The Hustle (2019)

The Hustle
Going to the cinema on a seemingly interesting Comedy of two aferistok, I in any case could not imagine that the film would be banal parody of the 1988 film "dirty rotten scoundrels" (Dirty Rotten Scoundrels). Frame by frame film copies the cinematography of the original, the plot, the jokes, adding from itself only vulgarity and, of course, the main characters of the opposite sex. In the beginning view, after absolutely lapped up two plot twists, there was a desire to get up and leave before the end because, again, people who watched the movie in 1988 would seem that they are watching a remake trivialized with humor below the belt and feminism. And it will be so. Particularly pleased with the writer who wrote the phrase for the main character something like "only women can trap men." It's doubly funny to hear, knowing that men-Alfonso served as an example for the scenario. In General, this movie reminded me of what I was trying to do with the remake of "the Caucasian captive" vulgarized, made a "modern", nothing new has come up, the funnier it did. 4 out of 10

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Caesar's Mummy Mayhem
Yes, the actress rebel Wilson represents the present bodypositive. From it emanates so much energy, so comes the desire to take money from men. This chic Comedy, which says: "the Woman in weight, too, could "easily" earn money". This is a very funny Comedy. The film's tagline "crying your money" reveals the whole plot. One is able to cry, the other straight. The Duo, Anne Hathaway, and rebel Wilson plays well the theme of "that is bad, is ours." All this is funny to watch. Jokes in the film is on the verge of a foul, so the age limit is 16+. No man can resist a female in tears, especially if she's royalty. This is a funny cast. Directed by Chris Addison put chic criminal Comedy for people 16+. This film is a remake of the picture "dirty rotten scoundrels" (1988) Steve Martin. This crime Comedy plays on the weaknesses of men, their desire to be strong. I really liked the actress rebel Wilson. It embodies the entire bodypositive American cinema. Without it, this Comedy was not so funny. Unlike film, 1988, there is an alternate ending. I liked it even more. I liked its dynamism. Comedy very funny. Each is hiding a million, a billion, and very funny play your role Anne Hathaway, and rebel Wilson. From bbw rebel Wilson so much blows bodypositive that stop shy of his weight. Bodypositive that's the main thing in this film. Don't be ashamed of your weight, and then that money will float to you. To be both fat and successful is very difficult, but rebel Wilson refutes this assertion. The film is very interesting and the jokes in it are on the verge of a foul. The dubbing of the movie is gorgeous. Russian actors dubbing tried on 5 plus. 10 out of 10
Cool Surf in the Sky
"OTPETYE FRAUDSTERS" crazy unfunny and dull Comedy that catches almost anything. Basically the audience will be uninteresting and boring, that the script is messy in the first half of the film, and the atmosphere in General is lost. Now disassemble... 1. The script What can I say about the plot... let's Start with what he says about the two swindlers of various types, one of which tries to learn a more ambitious Scam, and the other just lives them. Is that possible to tell without spoilers. So this story somewhere in the first 30 minutes of the tape. Then it will have unnecessary, crazy and totally unconvincing part of the story, which shouldn't believe even if it's a movie with a mountain of Convention. It's done so stupidly, as it would have been possible and feasible in this project. Judging the first 20/30 minutes of time, they were exciting, interesting and even funny. And, honestly, I really wonder why this project is so attacking critics, but then everything cleared up by itself thanks to the crazy plot twists. As for the characters, they are virtually no. The main heroines are enjoyable mainly due to the acting and the charisma of the Actresses. But in General they are almost all generally not registered and to form them a certain opinion and it is impossible, with the exception of the main characters. Well, if you're interested in how to merge the capacity for good or at least watchable Comedy very simple... Assign the Director of the film Chris Addison and all! Trash with a capital letter you just provided... 2. Acting Indeed, this is a huge plus of this film. What you really can see the movie is because of the main Actresses in the foreground. Charming Anne Hathaway played in the film crook that turns a large-scale fraud and lives in luxury. In her role she is just gorgeous! Her acting experience and charm make his case, and, of course, it works. I love rebel Wilson for her work in film. It's something. Here she plays a con artist too, but of another type, which is trying to expand its influence in the more affluent victims. This Comedy role in General she was good. Her here made her a charisma that just plays into the hands of the film. About the rest I'll tell in one word nothing. That is, they are no in the picture, because some of the timing is not enough, and others just don't believe in their "sincere game" and their "sincere emotions". The result: Actresses in the main roles did a great job, and even we can say that they are pulling the entire film itself. Well, some other simply no. 3. The atmosphere All the same atmosphere harmless Comedy in the first third of this picture is lost due to delirium and idiocy in the script in terms of plot and in terms of written characters, or to be more precise, it is almost generally not spelled out. In the end, the entourage there is not interest, not annoying, but rather more and more convinces you that you must be absolutely on the side of what is happening there. Becomes you just spit on the further development of the arches of the characters and absurd twists. All lamppost of the film just disappears, which for this genre is generally not acceptable. That is to say that the atmosphere in this project, just not... Well, at least two-thirds exactly without much entourage. At the end: We have got definitely one checkpoint, dull and stupid "Comedy" that even this word is not very desirable. In this tape disgusting scenario with a crazy story and in General had virtually no written characters, excellent acting and Wilson and Hathaway absolutely does not work atmosphere. I repeat the first 20/30 minutes of the film was very fun Comedy about a crook with a good story and jokes, which at least on one side and are flat, but somehow they worked, and what I want to expect from this nedoumenii. But then everything goes downhill, until I finally rolled in garbage, full of idiocy. I do not like the movie for several reasons listed above, but the acting of the two Actresses in the foreground is very good, not even excellent. It is advised to go for it, I will not, again for a number of reasons, but in any case the decision on purchase of a movie ticket is yours. 5 out of 10
Strategic Workout Feud
Frankly, my mood rose considerably when I saw the cinema advertisement of this film, and read the description. "This should be interesting" I thought. The film "dirty rotten scoundrels" with the brilliant Duo of Michael Caine Steve Martin I believe a benchmark of Comedy with a subtle (not toilet) humor, unusual plot and without vulgarity. "It's turned this story?" As it turned out no way. And a fully at the same time. Changed male characters to female and Vice versa. Dialogues loggerheads almost word for word. But lost the main line of the original film gentility and subtlety. Michael Caine in the old film was a model gentleman. (Although, as far as I know he was in such a life). Looking at it I feel that this generosity and manners are not simulated, and believe that he is a true Prince in exile. Anne Hathaway in the new movie too, played well, I liked it except for a couple of episodes, but still not up to his level. Well as a student horoshist and Professor. Steve Martin in the original movie played, of course, crazy character, simple and rough, but he never crossed a certain line. In the remake the role... I don't know what to call it. It's just the YMCA and cattle. This is worse than a women Bazaar-traders. So it's gone... Yeah, she has funny episodes, but the humor is quite a different sort in comparison with the original. Outhouse variety. Do not be surprised if she is in real life. Used to think that Melissa McCarthy vulgarity does not surpass, however, here, a direct competitor... In General, here someone wrote that, say "an old movie to watch, few will" I do not agree totally. The original film is actually a masterpiece with style and class, one of the best foreign comedies, included in the Golden Fund of cinema. And it will always look, as long as people have taste and ability to distinguish quality films from sleaze. If we evaluate that movie as I wrote the title cheap cosplay. For the unassuming viewer, or just to while away the evening, and nothing better is not found. Well, the mood lifts slightly. 3 out of 10 For Anne Hathaway and the fact that I managed not to spoil the script. And for raising the interest of the audience to the original film.
Real Dwarf Uncensored
I confess, I have not seen the original movie with Michael Caine and Steve Martin. Yeah honestly very few people will see, except the most resistant audience. Of course, the same heights as the picture 1988, he will not succeed, but at least you can laugh so heartily that you involuntarily recall the "Spy" and begin to laugh incessantly. Ready to bet 500 bucks that the new version is also good. Why am I so understood? Very simply, in the initial credits, where we made clear that the heroine will compete with each other. And most importantly: Rebel Willson which blew my mind, scrolling through financial fraud with food. Here is her zeal and appetite can be envied, friendtwo in her blood. When you need to and hide from the cops, but trash the dress help, but the main thing is not evident, her very face. Her character is straight, so that it can spread the whole truth, not with Doveriye murzikami, and with the ladies. But sometimes women will go along with a Ruse, just to get all the information, such (not)a simpleton like penny. That skillfully uses another. It is in these moments, she is faced with a professional swindler, whose popularity skyrocketed. The character of Anne Hathaway, the seducer of rich wealthy man, greedy for jewels and it would seem that it has no equal. And no, still there! And when both characters shlestnutsya in an unequal fight, they will have to unite for the sake of high prices and to learn from the experience: sitevault or podkategorii, for the sake of pure relaxation on the water. Seriously, I oboldeli as an extreme sport rebel raised above the water like Iron man. Thought it was slim any... see how obmanyvat people, especially in Majorca, which is no better that a lesbian resort that advises Josephine. A killer Comedy with a charming female in tandem. But for fans of femenizm is better to cover the lugs and at the same time not to look. And for those who really want to laugh, I ask here, because I'm sure even Melissa McCarthy not to offend, if you remain in the competition or a little behind.
Robot Spork Roundup
"Otpetye fraudsters" Comedy about two avanturistka-the rivals on the French Riviera, one of which is elegant and seductive Anne Hathaway and the other disheveled vulgar rebel Wilson. The film is a remake of "dirty rotten scoundrels", which, in turn, recreating the "bedtime Stories". The version of 1988, and the version of 1964 reflected the spirit of the time, as, indeed, their "female" update all together three frivolous project add a footnote to Hollywood history about the scams in the movie. At this time, like the project turned out to be rather stillborn: a harmless, often distracted from the main story and the tone slips into farce all too quickly. In the "Cheats" Hathaway plays a real person-a chameleon. At various points in his career aferistki she pretends to be naive for the winner of the lottery, for royalty, for the harsh German physician. Men can't resist the manipulations of the evil temptress. Rebel Wilson is a student of a rival. The film has a rare gift to give yourself in any way, spontaneity and naturalness. Both collided in beaumont-sur-Mer and trying to "heat" IT-genius performed by Alex Sharpe. Vengeful female comic fantasy, in which the seductress test the strength of men is actually quite an attractive idea. In the movies about con artists, the vast majority of heroes are male, so the "Inveterate swindlers" is common sense. For some time the prospect of a film about con artists in which the main thing sexualitybest crimes, even dominates; this is not possible, for example, "Friends of Oushena", the other "female" remake. Alas, it quickly deflates, so as the script "Cheats" supports the endless tone sweet Comedy of immorality. Instead of closer to a climax (in the face of male beastliness, of course; a nod to modern "feminists"), the movie starts to fade in pink snot and questionable humor. With each new stage becomes less clear who of the characters should be hurt, so the film loses its daring point of view and a part of the starting pulse. In other words, the creators of "Cheats" underestimated the sharpness that was in the previous films. Despite the rivalry, the main characters are soul mates in a world of swindlers, but they are terribly lonely. A complex relationship has always been a great sign of Comedy, but the "Fraudsters" dodged emotional blows, replacing it with the glitter, glamour and not the most pleasant of surprises. In short (and brilliant) the moment the film looks progressive and at the same time funny. However, the sense of euphoria is quickly replaced by disappointment: it turns out to be another remake with the sex change of the main characters. Given the final plot twist, it might be interesting to see how smart women are combined, but the climax was transferred without any changes, except, of course, fake scene-the epilogue. The filmmakers were ready to upgrade (take at least the monologue rebel Wilson about the motives of her character), but something went wrong: the romance of fraud is reduced to mundane jokes on allosexual theme. 5 out of 10
African Limbo Underground
After watching the Mumbai Hotel had decided to go to a movie to switch off and unwind. And the choice fell on a Comedy inveterate Fraudsters. To be honest, was expecting a fierce thrash. What happened in fact, experiences briefly describe below. Otpetye fraudsters on the one hand, regular trash-Comedy American production. Where one character is cunning, and the other thick and funny. But bodyposition for the kiss these goodbye. And it seemed, except for the boob piskulich jokes will catch nothing. And suddenly time and was not true. In the movie, seriously, while not always below the belt and often really funny, and a good story delivered. A bit trite, but concise and interesting. About the fraud. Aferistka Comedy is. Anne Hathaway, and rebel Wilson make a great Duo. One though just with the filming of the Devil wears Prado. Style, wise, calm, intelligent, luxary shorter. The second cheeky, silly (but not hopeless fool), without complexes and straightforward. She and the other character that make a fool of men. Only Anne at a high level, and the rebel level bars. And then their paths intersect and starts a very interesting movie. What are the output? A lot of good jokes, interesting and dynamic, but a light plot, and even a small twist in the end. The movie turned out quite good, completely giving the viewer something that he came to have a good laugh and get a strong story about the Scam. If you just want to go for a light and funny movie, not shipping the brain the scammer will be a great solution. And what's funny. Arriving in the hall, my friend was surprised. The hall was sold out IMAX as the last of the Avengers. In the truest sense of the word, including even the first rows. So many people on a normal Comedy? Even with the may holidays, this time surprised. But from the audience disappointed didn't leave anybody, and laughed together. 8 out of 10
Eternal Zamboni Solid
History repeats itself once again. Same thing last month happened with the "pet Cemetery". Kinodely choose a film that really could use an update, but instead of a good remake produced almost frame by frame copy of the original, only managing to make it a little worse. "Incorrigible rascal" is the third, this time a female, a variant of the same story. The first was the "bedtime story" (1964) with Marlon Brando and David Niven. Followed by "dirty rotten scoundrels" (1988) with Michael Caine and Steve Martin. Uncomplicated humor of the movie, Frank oz is almost completely built on the antics and antics of Martin. In 1988, it could have worked, but now, after more than thirty years, the humor in the movies has changed dramatically. Would not hurt to change it and in the remake, but no, instead Steve Martin will wriggle rebel Wilson, this change will end. Movie 1988 not to be called a masterpiece and the fact that the change of sex of almost all the characters almost does not affect the fact that watching them is not a pleasant occupation, in old that in the new version. Just replaced the naive girls greasy peasants (in the role of one of these catches a glimpse of Dean Norris, Hank from "Breaking Bad") as the victim of fraud arouse less sympathy. Two con artists competing in the mastery of the scams, play the aforementioned rebel Wilson and Anne Hathaway. Hathaway if no one came to the site straight from shooting another "female remake of" "the Eight friends of Oushena". Wilson, obviously, deliberately called again to play their only role, which we can see, for example, in the recent "Well, isn't it romantic" from Netflix. Scenario work is minimized, Jacqueline Schaeffer made a little cosmetic changes in the text of the film in 1988, but generally left everything as it was. We can say has kept the spirit of the original, but the spirit pays too much bearded anecdote. Debuting in full meter Chris Addison does not go beyond a textbook, it is impossible to speak only as about the hired help, not the author. Fair to say, the film has good funny scenes, but in contrast to them, there are scenes a-La "do they, shame on me". Show and beautiful views of the island of Mallorca, which plays the role of the côte d'azur. However, the creators of the fresh product, one hundred percent of the secondary and not particularly funny. You can safely skip. 4 out of 10
Tribal Fishing 3000
Loved the trailer and we went to this movie with the expectation of a fun, easy and exciting Comedy. And what happened at the end: Brand inorganically fat, she kind of pretends to know such a typical American, very stupid jokes, it looks strange, it has no charm, charisma and everything that is classic for this character, immediately spoils the impression of the film. Ann Hathway disappointed at all, plays a strange character it also never organic and frankly boring, like a fraud ... she's supposed to change images, and she had brown hair and dull face. Error plot: the heroines no stories: how they began this work, why live where they are and where, is not as such an evil character (all faceless), no car chases and conflict. And what's interesting about a bunch of silly moments: for example, the character Anne lives in a nice house, in the same city where the trades and deceiving men for millions of dollars. This here is grey, vague, boring and not funny movie. Nothing went.
Explosive Bimbo Blaster
I was very sorry for the time spent on viewing this movie. The film itself deserves a negative review. Con movies is valuable for its twists and schemes. And here a literal remake of a widely known and beloved of the tape (with a couple minor adjustments). That is the whole essence is lost. Even, for example, in Friends ocean came up with a new solution. To the last hoped that the final scene in the meadow when fraudsters are forgiven and you receive the "Medusa", will bring an unexpected turn. But no! Here's the changes: lengthy jokes about Safari tanning hero. And inappropriate romantic. Inappropriate in the square due to a previous, even more ridiculous, the scene in the airplane toilet, after which the heroine does not cause sympathy for their romance. But still, I recommend to watch the movie. To discover Anne Hathaway as a superb comedic actress. That's who was dragging the whole film. Someone wrote that she overacted. Not at all! Maybe a couple of close-UPS was tight, but it is the conscience of the Director. Especially good job Anne was amid rebel Wilson. Who's really hard to call a Comedy. Excess weight, Habilitate and ignorance. "Well, Hello, Oksana Sokolova" (i.e. greetings from some Russian comedies). I would like to mention outfits Anne Hathaway. Good job dresser. In the same way as the landscapes of the côte d'azur. So Ann 10, writer 2, Director x/z operator and the rest of the visuals 9. Total 5.