the world through a yellow iris? No, not that! A modern hero like a giant beanbag, it consists entirely of rounded surfaces. From beneath flattened, bulbous nose, provocatively peeking boatswain's mustache. The second his chin starts where the end of plump earlobes. Candelabras lips stretched into a shy, embarrassed smile. It's all such a comfortable, homely and outgoing feel about him, the delicious smell of mom's pies, well, that is lasagne, or pizza. This is Richard Jewell, the living embodiment of the theory of the hero and the crowd, according to which a hero can be anyone who led the crowd in the required time. Jewell discovers a suspicious backpack left in a Park in which there are celebrations dedicated to the Olympic games. Due to the observation of Richard, the explosion resulted in the deaths of hundreds of people. The media praised the hero, the grateful citizens will learn a humble worker rubber batons (Richard works as a security guard), and shake his plump palm... And then someone clever comes to mind the thought: how did he know about the bomb? Bingo! It and laid! Vile fat PR on the tragedy, which he himself organized! The hero turns into the villain, Dualla life blooms with new colors, and the same media that praised Richard, begin organized a company of harassment... It is strange that this film was made by Eastwood, not the Coen brothers. Human stupidity in all its forms is the main theme of their work. Stupid FBI, an ambitious journalist, cynical lawyers brothers would be where to turn. The film demonstrates to the viewer that the society entered into the digestive period of its history, society, consisting of a hearty slurp, and funny pomigivaya of individuals consumers, such a society does not need heroes. One of our education Ministers frankly said, our goal is the formation of a qualified consumer! Know how to distinguish Lipton from Tampax, and you're done! Are you even qualified to function in the modern world. Moreover, the lessons of social studies, teachers insinuating explain to students that heroism is a form of deviant behavior. Just have a deviation there are two poles. One (negative) crime, drug addiction, alcoholism. And the second (positive) the heroism of eccentricity, and other eccentricities, not fraught with danger to society. Naive fools Carlyle, Mikhailovsky and others, wasting ink and paper, extolling these deviants. All these unnecessary, so-called "historical figures" would have to isolate, or even better, put in the hospital for experiments! This hero is the one who has eleventh the iPhone, and a million loyal followers on social networks! Society is poison and pursue those who stands out from the masses. The pilots put the plane in a cornfield heroes? No doubt! However, almost immediately after committing the deed, he heard a voice, claiming that they "are not heroes, they just plane can not manage, they must be punished!". So, Jewell says, the FBI is chasing him; the next who discovers a suspicious backpack, just pass by. Old Eastwood made a great, unexpected film that illustrates the spiritual crisis of modern Western society. Yes, the film is a kind of senile slowness, relaxed (duration two hours!). Virtually no loved all the action, most of the film takes a leisurely conversation with a lawyer Jewell Bryant, or intelligence personnel. Well illustrated, with some scorn for Gullu the FBI some stupid security guard fancies himself a COP! The arrogance of it! Result. Eastwood managed to uncover some painful problems. The problem of social inequality, stereotyping, manipulation consciousness of people from the media. And in one episode the Director went down to the real pornography. You won't believe! Grab something stronger, not to fall! Rockwell wears sandals with socks!
Peaceful Trampoline Uncensored
"The CASE of RICHARD JEWELL" is another strong film from the Maestro of his craft. Clint Eastwood made albeit imperfect, but interesting and vital drama with a great cast. There is more than half of success lies with the actors, their incredible game. I will say more this film is unfairly dynamite by premiums. In terms of acting it can compete with many who claimed to be the globe. Yes, there was one nomination, but that's all gave to the press. As always start with the script and so on the points... 1. The script Can't say he's flawless or something like that. I'll explain why... The story tells us about Richard Guella, who worked as a security guard in the Park of the Olympic games, time has found the bomb and managed to evacuate people by reducing the number of victims. Later, everyone called him a national hero, but then he became the Prime suspect of FBI. Can't judge about the truth and untruth, and about the logic/illogic of the actions of the characters, although those moments are few and they can be largely regarded as all conventions and attributed to the human factor. I have the same complaint other... I don't like excessive tightness. Everything goes too slowly, in some aspects maybe something to repeat. You may consider this quibbling... in principle, it may well be, but that's why I personally can't call it perfect. It would be logical to make the slope in the disclosure of the characters. Yes, we are open Jewell, can partly be his mom and that is it. The rest like appear, show itself, be remembered, but reveals all superficial. I still don't understand the character of the FBI agent. Yes, Shaw has negative feelings, but why is he doing this exactly what his soil? Here is what I did not like. But still good here anymore. The story is really interesting. It is largely tragic and dramatic, but life-affirming and fair. There is a confrontation between the authorities and the common man, who admired their representatives. It is also shown all the false press that "fights" for the sensation. And it motivates and captures. As I said the main character is revealed. Richard Guello empathize, seeing all the ins and outs of the investigation, the investigators zakapyvaniya and his naivety. Also remember all the background, which is mainly due to the acting and eye-catching qualities with which they were endowed. And so, if to judge as a whole, the script is strong. Perhaps not as perfect as we would like, but very good. The main goal accomplished, what is most important. Once again a scenario the cons that I noted may not be for someone huge problems. They are not huge, it is rather trivia. Just my speculation... Something I lacked in this picture. 2. Actors It is the Foundation of the project. Each is laid out for the role and it's really the level of Oscar. First began to notice that Paul Walter Hauser is a great actor. Saw him in the background all the time, but here it is, of course, was incredible. His character really believe, which means he's already done that at the highest level. Sam Rockwell has finally started to get more serious roles. In this film he is amazing! Every year he gives a powerful performance which leaves a lasting impression. And this year, as you can see, was not an exception. When you have to let John Hammo a major role? Every time I see him in the background and every time he perfectly shows his character is constantly remembered. In my opinion, he's a very underrated actor. Always wanted and still want to see him in the foreground. Kathy Bates for her role was nominated for a Golden globe and even pretends to fall for an Oscar. And for good reason. Also well played his role. But what really shocked me, this is the best Olivia Wilde. How many movies with her watching, but I definitely wasn't expecting. Her character is calculating, selfish, but not a negative character at 100%. She played great. I would very much like to see at the upcoming Oscars, because in the background it was almost the brightest. This year Olivia Wilde live shows itself in different ways. It took quite a good Comedy "Booksmart" with a good idea and good characters, and now she also provides acting performance that will be remembered for many. Those actor's work that really stuck with me. And if it comes to that, each of these works is incredible. This is why in the first place is to evaluate this biopic. 3. The atmosphere With this all too well! For the characters fun to follow, with the development of history Jewell becomes more interesting to watch. The surroundings here are mostly dark, and the frames are made in such a way that we felt all that and how it happened around Richard Jewell. And on top we added dramatic music that is made more and more concerned for the hero. In other words an excellent setting of a classic drama. Add more and there is nothing. The result: "RICHARD JEWELL" is a good drama, which in itself is an interesting story and colorful characters. Clint Eastwood continues us for the second year in a row to enjoy their movies. And every time he gets a strong film with a powerful cast, which is the main component of the success of the project. Yes, the picture is imperfect in terms of the script. There are some conventions, slowness of the scenes and superficial disclosure of the heroes of the second plan, but still the story turned out to be emotionally exciting and filled with great ideas. I advise you to appreciate this movie, if you are interested in them. I think the disappointment of being no not be. Yes, there may be a tape somewhere and sags, but it more than pays for the entire caste of the film. At least for me. 8 out of 10
Urban Dentist Kids
Few would dispute the fact that Clint Eastwood is a real chunk of world cinema. In its almost 90 years the Director annually takes a new tape, does not fall below a certain level. What Eastwood is a Director who keeps and carries through the years of traditions of native American cinema, full of timeless topics, and from time to time passing from the modern discourses. Simply put, Clint Eastwood is the most American cinema that we loved back in the last century. A year ago, after an exit in the Russian hire his "Mule" we were surprised, as each new film Director still qualitatively possible to adapt real stories and shoot films, and just using "old-fashioned artistic achievements." In his new work "the Case of Richard Jewell" Eastwood is drawn to the broader subject, once again with the film adaptation of the real events of this time occurred during the Olympic games 1996 in Atlanta. Richard Jewell (Paul Walter Hauser) hero, not descended from glossy pages of comic books that do not have a red coat behind and pack abs. He is simple, kind and weird fat, putting above all the law and the state citizen. Working as a security guard in a Park of century of the Olympics, Richard discovers a bag with an explosive device and immediately tries to divert the crowd to a safe distance. Despite the prompt action on the part of Richard and the security service, the bomb explodes, the attack killed 2 people and over 100 people injured. Richard Jewell became the hero of America, is proud of it's mother (Kathy Bates) and friends admire, including the lawyer in the performance of Sam Rockwell is almost the only colleague who respected and appreciated Richard. However, two days later, the media in the face of a journalist (Olivia Wilde) who use their sexuality for material for high-profile articles, with the filing of one of the FBI agents (Jon Hamm) publish new data on investigation of Richard Jewell the issuing of a terrorist. To protect Richard gets the same lawyer: they together will have to confront not only the FBI, but also the system as a whole for the sake of truth and justice. Film Eastwood is falling out of the market an important social drama, criticizing the media and the state apparatus, while deftly separating it from the U.S. Government, which is quite illogical and does not fit into the context of the entire piece. If the state and the government often becomes the object of condemnation in the movies, the media in recent cinema is the face of justice and truth ("Secret dossier", "In the spotlight", etc.). However, this does not prevent the 89-year-old Director, do not hesitate to "fry" those, and other, publicly stating the government will not protect you, it will make like easier and more profitable to him, and "hammer of truth" in the media will beat public opinion to the wall of his own trophies. No matter how unoriginal the premise, it is still relevant throughout the world, the Director properly to present, selecting the copyright form. Eastwood loved the fact that not trying to embellish his films hidden meaning, causing the audience without problems understand his tapes and listen to his voice. Director to convey their ideas often chooses not visual narrative, and the mouths of their protagonists. Hence the ardent phrases of the hero of Sam Rockwell, tear monologue of Richard's mother, played by Kathy Bates, naive speech blotches of Richard in the conversations with the FBI. All of this serves one create a topical story about a spiritually conservative, but still "not that" the modern hero. That is why the films of Eastwood has become very important casting. At a lower concentration on the visual narrative to the fore the acting ability to convey the story through their own scenario of the party. Just with that all the actors and manage, especially looks lively Central trio Hauser-Rockwell Bates. Some of them may suddenly arise in acting the short lists of Oscar even if the lack of nominations for "Golden globe" and "BAFTA". Such reading of the history of Richard Jewell from Clint Eastwood's sure will appeal to lovers of classic Hollywood drama, not looking for original storytelling tools and following the beaten track of the big auteur cinema on important social topic. 8 out of 10
Ho-Hum Dentist with Friends
Another strong painting of the old Eastwood. For those who doubt go and look. Everything is simple and clear, because Clint Eastwood is a master to Express the story just that it was interesting from beginning to end. You will tell a story about a man who refers to his work as a responsibility, where it is not in order, just to get paid, but where he is obliged to perform efficiently and faithfully their work. It has some wonderful qualities! He's attentive, he's hardworking, he's proactive, he's reliable, he's honest and he's just a great employee. That is now these people? And I'll tell you where: at the light or on the way to get there before his time. It's the people, or rather geeks who stand for truth and peace in the world, they leave this light because of the pressure of the majority. One is a warrior! It is not in the nature of human beings: kindness, honesty, justice, peace and, eventually, peace in the world. Can be a person, in the singular, for example the main character of the film, and can have similar qualities, but people is a crowd, which is always necessary for someone to devour. And if the crowd consists of uneducated "people", then it is very easy to manipulate, instilling their ideology. Richard Jewell, not realizing this, ruined my life, born an ugly duckling. Very well-fed Richard made a mistake a responsible and proactive approach to their work. Saved the lives of hundreds of people and received three days of glory and gratitude, and then became the chief suspect and the victim of the mob. And the reason, as funny as it was, that he did not like everything. The film could be a real horror if Clint Eastwood was not in the end to cut corners. The film has two antagonist it was the FBI and the media. It was necessary to show the third is the society. Been out of contact with ordinary citizens of the United States. As they relate to Richard? Whether they believe in the media? I'm sure most believed. If I didn't believe, then went to feedback in the media from their customers in the protection of the poor Saviour. Perhaps these protests were, but in the film they are not, and therefore the society agreed with the accusations against Richard. But you imagine how scary it would be this movie, if Eastwood is not smoothed that corner? In the film, for no reason one of the characters suddenly change shoes and begins to feel compassion for the main character. I won't go into details, but this change I do not believe. The most insulting, that all this happens in the last fifteen minutes of the film and the ending looks clipped and unintelligible. I think if Clint Eastwood doesn't cut those corners, the tolerant society of the USA they'd have jumped on that poor man, forgetting who the man and devoured him as she did with Richard Cullom. 8 out of 10
Nostalgic Mountain Climber Girl
Once again sly Fox Eastwood refers to "policyname catharsis" in the center is placed the hero through the prism of which to shake up a certain range of the polity, such as new York and civil aviation in the "Miracle on the Hudson", or as here, in the "Case.." security structures, journalistic mechanic always default mimetica the crowd. The main thing not to confuse criticism of the government with the catharsis of the polity that most often observed. In the first case is called into question the effectiveness of the structures and systems in the second there are questions specific only to their carriers. When Jewell, not withstanding a large-scale collective pressure, breaks into Craven negatiu security as such, the lawyer immediately cools his ardor "it's not the FBI is to blame, but just three goats from the FBI." Even if political Thriller dares to criticism, then in its field hits the structure as a whole, and some, suffering from a flaw in the item, which is the responsibility of her agent. Not bad system, but its individual elements, just as bad does not work for the society, and a number of its individual citizens. To politely catharsis came true you need to pay attention, to correct, or, in extreme cases eliminate poorly performing agents. Palatinae device as a whole is infallible, as Jewell and Chelsea Sullenberger's "Miracle on the Hudson", despite the severe pressure structures and mimetico unbearable persecution, (although the pilot Chelsea to a much lesser extent) can never overcome the paranoia politikou baasandorj. In the film Sullenberger appears iron man, phobias are minimized, but his memoir is just a sample of fear and awe. Just a page, he again and again tries to establish himself as a respectable citizen, in every ambiguous moment of daily life hastens to remind you that always tried to do the right thing. The text exudes a painful despair, neurotic fear of the authorities, people and mimetical crowd. Cuello got much more but he was able to withstand the pressure only in the power of his Holy fool character. Jewell was always partially excluded from the polity and the crowd, so his trembling less pobice. The obsessive desire to be useful to society, to do something for him, to help people, to save them comes from the social phobia as the fear of not match the team, in the limit fear of being left out. That is why, in his "philanthropic" zeal Jewell and sometimes exceeds the powers are overly initiative and complaisance. Politely catharsis is intended to carry out the treatment of this paradoxical phobia, and is taken for the session is a character who according to some critics was "not enough", and even "caricature" written FBI agent of the Show (Jon Hamm). Poledni deliberately leaking information about suspicion in participation in act of terrorism Jewell via journalist Katie Scruggs (Olivia Wilde). Here is an interesting economy in the drain access to the secret journalist receives in exchange for sex, through secret-secretional drain, the secret is revealed in intimate sexual secretions ordinances. Thus, the Show kills several birds with one stone reverses mimetico hysteria of the crowd, strips her slutty nature of the media, and by knocking "philanthropic" zeal Jewell allows his social anxiety. Artificiality is not here, because closer to the end of the session Show sparingly exposes your motive, right TSS(y)EkoNiva Scruggs "I told you everything I wanted". Aggravate the phobia growth mimetical hysteria surrounding the cult of hero infected with a virus fused information about disintegrates when confronted with the cult anti-hero terrorist. Reverse growth negates the original, draws a phobia, and eventually, when the suspicion is removed, stops the growth as such, normalizes the behavior of Jewell and even makes you cry, Katie. Normalizerbase and cry mother Jewell no longer flows into ecstatic pride over the heroism of his son, he let Jewell, tears of peace and is the ordinary daily service without overlap. The only one That Show up to the end remains true to its therapeutic business and says that the person continues to believe Jewell "guilty", even after the removal of suspicion, it should be understood, guilty of "philanthropic" social phobia. In the end, the main becomes the scapegoat of the Show, the therapists don't like to consider them as "badly written", but only so they can work. Here it is the film is ambiguous motives, which is interesting and difficult to dig, a rare event these days.