Triple Frontier (2019)

Triple Frontier
J. C. Chandor is a very talented young filmmaker, though noted only three works: blue financial Thriller "risk Limit", a Maritime adventure "Not fade Nadezhda" business tragedy "The cruelest year". These three films are different and some indifferent, but each of them was quite special. It seems that with the "Triple border" Chandor thought of something in a similar vein. An unconventional Thriller about the robbery relies, rather, on the consequences of what happened after the plan of a robbery, making the "Border" concept closer to some classics like "treasure of the Sierra Madre" than to blunt the action. While genre conventions here too obvious: a Thriller for the thinking viewer on almost narcotango would make sense, especially given the brotherly love of the Central characters to each other, and yet still the film evokes little emotion. In spirit of the "Triple border" is reminiscent of another film from the discharge on the ageless soul of macho veterans with hints a heady Thriller. This is certainly not the most intellectual film and not pure entertainment. The first hour introduces the viewer to the situation: Ben Affleck, Oscar Ayzer and the rest of us are ex-soldiers. Some drug Lord fled to South America, and 40-year-old military retirees decided to Rob authority. If the first hour of "Border" the scene setting, the second hour is devoted to the problems of existential greed, the heart-to-hearts and survival. All this is presented in a metaphorical form: the pursuit of money becomes a way of death perception to the viewer. The correct concept of waking up right around this time, because the first half hour of the film suffer from inconsistent rhythm. Planning scarce here, and the robbery is not breathtaking. Strictly speaking, the most distinctive part of the film-a robbery is what happened after the robbery. And then the "Triple border" not pressurized. The destructive influence of greed is extremely rational; paranoia and greed, if there is, so in a very artistic form. The characters and their characters be built around one theme: how the government treats veterans. One of the characters works as a mercenary, the other is mired in debt and forced to embark on the path of crime, etc. are also not transmitted by: used ammo military machine, I don't have the capacity and background, so they could survive. The actors, however, try. Oscar Ayzer is unexpectedly interesting character; Ben Affleck, who suffers from alcoholism and excess weight in real life, well blended into the skin of his character; charismatic Pedro Pascal took the form of a hero from the crowd of any action, but brought him several distinctive features. Carefully curated style "Triple frontier" were in theory to create an intricate Thriller with actors of class A. Some errors in the film, alas, has turned the film into some sketchy sight. Wild Thriller gives way to theatricality, which, however, will find its audience: a spectacular action-Thriller is more like a film for adult audiences. 5,5 out of 10

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Flamboyant Lawnmower Bastards
This film is a vivid example of the proverb that says that greed is before a fall. I think this is what I wanted to show the author. Though very straight and simple, slightly clumsy, without grace or finesse. But the idea it communicates clearly and intelligibly, will be clear to anyone, even to a tight audience. Now I'm Willy-nilly going to remember this picture if you suddenly have a similar situation in life. The plot is old, simple and straightforward, as it should be in an action movie. One former military itch to rip off the local cartel, in order to provide for himself and family a comfortable existence, but alone is very difficult, so he calls comrades, to the families who also need financial help and together they go to work, before developing this action plan. And everything they did, but that's only money that the cartel was much more than they thought. Of course, they decided to take everything. Then try not to be tempted to keep a cool head. It seems to me, as did the main characters, many would have done as well. At least try to carry them all. Heroes can be understand when at their disposal is suddenly so huge amount, it is difficult to maintain composure and to think clearly. But despite all the adventures and tragedies, the heroes manage to keep friendly relationships, i.e. friendship was stronger than money. The whole film is very slow and gloomy, even in moments of action, this feeling is present. Action represented chases and gunfights, but nothing memorable, new, or spectacular, such that I wanted to rewind, to revisit a favorite episode there. But the first half hour, when the character is O. Isaac convinces to join the participants one by one for a large business and does seem too prolonged and dull. This episode was to trim, or to make brighter. Now to remember any details from the beginning can't. Acting has nothing to say special. All play half-heartedly. I liked the fact that the role of an experienced ex-servicemen are not cute boys, and adult men, and then the last time it happens. Good movie, designed primarily for the male audience, that greed is a sin that a strong friendship is stronger than all the troubles and problems, slightly overcast in the early, gloomy, to some extent, even severe, without gloss, without tinsel and snot. But it could be much more interesting to review I will be unlikely. 7 out of 10
Art of Indian Interceptor
The puzzle about the chicken and the egg in a version of Ben Affleck looks like "which came first depression Ben Affleck, which leads to such films or such films that cause depression Ben Affleck?" "Border" macnot mrachnom, dirt, problems, severity, shootings, circumstances, and decay. For all the time the actors smile four times, laughing two times, and make it so that you never have a desire to join them. I expected a story about how a few retired warriors decide to finally apply their skills to benefit their own benefit, a little different, jokes, cunning plans, hurricane action, in General a kind of "ocean's eleven" but with guns. In fact, went wrong all very seriously. Moreover, exactly as in "Disappeared" with the same Affleck, to the half of the film the viewer gets what he showed in the trailers, and then wonders "what will be spent the second hour?", and there's a whole different layer of story, which nobody expected. Quite a rare plus in our time. As for the actors it's great to see how is starting to become popular Pedro Pascal, mostly known for playing "Oberyn the red Serpent" from "Game of Thrones". Affleck a little less expressive than usual. And Oscar Isaac is the only Oscar, which will ever see this movie. In music and filming, there is absolutely nothing that could catch on. But two hours nevertheless are quite quickly. 6 out of 10 This is the perfect movie if you want dark and hopeless evening with the severe unpromising men. More reminiscent of "Killer", from which removed all the beauty shots and the depth of the characters. No hahanki. Only professionalism, grime and hardcore. Definitely not your film if you want to lighten the mood or to relax. kinobalashow
Perfect Baking Knights
This film is entirely stitched of all possible genre cliches. The story is about a group of ex-military, which are combined later in order to pull together the case, it is not new. This stamp has teeth on edge back in the late 90s and the mid noughties, and became a shameful fiction. Changed position and gave a second wind genre Denis Villeneuve, who focused on the work of the operator, and the visuals in the Thriller-action movie "Killer". It's about the same. In the military, which is entirely composed of recognizable actors, it is possible to consider some allusions to the States themselves. For example, the penetration of the protected area, with the goal of "liberation" of the local population from the tyranny, with the subsequent withdrawal of funds. All of this is given for a noble mission and duty before the country. But in the end, dying civilians, and suffering the very group. Excuse is anything but greed and greed. In the film, much dialogue, and from this it would be possible to do something more. But not much happened. The second half of the movie much more alive. But due to the extended timing and abundance of repetitions, it simply can not see out. Action dosed. All as close to reality, for show frequent skirmishes, which, paradoxically, is the genre, and now has become a mauvais ton. At the outlet simple action, which tries to convey the simple truth, but not in the forehead, and through metaphors. A group of former soldiers, with their operation-the US army. Liberation mission-any humanitarian mission, which was not supposed to reach confrontation. It's a simple action film that entertains, but at the first titles to be forgotten.
Subatomic Stunt Preacher
The "triple border" feature film-streaming giant Netflix, which is the latest attempt to escape from the incessant stamping of serials. Despite the discontent of the people representing the movie industry, Netflix every year allocates more money for the creation of an original full-length projects, with a subsequent view to obtaining (or mention) the various awards. If the TV series at Netflix, everything is in order, with movies things are much worse. Moreover, the production of feature-length projects almost does not pay off, because the budgets are big, and hire a limited and solely for the requirements of the Academy. So even the critics, many of whom are very Orthodox person, absolutely do not accept products Netflix and even successful attempts to break into the niche of a great movie are greeted with undue cruelty. However, despite the cries of eminent Directors, critics, company throws attempts to take high-quality full-length content. And the "Triple border" another step towards recognition, prestige, and change the positioning. And everything would be fine, if not one huge but: the user selects Netflix is extremely unfortunate Directors. Then David Eyre who fail in one movie, now in the case of "Boundary," J. C. Chandor, who was sitting for five years without a job and forgotten Hollywood bosses after total failure of the movie "a Most violent year." By the way, many reviewers of products Netflix agree that such a mixed election candidates trying to take yourself desperate (or forgotten) Directors, in order they worked exclusively with them. While constantly Recalling who and what has given them a second chance. A similar system uses Marvel Studois, gaining young and inexperienced filmmakers, giving them the budgets, and thus "chaining" to cooperation for many years. The plot in the "Triple border" plain and simple, what you need for a good Thriller with a taste of the average Thriller. There is a character Oscar Isaac (an old friend of the Director on the film "the Most violent year"), self-employed in Latin America and wants to eliminate the local drug dealer ruining the lives of ordinary people. From time to time the hero Isaac ambushes, hoping to find out information about the whereabouts of his goal, but each time left behind. From the conversation with the informant, the hero Isaac realizes that the local police have been bought and lead him by the nose, and the drug Lord hiding in the jungle and not leaving his place of residence. Finding out the exact location of the target, Isaac goes to America to assemble a team of old friends and acquaintances he still on military service. He wants to offer them to destroy the Baron, and, as a bonus, pick up all the cash in his house, of which there are as Pablo Escobar in the best years. The team consists of the following characters: Ben Affleck the captain of military intelligence, retired, bored martial past. Trying to work a realtor, but it turns out badly. The most experienced member of the team who subscribe to a business due to poor financial situation. Charlie Hunnam is a former member of the squad Affleck working in the centre for the rehabilitation of veterans. Agrees to work for the sake of his commander. Garrett Hedlund screen brother character Hannema working after a military career as a loader in a supermarket. The most untapped character in the film. Pedro Pascal is a former military pilot who lost because of problems with drugs a pilot's license. Agrees to the thing for the same reasons that Affleck wants to earn on a comfortable old age with his new wife. Why the review did not contain the names of the characters? Because they simply don't remember while watching. Still, five protagonists, and even two hours of screen time. No, actors play well and truly believe that in their lives they have not once been in trouble. But for the audience, unfortunately, such Dating a little and still distinguish these characters as: "Oh, that Affleck! But that dude from Game of Thrones." According to the canons of the genre of the film more is needed, but in this case, such a story could be the basis of interesting, well-knit mini-series. But for 120 minutes... Too many events, with total overkill. That's what is really in the film was a success, so is the camera work. Beauty of Latin America with its jungle of high-rise excavation in the mountains, interesting shots and unusual angles all to do with the shooting in the "Triple border" at the highest level, nothing to complain about. Expensive, juicy and it's all thanks to the operator David air, returning to the issue of nurturing personnel, the Novel Aslanova. A Muscovite, has made a phenomenal career out of filming a commercial to a Hollywood movie. In addition to camera work, the film very wisely came to filling the soundtrack. Not to invent something new, and just bought the license of the composition passed the test of time. Moreover, almost all the songs in the film one way or another mentioned the American combat veterans. For example, Chris Kyle, in his book "American Sniper" wrote that loved during military service in a combat zone to listen to the band "Metallica" and "Pantera", from which we can conclude that the soundtrack was chosen more for reasons of authenticity to the tastes of ordinary soldiers. A simple, elegant solution. Anyway in most modern films specially written soundtrack is not memorable, and so nice to hear, though wiped, but truly eternal songs. Result. "Triple frontier" at the moment one of the most successful experiments in film from Netflix. Definitely not perfect, but worthy of attention because of its cast and the lack of sentimentality movie. Masculine to the bone, with dust in the unloading and stale beer breath. Beautifully captured, with good music and tacticality in all fields. The story of what big money can deprive the vigilance of even the most responsible people. Shoot still, Netflix! 8 out of 10 Pleasant viewing.
Kirby's Hair Salon Agent
Writer and Director J. C. Chandor is one of those artists whose works go relatively quiet and modest, but guaranteed it will be strong and powerful in staged and dramatic point of view movies: debut and the financial drama "Limit risk", and a single drama-survival "Not fade Nadezhda", and criminal retro drama "a Most violent year." These beautiful paintings Chandor has cemented its status as one of the most interesting artists, whose new works I am really looking forward with special anticipation senomanskiy. This time JC didn't change yourself just by changing its dramatic narrative vector in the direction of adventurous action. The "triple border" turned out to be a kind of old-school macho action movie of the turn of the 80-90-ies of the last century. Please note, in the best sense of the word! Further reinforces this strong sense of metal on the opening and closing credits. From an artistic point of view "the Border" is utterly straightforward fillopacity, each frame which oozes uncompromising machismo, and the dialogue sometimes slips into the utterly erased sentences. But it's amazing how it not only hurts the eyes and the ears, but rather causes some sort of boyish delight, possessing important as I called her, cuticules characteristics, causing them to fumble the entire second half of the film. In this lies the main charm of this production: "Border" does not claim more than it can give, while remaining a fascinating history, impregnated with the spirit of adventure interspersed with survive - the elements, uncomplicated patsanskoy pathos and relish staged action scenes. One of the advantages of fatty film lies in its characters. The chandor managed to assemble a killer ensemble cast, whose charisma breathed life into the characters with the standard dash-dotted background. Special dramatic heights in their actions and motives should be expected, but despite this, Ben Affleck, and Oscar Isaac is a damn good and madly charming in their images. Believe in them and worry about them. Overall, a great adventure movie about fighting the boys, diligently trying to come out from the muck in which they themselves purposefully and climbed. Verdict: Sandpiper praises the swamp!
Bionic Combat Rage
Another unfinished hoisted on their fragile shoulders digital Netflix. Script work of the notorious colleagues Kathryn Bigelow, Mark Bowl in 2010 could not reach the stage of implementation. The creative team and the cast of the first magnitude was varied as gloves and finally got a picture of the Oscar nominee J. C. Chandor ("Limit risk", "Most violent year"), which reworked the script Bowl. The plot unfolds in the border zone of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay, long exploited by criminals of all stripes. The main character is a operative for several years chasing a drug Lord of Lorea sheltering with family and money a drug cartel on the border of three States. But when the law and the shoulder straps do not allow the protagonist to kill a mafia boss once and for all, hero draws old colleagues for an informal operation to eliminate the criminal element and the associated assignment of his condition. J. C. Chandor collected in the "Triple border" own team "the Expendables" of stars such as Oscar Isaac, Ben Affleck, Charlie Hannam and Pedro Pascal: definitely, have pictures available for four plus for viewing, in addition to the merit of the Director. The characters caste came the venerable colorful warriors. In addition to these obvious advantages, the picture is captivating from the very beginning, great camera work with lots of beautiful panoramic shots and overall performance. The plot of "Triple frontier" fit in several genres from crime Thriller and heist-movie to a military drama. However, no matter how rich or filling, in fact, it becomes obvious that the work of Mark Bowl could be much deeper. Processing of Chandor, in this respect, lacks scale, and torn between the genres of painting can't be 100 percent convincing in each of them: for fighter little battle scenes for the classic film about the robbery lacks the subtleties and delights of planning, the personal drama of the characters lacking in depth. And against the background of sluggish dynamics the basic idea about the dangers of blatant greed looks pretentious edifying that gives the band credibility. The painting remains a place somewhere between "Killer" and "number one Goal". But could be a little better. Pros: Plot, setting, cinematography, cast, soundtrack. Cons: the speaker, some screenwriting flaws, due to which can't believe what is happening on the screen events. 7 out of 10
God of Ping Pong Spies
Please do not judge strictly, this is only my personal opinion. Don't claim to an expert estimation of the technical details, but after watching the film and in the process it appeared a lot of questions. Well, the first thing I want to notice, is of course subject. Well, you really kidding or what? He's really jaded to the holes. Another Hollywood Thriller, in which a team of siloviki (former or current) want to throw with impunity of drug traffickers to loot, because they will not go to the police. And of course used the excuse of a series "well, we deserve it, we gave the duty to his country and it's about we did not care, so we'll take the bonuses themselves". Now about the technical details. From the very first minute we see a bunch of cliches and bloopers. After firing on the car from a grenade launcher, she will fly up in the air and don't forget to roll over several times. Well, of course, spectacular. Well, after all super, Santiago shoots from a grenade launcher M203 and blast from the 40mm grenade kicks the wall of the building and separates even the balcony. Then entrenched bandits stop shooting back and the police comes into the house. I'm sure in life it would be. Further questions in pursuit, when the same Santiago catches the girl running in the slide. I will never believe that even a trained person would run up without shortness of breath. Well, when he takes the offload from the radio, it is seen that the armor plates there. Of course, how do I want them to run to the hill then. Further more, they go for exploration, quietly crawling around the mansion, talking on the radio. Damn, why do the bandits do not have the radio scanner? No perimeter protection using alarm systems, sensors of volume? House full of dough protect 3 "cool" thug chill? The whole movie throws us inconsistencies with every minute. Damn they're experts, all right? The team of retired military special forces, but act like Amateurs. The case went on, dressed like bums. What's the problem, why not equip in the same camouflage pattern, giving a minimum of camouflage in the jungle. Where are their vests??? Where backpacks with water, additional ammunition, where the food for each person for a few days. Ammunition, which they consists of 4 stores 30 rounds? They hoped to shoot the bottles? Yes this amount is enough for 4 minutes of good shooting. The mind would take 8-10 stores in the backpack, and even rassypuha the same. Ben Affleck (Tom Davis) loudest resisted and did not want to participate in this event, and upon seeing the money, lost his mind and scored on all the time, wickrema loot from the walls. He's the best, how so? After all, in fact he went on the side. Hot-shot pilot, don't remember the name, General character is also well done, that just is not able to understand that the weight limit and need to throw some money in advance and saving the coordinates to go back for them? Why didn't they just something? And then the MI-8 helicopter with rope and mesh of course, not palitsya in General in flight. Tin man. When he refused one of the engines, why not throw the money in the mountains? No, he found a village with plantations of Coca, and a bunch of greedy farmers, and off the grid there with the loot. Oh, great, a good choice. Shooting in the mountains is a separate topic of conversation. Where are their radios? Even the cheapest radaka will operate on battery power day for sure. They walked to the case, gave 3 Million. for razdavlenny helicopter and Rudaki normal clamped? Really? Specialists are not aware that communication in the unit is important. How to coordinate it? The sights on the weapon a maximum of 3-fold and collimators, they cannot bring as it showed us. What they ate the whole way? Damn not shown at all this. Bags of money, how much you think they weigh? They got 100 million of them gave 3 per helicopter, 3 friend Santiago and a million killed planter. Total: 93 million and is 970 kg! As they dragged these bags are no mules in the mountains, without equipment, insulation, food, and stupid sled? They also had the corpse of the other. Well the truth is funny look at that. The army of children that prey on our "heroes" is a separate topic of conversation. The type was not adult men who would chase? Hmm... Well, of course. In General, look happy and sad at the same time. Why not make a film without such ridiculous plot holes? The answer will be where the money buried under the snow. Sure breaking coordinates Google maps to show a completely different area. In General I am not happy!
Luigi's Boxing Rage
"Good movie, but one at a time". So it is possible to characterize it. This creation of American cinema is interesting in several aspects. First, excellent selection of the cast. So single're Ben Affleck is worth. Yes, it must be noted that the actor has aged and gained weight, but in the context of this movie it is even more precisely to the history of his hero. Also, no less a joy to see an actor like Charlie Hunnam, the game which, as always, fully believe. It should be noted, the notorious, Pedro Pascal, which is particularly interesting to fans of the TV series "Game of thrones". In General, all the main characters leave the feeling of actually existing people. Secondly, the beautiful scenery. A trifle, but nice. And third, is the lack of American political correctness: there are no African Americans, no sexual minorities. There is only the white American military male. And you know it's currently very rare for an American movie. However, with all that this film does not cause any strong emotions. The plot is weak: five men with military training went to the next case. And may not have developed them all to do neatly and well, what actually was supposed to intrigue the viewer, however, a number of unreasonable actions surprise. It is unreasonable for people who went through the war, who know military Affairs and rules of conduct in war. Initially expecting strong actions from the main characters, we finally we get some "conscripts" for the first time once on the battlefield, who suddenly remember about the value of life of the enemy, at a time when the enemy puts on their guns. Too much human of the civilians in these characters, though as one of them said, "I was the best of the best, able to disable, control, manage all human instincts for the sake of one of their assignments. But the consequences of violence against other people this change on the psychological level and physiological, and this is a fee for the privilege of being a warrior." What I would like to think a professional military would go to different reasoning about the world and the good in achieving the set goal. Watch the film "Triple frontier"? Definitely Yes, if only because of the cast. But overall, the film leaves you feeling fresh, tasteless phenomenon. Like and full, but something is missing....
American Chocobo Knights
The soldier is always healthy, Soldiers all ready, And dust, both from the carpet, We knocked out of the road - And don't stop And not to change legs Shine on our faces Sparkle boots! Clean without clouding the idea. Here the optimal interpretation of this film. The simplicity of the plot. The simplicity of the artistic message of the author. Without going into the wilds of psychology. Action adventure with a standard set. Good guy bad guy. Punishment. Happy end. It's simple. Do these patterns anything. Can't go wrong. Plus a few iconic individuals for recognition as insurance. Ready. The soldiers released into circulation. Who they are? Professionals what else to look. But it yesterday. It before. And today? Unfortunates with nothing. Barely getting by. No money, no savings. Nothing. Only the memory of the past, and even the scars from the holes in the body. Military achievements. But Uncle Sam is to deeply care. To them. Care. Not to revive if old? Do not remember whether the former? But now the game is no nonsense. That is his own master. Not at the Beck and call of someone in the execution of orders. And in front of us all in bloom - For us all off. Don't think! with us the Who will decide everything for us. Cheerful not gloomy - Back home, Bride blond Awards will be us! South America. Jungle. The drug Lord. So much money that every Bank has. Not to revive him? Complaining to the authorities will not run. Insurance that is necessary. And here's the five daredevils decided to play a little Robin hood. However to give money to the poor, as did the guy from Loxley, intentions not. Yourself. For a comfortable old age. On that. So what is here offered to the audience? Bandits against other bandits. But exactly who is bad and who is good let everyone decide for himself. Quite a fresh sight in fact. Psychology at zero and the "film" is completely empty. No feelings, no feelings of the soul does not awaken. Maybe the author should have some stuff like this usually happens in that "format" is to dilute the mash? Save the child of an employee of the American Embassy, for example. Who was kidnapped and held. Or the Americans intend to launch another space Shuttle in the sky, and the cocaine cartel gauge stage of the rocket transported from Russia, intercepted. In General, the smallest bit of nonsense is not enough picture to be able to start to sigh and groan, applaud and enthusiastically shout well, that's just Oscar's post here. Deserve. The only plus green framing, mountainous slopes of snow. But this is not enough for five soldiers embarked on the path of bandista. 5 out of 10 for thinking audience 10 out of 10 for an audience from 12 to 21 years