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The Grudge
Overall impression: In our time it is difficult to surprise people, but nevertheless scary movies go with fast speed. And you know what's strange to me that there are such horrors as "Solstice", "the lighthouse," and people are starting to say that they are scary, although the idea of horror out there focus entirely on the other. After all, used to do such horror, and when he came to the conveyor of the game, the era has changed and for some reason decided that the horror genre needs to be built only on the effect of "Boo!", that is not true. And go here like "the Curse" is filled with ordinary screamers, and too bad. So what is it then? How to please? Yes, just the people perenasytil and remakes so do a thankless task (well, only profitable). "The curse" 2020 is a remake of the 2004, which is also a remake of the Japanese horror. As you can see, once the theme of "the Curse" was a success, and it was used tape in those years, probably would have too, but now it's a standard horror story with a screamer. Here comes to the fore is not a terrible story, and a detective investigation. The flashbacks the story is transferred to the 3 story, which introduces us in parallel with the owners of the house and what exactly happened to them, the viewer realizes after a while, i.e. the opening of the characters and their stories are closely tied first to the end. But would give more time to the stories would come out much better. Well, investigates detective Muldoon (Andrea Riseboro), it is, of course, went in the haunted house, thereby taking with him the horror of a strange house. The problem of "Curse" is that the film is predictable, though he gives the detective part, but concentrates on this part a glimpse. In the end there is a scary house, which has become boring, there are ghosts that are familiar to us from other bands, banal and clichéd the characters behavior. It is clear that the creators decided to collect cash, many will go, because I know how scary it was on the old "Curse." Alas, I didn't find. I think very few people paid attention to what you watch on tv the movie 2 times in the picture flashing tape and obviously it's not just. In the first case, on tv Jesus, as a symbol of hope. And in the second, quotes from the tape (Which I never found, but the main word) "the Dead want is to go into the light", I guess you could say that it is unlikely that the ghosts just go away, if you have something to grab. When you view it you will understand what I mean. It is necessary to praise the film for the musical accompaniment, constructed much on the classical notes and sometimes the piano keys as if he were enveloped in the story. And the panning at some moments well evolved with the story. "Curse" is aimed at the younger generation, the unsuspecting spectator who never saw the old tapes and which will all these twists a surprise. 5 out of 10

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Once the Reaper has overtaken the horror genre. Not immediately, very gradually. In other words the horror has ceased to frighten us or to escalate any suspense. Now people are interested to watch new concepts in the genre, attempts to revive him. Albeit in a new form, but still. For example, the same Jordan Peele ("Away", "We") most of all succeeded in creating new horrors about actual problems, Yes absurd. Quite another thing horror Asian. In particular, originating from the land of the rising sun. Most popular work from there "call" with a long haired girl from the well and "the Curse" with a very similar girl. "Curse" in the beginning very well collected in the country, and the Director of the original shot American remake, which also became a successful project. Years later, Nicholas Sand decided to bring back the glory of a forgotten franchise and a remake of a remake, apparently considering that rethink and reboot this thing profitable. And, Yes, he's right. As for the "Curse" of 2020, it is horror, which in the beginning scared me shitless. The main problem with this film is the script. He wants to tell us three parallel stories in the three timelines for a half hour. And all this in the company of many iconic long-haired girls. Because of such jumps through space and time the plot seems overloaded. A little more screen time to the characters and we get the properly accented a horror movie. That really does not disappoint is the sound. The Newton brothers composers, well proven in the recent "Doctor Sleep", they literally save the whole picture. It is a thoughtful, though seemingly simple soundtrack that you will want to listen over and over again. The operation to rescue the hopeless horror and joined the operator. He builds a wonderful panoramic shots, though sometimes podverganie more famous colleagues. "Curse" is a thousand times redesigned and reinterpreted many times a horror movie that will appeal only to those who are still afraid of horror and fun. I know you are. I stale rock.
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"CURSE" just disgusting! I don't know what else to say. Is a collection of all the bad that is in the modern commercial horror. The picture is boring, recycled, cliched, idiotic, creepy and killer funny. It does not cling nor the characters, no plot, no atmosphere. As an attraction it doesn't work because of the game too little. Analysis the points below... 1. The script OMG... Seriously?! It's just incredibly pathetic. Okay... let me start with the story. It all starts with the fact that the police find the car in the woods, which later sends them to the house, which was involved in the case. A single mother-the investigator tries to investigate the matter, which has been frozen for two years. In the end, she learns that the house is haunted mystic Ghost. In short... a classic story for quite a standard horror. But that's not all... not only that he was beaten and clichéd, it is filled with all the idiotic and very stupid characters. Can only be specified indirectly, that this idiocy openly spoilered all the key twists, which we are trying to impress. So, there are many things that ghosts can do to people, no. They can Express themselves, no. How it works Yes figs knows. The main character responds to "squeaking" for the third time in the same way as in the first, and still fighting off the ghosts with a gun. And this is the least that is. What else? Exactly, ridiculous dialogues. From them really stretches to laugh out loud. In some cases, they are the most unnatural. From this experience for the heroes do not want to, and empathize with, too, actually. The characters are not disclosed and are represented as full of creatines. That is why, from what and why such answers are no one line of characters. No due to the fact that the film contradicts itself. Don't even know what else to say... OK, the story unreal trash. His logic is somewhere lost. Heroes of the picture just a stupid log. Look at all this circus is becoming boring, uninteresting. From the dialogues and laugh every time. No, it's just disgusting. 2. Actors And with this puncture. Mostly I remember the characters, not because the actors and what these actors I've seen in other movies. In General, that they gave unremarkable as standard horror film. John Cho, Andrea Riseboro, Lin Shay and Jackie weaver their heroes will be remembered in the face just because they do so or otherwise known. The rest I can't even remember. But in General, the standard for such conveyor horror, which enter the theatrical market packs. And as already clear to all in such projects periods some behave unnaturally. 3. The atmosphere And this is also a puncture. No, more precisely one gets the feeling that it is not. The heroes care about, the plot is not passionate, and screamers scare only those who are afraid of screamers. I was bored looking at the standard pugalki of similar horror. There is no creativity, they made a cliche. Basically I wanted to laugh at how poorly it is made. It's really funny to watch! Oh, I see what I like... Music! Yes, it is not a masterpiece and to listen over and over again no it will not, but the sound effects sound helped to somehow make a palatable atmosphere. But it's not happening, because the script is terrible, and the game secondary. The result: "THE GRUDGE" is a terrible movie! Except as sound effects, I'm not pleased. Absolutely boring and delusional, the script just at the bottom, the actors play here is really nothing but the atmosphere as such either. All the work of the film is made nautalis. I understand that this is Commerce, but you can also make it at least watchable. For such projects, the share of ingenuity, you need to conclude at least the game interesting. Well, at least in order to be able to look at it as an attraction. Take the example of those "IT's 2" or "SPELL". Even at secondary schools and in the scenario watch them still interesting. But as you already understood, here it is. 3 out of 10
Mysterious Porn Superstar
"When someone dies experiencing strong rage, a curse is born..." I must say that I've never been a particular connoisseur of mystical horror movies. In such films, often allowed strong omissions and stylistic simplification. Therefore, to understand the same sequels and prequels 10 years ago, which produced enough no desire. I will assess the specific picture, without relying on previous not particularly successful version. Young detective Muldoon takes a strange murder case. It was nothing special, but here it comes in the "accident", during which, a few years ago, was cut a couple of nearby houses. This lack of new employee, to engage in a pointless thread. Two stories from the past researched by girl and alternate with a temporary layer of the present. But scattered pieces of the puzzle in different directions, the film mixes all in one inept bunch. Thus, we abruptly observed for each storyline with his personal tragedy, and only one thing remains unknown where did the Ghost. Little essence puts a marker on any who visit its possessions and easily find those many miles from the place of deployment. You understand, all scenarios ended identically: mystical species all caught up. No intrigue obviously cannot be, because such entity is subject to absolutely everything. The creators apparently couldn't choose a path worth following. If you want to do this drama, then reveal the relationship between characters. At least between the detective and her son. To have someone to worry about. "... It grows stronger at the place of death, but to keep it you can not..." And because thoughts about how to scare the viewer, was adequate. The entire first half, the game alternated creepy moments, but towards the end it all comes down to the first. The exhaustion of internal resources of the crew displays a lot of those moments. Positioning yourself as a horror, must be proved in deed and not on paper. After all, the trailer showed almost all the horror elements that were in the product. It is not clear how good the actors managed to lure in the mediocre remake? May have sarasalo several well-known names in the producer list, and perhaps nostalgia for the franchise. Whatever it was, Andrea Riseboro, Damien Bichir, John Cho, Betty Gilpin, Lin Shay and Jackie weaver needlessly tarnished its reputation in the film in which play was nothing. As a result, the uncertain candidate for the worst remake of the year, and another addition to the list of modern mutations of the genre. Ironic that this comes with the most extraordinary psychological Thriller from Robert Eggers. "... Once faced with it, it will haunt you till the end" 2 out of 10
Blissful Arcade Project
You can find less harsh words, but the essence will remain unchanged, because the picture of the "Curse" could easily be regarded as one of the worst horror this winter. That is so awful to ruin the franchise held, it is still necessary to try, but the creators with this task perfectly. Initially, of course, nothing portends trouble, but closer to the middle of the story, you begin to experience severe discomfort, misunderstanding, and the feeling of utter senselessness of its location in the theater because feel absolutely nothing, neither heroes, nor to what is happening on the screen. The only plus in this mess is that the authors did not try to create your so-called universe of the Curse, but simply continued to develop the Japanese franchise on another continent. In other words, in the new American film is not a separate independent work, but a real spin-off of a famous Asian horror stories about the cursed house. In the story one of the characters, good-natured American, while some time in Japan, by coincidence is in the wrong place. And then, suspecting nothing, peacefully leaving a home in the US, where it is waiting for a loving family. In the end, as it turned out, the woman brought not only gifts of travel, but brought with them the evil spirit, who soon starts to kill everyone who has ever crossed the threshold of this house. The structure of the plot development is strictly divided into several mini stories with different characters and in different time periods, but all share one object (the haunted house) and one antagonist (the evil spirit), who spares no one, using various methods for the massacre. It would seem perfectly acceptable story, because across subjects and much worse, but that's why it all has turned out so badly? The answer here is one statement. In the film, quite terrible and predictable structure of the atmospheric forcing, where nothing is original, emotional and entertaining in the mystical horror. There is absolutely banal screamers and television BU-effects that are not just not afraid, and just drive in a dream. Unfortunately, the final part is also not very original, but finally, I urge everyone in utter helplessness creators who fuck up perfectly working concept for a possible long-running franchise. It is difficult to say who is to blame for this failure, because the script said the Director, who incidentally behind the author's very creepy horror "my mother's Eyes", then the author of the new "pet Cemetery" and in the end Takashi Shimizu, the writer and Director of the original Japanese franchise and American novels, written 2000-ies with Sarah Michelle Gellar in the title role. It turns out that after all the Director did not fully understand what was expected of him, or the producers ruined the picture of its interference. But in any case to blame too late, because the film was released and showed a horribly low rating. In General, look or not, the choice is yours, but it is better to spend this time on more meaningful, high-quality and good movie. Pleasant viewing.
Ghetto Animal Empire
In General, most "Curse" in 2004 is one of my favorite movies, so I was expecting to experience similar emotions and a remake of 2020. Besides, hopes and expectations was added the presence of Lin Shay, which we remember of the trilogy "the Astral plane". And what was my surprise when I finally saw IT... Probably the worst remake of "Curse" and think it was difficult. The movie failed in everything. The plot just no. The faint hint of the detective component of the first 5-10 minutes completely disappears by the middle of the film. No search of clues of the curse, no sudden moves scenario, any conclusions, not even a hint of mystery. A series of sad deaths of secondary characters, forget about them already leaving the room, plus the writers stupidly copied some of the most memorable scenes from the original (for example, a hand in the shower, bath oil, etc.), but that, in General, that's all. The characters in the film behave oddly. Constantly around people dying, but particularly the police don't care let the "feds". The main character, leaving his son in the haunted house, just sipping a cigarette on the porch. Partner does not want to visit the crime scene, as it seems that the "something wrong with this house." Full surrender of what is happening puts the fat end to attempts to somehow diversify happening on the screen. But what annoys most is the fact that this version completely violated the basic concept of the "Curse" Yes, ghosts can haunt their victims even out of the damned place, but the victims themselves not freak out and not be a bloodbath all around. Thus, here the curse is like a spreading virus, which killed even those who have never visited the haunted house. Well, that's absurd, so impossible to change the concept of the original, coming up with some sort of gag. And finally, a few words about the horror. It's just awful. Not in the sense that "terrifying" and "disgusting". Needless to say, the 2004 film was much worse there horror fettered and really made to fear, created the atmosphere. And what we have in the remake a series of banal of the game for 2-3 seconds, which appear exactly where you're waiting for them. No special effects, just sometimes flashing faces, smeared in jam. On the main characters, by the way, they also do not have virtually any impression. About the sound can not say anything I don't remember it. Perhaps it was never there. In the end, we all cheated. Lured into the room with a nostalgic urge movie 2004 and showed absolute trash. It is difficult to find in the film at least some aspect that would be able to "pull" this hack from the bottom. This disastrous remake will soon be forgotten one thing that pleases. 2 out of 10
Hillbilly Army Hunter
The curse called for the original film series "the Curse" and cursed the producers decided to cut the damned attendants, removing a new curse this Curse to curse all the viewers who loved the original story. One look at the trailer to realize that no Curse will not. But I hoped and believed that we don't see real ghosts (groaning mother Kayako and her mewling son Toshio), to surprise. Heh, naive. To understand what is wrong with this film, I would say that was in the original. The whole story spins around a jealous husband who in his own house because of jealousy killed his wife and son (along with kitty). Wife died in anger, so were the Ghost in the human world and hated to the death any man who crosses the threshold of her house. Looked in the house, even for a second you end Kayako and Toshio will pursue you everywhere until you get yourself killed, or they won't kill you. The story itself about the Ghost from which there is no salvation, who hates even the innocent, which is impossible to kill already scared. But Director Takashi Shimizu has managed to coin a terrible chips: brand groaning, which heralds the appearance of a Ghost, black hair and unusual scary plastic Ghost (it's something from Japanese mythology and usalos in "the ring"), plus a terrible meowing kid. And even that's not all. The atmosphere in the film pressed on the nerves without the strident screamers, and the massacre was not. Return to a new "Curse". Kayako and her son is gone, they are gone, which means the original story and mythology too. Now there are other ghosts, who do not understand by what logic do exist. If the original pursued only angered the Ghost, now just follow for the living dead, it seems now to work as a Ghost take everyone and no experience. No more mayani, of groaning, hair zero iconic artifacts that can catch and hold. Lying, a bit of groaning is still there, but his stick is not the topic, though trying used toilet paper thread to sew. Now the ghosts began to haunt the person and not to kill him, to live side by side, which is also strange and illogical. Now the film is a lot of blood because people cut themselves and relatives, what is also not in the original. Now, instead of the atmosphere of oppressive horror and despair catch the laziest in my memory pugalki, which becomes even embarrassing. That is no-thing left from the "Curse". Pity the good actors who agreed to do it. Maybe there's at least a cool story? Nope. Us from the first minute plunge head first into a barrel of longing: each character (there are ten) suffered either from loss of a loved one, or even what, is all around sad and hard, there is no clearance. All this longing is not working on the atmosphere, but only bore me. The storyline would be interwoven, but just scattered around one and a half hours duration. At the end of the film definitely will not appeal to those who like the original story and will not appeal to even an ordinary viewer, who is waiting for something at the level of the "Astral plane" and similar screamernet gum. PS I'm sad because we show it instead show "lighthouse". 1 of 10 No artistic value